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Fanfic: B&S episode 704: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 04 – Baby come back

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)


Elizabeth carefully takes her phone and she quietly opens the door of the car. She closes the door again, but not completely to avoid all the noise it makes, if the lock closes. Once outside she breathes more freely. One more look over her shoulder tells her that her mother is still asleep and so she dares to open her phone and create another message.

She looks for the name of the small restaurant and quickly types it in. She’s about to press the ‘send’ button, when she feels a giant push on her shoulder.
“What are you doing?” With a little cry of pain Elizabeth turns around to see her mother’s angry face.

Julia grabs the phone and it only takes her a second or two to realize what is going on.
“You were trying to call Kevin?” Julia yells at Elizabeth.
“No… Yes… I didn’t want him and Scotty to worry.” She tries.

“So you’re texting them where we are?” Elizabeth backs away from Julia, who throws the phone on the floor with such force that pieces fly all around.
“How dare you?! How dare you lie to me like that?! Is that what Kevin and Scotty taught you? To lie? To your own mother?!”

“N-n-no…” Elizabeth stammers, taking another step back.
“Do you know what I went through to have you? I put you on this planet! I’m your mother… After everything I went though, this is how you repay me?! I can’t even trust you anymore?”

Julia comes closer and Elizabeth backs away. Away from the car and closer to the restaurant. She notices that she and Julia have caught the interest of some truck-drivers.
“You can trust me. I just wanted to talk to Kevin…”
“And ask for what?”

“I want to know if Billy is alright.” Elizabeth answers, sticking her chin in the air. Fear is rushing through her, even though she doesn’t know why.
“Billy?” Julia stares at Elizabeth as if she has no clue who Elizabeth is talking about and Elizabeth feels weird about the look on Julia’s face.

“Yes. My brother. I need to know if he’s alright…” Elizabeth is a few more steps closer to the restaurant. She has no idea about what she must do, but she knows that if ever Julia would manage to get her across the border and into Arizona, it will be the end of her life as she knows it.

Panic sets in and in a sudden attempt to break free, Elizabeth turns around and makes a run for the restaurant, but Julia is quicker and she manages to catch Elizabeth rather fast and at that moment Elizabeth sees no other option. Her high-pitched scream for help as she struggles to break free from Julia’s grip, make the men come into action.

“Hey, lady, what is going on?” One of the men asks.
“My daughter is being a brat.” Julia answers curtly, giving the man a nasty look in the hope he will leave her alone, but the man only sees Elizabeth’s terrified face. She doesn’t appear to be too rebellious, just scared out of her wits.

“What’s going on?” He now asks Elizabeth.
“She wants to take me away from my dad… If we get a across the border..”
“Divorce, huh?” The man now looks at Julia. Julia wants to answer ‘yes’, but Elizabeth is quicker.

“I have a legal guardian because my parents can’t take care of me…” She blurts out, hoping that this will make it sound serious and urgent enough. The man frowns and turns to one of the others.
“I think we should call the police.”

“No!” Julia replies sharply. “Please, this is no one else’s business but my own.”
“Actually, if that kid is telling the truth, then you’re kidnapping her.” A second man now adds his voice. He’s not a truck-driver, judging by the expensive suit he’s wearing. “That kid uses words that a kid her age wouldn’t use, unless it knows what it’s talking about.”

“Her father is a lawyer.” Julia replies sharply.
“My father is not a lawyer, my uncle is. And he’s also my legal guardian, because mom and dad both left me….” The men can see how Elizabeth’s hands have become fists, but she tries to stay calm.

She certainly makes a better impression than the nearly hysterical Julia.
“I say we call the police.” A third man says.
“Yes! Please, call the police.” Elizabeth insists.
“Don’t!” Julia yells out of control. “This is my daughter!”

“I don’t care if she is or isn’t. Something is fishy here and I’m calling the police and until then, lady, no one is going anywhere…”
“This is my daughter!” Julia repeats.
“That’s for the police to find out.” The first man answers.

“Put that phone down!” From her pocket Julia takes out a small gun and points it at him.
“Whoa, lady, put that thing away before someone gets hurt.” The man in the expensive suit says, holding up his hands to show surrender. Julia is unaware that, in the restaurant, a woman has seen the gun, after which she immediately calls 911.

“I just want my daughter and I want to get out of here. Elizabeth! In the car.”
“No.” Elizabeth replies and she crosses her arms in front of her chest. Julia knows this side of Elizabeth. It’s the moment when Elizabeth will no longer do what she’s told, no matter what punishment will follow.

“Get. In. That. Car.” Julia orders.
“Get in or I’ll….”
“What? Shoot me?” Elizabeth asks, her eyes are filled with sadness.

She has a point, Julia realizes. She would never shoot Elizabeth and Elizabeth knows that.
“Why are you doing this, Elizabeth? Don’t you understand that this is the only chance we have to be together? To be just you and me?”

“But I don’t want that. I want to be with my family. With dad. With Billy. And Kevin and Scotty. And Olivia, Mateo and Daniel. And Paige and Coop and Evan and Grace….”
“They will never let us be together…” Julia cries desperately and for a few seconds Elizabeth doubts herself.

“You were sick, mom…” Elizabeth tries to reason. She’s not sure what happened to her mother, but it’s clear to her that her mother is very confused. “You need help. Let Kevin help you… He’s a good lawyer. If you let me call him and let him know that everything is alright, then….” She stops halfway, out of breath, but then continues her attempt to persuade her mother:

“They won’t be mad. Both he and Scotty love you and he’ll protect you, like he has protected me…He can find a solution. You know that he can..…” Elizabeth cries. “Please, put that gun away…. You’re scaring me…” The gun sinks lower as Julia hesitates and the men take a step back, while Elizabeth takes a step closer to her mother.


When Chad enters the room, Jason just puts his phone away.
“Guess what? Drama over at the Walkers again.”
“Illegitimate child? Skeleton in the closet? …. Someone out of the closet?” Chad ask and Jason smiles briefly.

“No, apparently, Julia, Tommy’s wife, kidnapped Elizabeth, And their son, Billy, is missing.”
“Sorry? How can he be missing?”
“He wasn’t with Julia and he’s nowhere to be found. Well, according to Kitty anyway.”

“That is not good….” Chad pauses for a second. “I haven’t got good news either. I have to go back to New-Zealand. Apparently I have to make some more scenes….”
“We just got back!”
“It’s just for a few weeks. Two, maybe three. If you don’t mind, I could go alone?”

“When do you have to leave?”
“Tomorrow?” Chad says quietly. “I could postpone one day at most, if you need to think it over…?”
“No… Would it bother you terribly if I stay here?”

“No. You have every right to do what you want. I will be working most of the time anyway and you’d be on your own…”
“Then I’ll stay here…. Perhaps I can offer some comfort to the Walkers, or at least look after Evan and Grace, for Kitty.”

“That is a good idea… I’ll call you every night.” Chad promises.
“You’d better.”
“I’m going to pack.”
“I’d help you, but you know…. You. Me. Bedroom.. You’d never get packed.”

Though Jason teases Chad, Chad can tell that Jason’s mind is somewhere else and he assumes correctly that he’s concerned about the little child.
“Maybe you should do what you do best…” Chad suggest. “Pray for him.” Jason seems surprised that Chad would even suggest it, but he smiles and lets himself be hugged by Chad.


Scotty tries the light-switch and the long corridor bathes in light.
“Well, at least, it isn’t one of those scary under-ground basements where ghosts lurk in the dark.” Lena replies, trying to sound positively.
“This should be Tommy’s storage.”

Scotty opens the door and turns on the light there as well. Lena and Scotty stand, frozen to the ground. The entire place is stacked with boxes and more boxes on top of other boxes and boxed in by even more boxes... They had contained Tommy and Julia’s belongings…
“Billy?” Scotty calls out the boy’s name.

At first the silence is complete, but then they hear what seems to be gasp, followed by a baby’s cry.
“Billy?! Billy, where are you, sweetie?” Scotty and Lena throw aside light boxes and open up the heavier ones, until Scotty lets out a cry of shock.

“Billy!” He lifts the little boy out of the large carton box… “Billy!” He hugs the baby tightly, too happy to find the little child alive to even consider the fact that he might scare Billy. Lena’s eyes fill with tears.
“We have him…” She cries.

“We do.” Scotty is equally emotional and in his happiness he plants a kiss on Lena’s cheek. Lena ignores it, because she’s complete relieved too. Billy snuggles closer to Scotty and he makes a little sucking noise.
“I think, he’s hungry.” Lena says.

“Let’s go upstairs and see if we can find him something to eat…” Scotty answers. Lena turns off the lights and locks up, then follows Scotty back upstairs. She watches how he warms up some milk and then makes a bottle. Billy sucks as if his little life depends on it.
“He looks like he’s starved.” Lena notices quietly.

“I was just thinking the same thing. Can you look after him for a few minutes? I need to make some phone-calls… to Tommy … and Nora… And I need to gather some of Billy’s belongings. I’m taking him to the restaurant with me. No idea when Tommy will be back anyway…”
“I’ll stay with him.” Lena promises.


Kevin looks up when Tommy answer his phone with a very tense ‘Hi, Scotty’. He's glad that Max has offered to drive.
“You have…? How is he?... Thank you… Thank you so very much… Yeah, that’s fine with me…” Tommy is clearly overwhelmed with emotions.
“Please, … tell me… is Billy okay?” Kevin’s voice trembles.

“Yes…. Your husband found him… In the basement.”
“The basement?” Kevin echoes, unable to believe what he just heard.
“Lena and he figured it out. It was just a hunch, but the right one… Billy looks alright, but Scotty will take him back to the restaurant with him…”

“The basement?” Kevin says again. “She has really lost it…”
“I have a bad feeling about this too. This isn’t normal…” Tommy tries to remain in control, but the tears won’t be stopped. “I’m so glad that Scotty found him, safe and sound. I’ve been so worried about him… I was scared that…”

Tommy doesn’t finish his sentence, afraid of how paranoid it would make him seem, but Kevin can guess what’s on Tommy’s mind. Some things can be left unsaid and still be understood.
“At least he’s in good hands now…” Kevin says.

Tommy nods, he knows that Kevin is right.
“Yes, I’m sure that Billy will be safe with Scotty and that is, to me, one of the most important things. I need to know that at least one of my kids is safe.”
“We’ll find Elizabeth too.” Kevin tries to convince Tommy.

At that moment Max’s phone begins to ring, startling everyone in the car, including Max.
“Max Carter.. Yes, we’re in the neighborhood… Will do... I hope so too…” He turns to Tommy and Kevin.

“That was a call. There’s a truck-stop up ahead. There have been calls that there’s an argument going on. A young girl made a lot of noise, didn’t want to get back in the car with her mother,… or the woman who claims to be her mother… We think it may be Julia and Elizabeth…”


“I’m going to Café 429.” Nora says determinately. “I need to see Billy with my own eyes. I won’t believe it until I do.”
“I’m coming with you, mom.” Kitty says and she starts by picking up Grace from her play-pen.

“We can’t just simply all go there…” Sarah objects not-too-convincingly.
“That has never stopped any of us before.” Justin points out.
“Oh, and I suppose that you just want to go straight back to the June Flower and to your apartment?” Sarah replies sarcastically.

“No.” Justin admits cleverly. “But I’m used to dropping in on Scotty and/or Kevin, whenever I can… unlike you three.”
“I wouldn’t argue with that one.” Kitty warns Sarah. “He’s right. He spends more time there than we ever do.”

“That’s because we have a life.” Sarah answers with a wise face. Justin laughs cynically at her words, but dismisses them. He watches how Sarah helps Kitty to pack all she took with her for Grace.
“Don’t let her get you.” Nora tells Justin.

“Don’t worry, mom. I’m in a good relationship with a woman who loves me and who wants to marry me one day. Sarah…? Twice divorced, alone and her exes don’t even wish to speak to her. And at least, my ex is still talking to me. Seems to me that I’m the one who’s better off.” Justin shrugs.


End of part 1/4

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