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Fanfic: B&S episode 704: part 1/4

Sorry, I have a splitting headache and I think the flu has finally found me.... I'm going to post the 'rough cut' of episode 4. I will make it all right tomorrow morning when I've retrieved my brains.... Pics and all...

Season 7 – Episode 704 – Baby come back

By Marea67
: Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)



also starring

“Mom? Stay awake.” Elizabeth warns and Julia opens her eyes again. “You have to stop and take a break…” Elizabeth suggests.
“No. Not until we are in Arizona.”
“Mom, you’re falling asleep behind the wheel. You’re too tired.”
“Honey, please, be quiet. I cannot stop until I’m in Arizona. Then I can relax.”

“It’s still more than an hour….” Elizabeth tries. She thinks quickly. “You know, sometimes when Kevin is tired from reading all those court-files, he closes his computer and his files and just sits back, eyes closed. He says that 5 minutes of darkness helps him to refocus and clear his mind. Like a catnap… Can’t you just stop? Five minutes only… Just close your eyes… If you fall asleep and we get accident, we’ll never get to Arizona…” Elizabeth reasons.
“You can be so like Kevin.” Julia shakes her head.

“Then you also know that this would be logical and practical…”
“What Kevin would do?”
“What Kevin would do.” Elizabeth sighs inwardly.
“I’m tired.” Julia admits… “Five minutes.”

“There is another truck-stop…. We just park the car… For five minutes…” Elizabeth persuades. Julia caves in. She’s too tired in her mind to fight Elizabeth’s reasoning. She finds a spot to park her car and sits back.
“That’s it, mom. Close your eyes.” Elizabeth closes her mother’s eyes by caressing them.

Julia smiles and lets the darkness take over. Elizabeth looks at her watch and looks over her shoulder. She’s scared, hoping that Kevin is on his way to find her… She lets her head rest against the back of her chair and she closes her eyes as well, to immediately open them again. Time is ticking away and Julia is asleep for more than 5 minutes now…


“There’s a police-car behind us, signaling us to stop.…” Tommy says.
“Were you speeding?”
“Then pull over. We don’t need trouble.”

Tommy stops and the police-car stops right behind him. Kevin is the first to get out and the door on passenger-side of the police-car opens as well.

“Hey, guys, why don't you let me drive with you? If we get stopped along the way I can explain what is going on and showing a badge can make a difference.” Max laughs. "This police-car can follow us..."


“Mom, I just heard what really happened and why you called us about Billy… Any news?” Kitty puts Grace in her playpen.
“No, Kitty, nothing…” Nora wipes her hair from her face, showing tears on her face. “I’m so worried.”

“Hey, mom, it will be alright. Kevin and Tommy are smart enough to find Julia and Elizabeth. And Scotty will find Billy. .. I’m sure of that…” Kitty’s last words are less convincing as the previous ones. Nora merely smiles.
“I can recognize a spin when I hear it.” She says.

“Hi, everyone, just heard the latest news.” Justin throws his bag on the couch and hugs his mother first and then Kitty. “Any new info?”
“Nothing. And I haven’t the nerve to call Kevin or Tommy or Scotty. I’m afraid of what I might hear….” Nora answers.

“Anybody home?”
“Living-room, Sarah!” Kitty calls back.
“I heard… I’m sorry worried. Any news?”
“No.” Kitty and Justin reply simultaneously.

“Has anyone called Scotty? Or Tommy? Or Kevin?” Sarah asks. They shake their heads.
“We’re afraid to find out that things went from bad to worse…” Nora answers.
“If Julia would be driving continuously she should be in Arizona or close to the border by now….” Justin adds.

“Justin, please, don’t remind me of that. What if Elizabeth will get lost? If she’s in Arizona, she could be anywhere. Julia still has family there too, even if she doesn’t go to her father. We might never see Elizabeth again.” Nora’s tears come back.
“Mom, she’s Kevin’s kid. She’ll find a way to come home.” Justin shrugs.

“She’s not Kevin’s, she’s Tommy’s.” Kitty reminds him sharply.
“Who are we kidding here?” Justin now feels he has to defend himself. “Since she knows that Kevin is her biological father, she’s become even more like him. We can all see it, even Tommy has given up the pretence that she isn’t Kevin's.”

“She’s still Tommy’s.” Kitty says stubbornly.
“Whatever you say.” Justin shrugs it off, knowing it will make Kitty even angrier.
“Kids can we please focus on the fact that Elizabeth is missing? And Julia?” Sarah reminds the others and they all focus their attention on Nora again.


Lena sits down at the kitchen-table in Tommy and Julia’s house.
“I’ve spoken to the neighbors from the right. They don’t know where Billy is, but … they were happy he wasn’t home. They complained that he cried a lot…”
“I heard the same from the other neighbors.” Scotty sighs.

“What do we do now?”
“I haven’t got a clue. We’ve looked all over the place and found nothing… I’ve checked the drawers, the oven, any place she could have put him in, up, under,…. I … I even checked the freezer.” Scotty confesses with a shiver. Lena looks at him.

“That is a scary thought.”
“It’s what happens in horror-movies… I thought… What was I thinking? … I feel like I’ve ended up in a horror-movie. What did she do with her son?” Scotty stares at the few pictures on the wall, as if they can give him an answer.

“Are you sure you called everyone?” Lena asks.
“Yes. Julia had moved to Seattle and hadn’t stayed in touch with her friends here. She vanished not long after she came back. I’ve called the only friend she had then, beside us, and she didn’t even know that Julia was back in LA…”

Lena remains quiet for a while, until she can no longer keep her mouth shut.
“I’ve been thinking… I once read this book, about a woman suffering from post-partum depression… She got so tired of her child that she put her daughter in the trashcan. Her husband managed to save the baby just in time.”

“Nice books you read..” Scotty replies, feeling uncomfortable.
“Well, I flung it away after that scene. I had had it. It was too depressing.” Lena confesses.
“I have a hard time believing that Julia would do anything to hurt that child. But she went through a depression right after Elizabeth was born.”

“She lost a child then too.” Lena reminds Scotty. “I’m rather sure that it was more her anger at Tommy that made her leave, rather than disliking Elizabeth… Well, at least, that’s what Tommy told me….” Lena shrugs, suddenly realizing that she has no idea if Tommy had actually told her the truth.

At least, Scotty doesn’t correct her, maybe that’s a good sign. She throws her hands in the air.
“What haven’t we thought of? Where could you leave a baby safe and sound?”
“Or not.” Scotty adds in a depressed voice.

“Or not?”
“She … didn’t really want him at first…” Scotty speaks slowly, trying to get his thoughts organized… There is something on his mind that he’d rather not think of, but that he slowly can no longer ignore.

“I hope that you’re not suggesting that we have to look for a dead child? Because then I’m out of here.” Lena warns.
“I hope not…” Scotty sighs. “What am I thinking? Julia isn’t like that. No… No, I refuse to think the worst about her…” He shakes his head, trying to rid it of negative thoughts.

“I don’t like the alternative, so I’m going with you on that.” Lena answers.
“To come back on that book you read… Did the child survive?”
“Yes. Her father found her in time, but … I was sort of done with the book afterwards so I don't know what happened after that.”

“Checked it.” Lena confesses slightly embarrassed.
“But this place has a storage-area under the building, in the basement… For things you don’t need …”
“You don’t think…?”
“Let’s have a look…”


Nora walks away from the cacophony in her kitchen, where Sarah, Kitty and Justin are having one of their loud discussions. She picks up her phone. She searches for Kevin’s number, but then doesn’t dare to press the button… Her eyes fill with tears and she cannot stop the sob that leaves her lips.

“Mom?” Justin rushes up to her and wraps his arms around her.
“I… I’m so scared…” Nora cries.
“I know, mom, we all are.” Justin says as Sarah and Kitty join him to comfort their mother.


End of part 1/4

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