marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Rick Springfield? Seriously?

A propos of nothing in particular: I was re-reading one of the articles about "the Americans" and this is the first time it struck me:

"A tour of the set shows an ordinary house interior stuck more in the ‘70s than the ‘80s. Burnt orange Formica counter tops and a vintage avocado-green stove give the kitchen a "Brady Bunch" look. Miniature TVs and radios are in every room, all encased in colourful plastics. The lavender wallpaper in the teen daughter’s bedroom competes for attention with a giant Rick Springfield poster."

The daughter is a fan of Rick Springfield?  I'm dead! My own interest in Rick Springfield comes from the eary 80s and I'm still a fan. And if Matthew is in the room, near the Springfield, HE will be competing for attention with the giant Rick Springfield poster.  :)

But I am not getting over-excited. I used to have a poster of John Travolta in my room, but I never liked him much. Only put it up, because he was popular with the other kids in school. :)
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