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14 steps to happiness - step 12 - Domestic issues.

2.05 Domestic issues

By Marea67
Kevin / Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Set between the end of 2.05 and the start of 2.06 – Kevin is looking for Scotty.


He wants, no, he needs to talk about what happened between Sarah and Joe. He feels that he completely failed Sarah. He never saw Joe’s action coming and he should have anticipated it though, he is after all a lawyer and he knew the reputation of Joe’s lawyer.. He really wants the opinion of someone who is not family. And somehow Scotty always manages to unravel the knots that are in his head. If anyone can give him a feeling of security, it’s Scotty.

Kevin tries the number once and then again, but the female voice is very clear, the number is no longer in use.. He spoke to Scotty a few days ago and he knows he was very unfriendly. And he hopes that Scotty has not turned his back on him. Oh, please, not again. He’s not entirely sure he can handle losing Scotty once again. These last two weeks flew by as he had lived from one appointment with Scotty to the other.

And he desperately needs Scotty’s sanity right now. Kitty’s pregnant with McCallister’s child and it’s not that he begrudges her a child, but did it really have to Robert McCallister’s? He failed Sarah by not being able to protect his niece and nephew and he feels terrible about that. He is Cooper’s and Paige’s uncle! Justin doesn’t need him, Rebecca seems to do just fine. Tommy is in a place where Kevin’s can’t do anything either. He feels the pain that is going around and there’s nothing he can do about it. He wants to talk to someone who will look at things from a different angle.

He checks the small file he made for Scotty’s case and finds the address. So, he goes by Scotty’s place. The building is old and dirty. The land-lady looks like a relic from a horror-movie. He hears that Scotty doesn't live there anymore.  At his request to see Mr Wandell’s former apartment, (thank God he’s a lawyer!) she asks him to follow her up to the second floor. The elevator is broke, the smell of rotting food and urine hangs in the air as they climb the stairs. She shows Kevin the apartment. Its’ empty now, but it seemed that Scotty tried to put some color in it by painting the walls.

And he wonders how it’s possible that someone as cheerful and alive like Scotty can survive in such depressing surroundings. He asks her how much Scotty owed her and when she tells him, it’s almost a joke. He got evicted for that? Compared to the rent Kevin has to pay it’s almost nothing… One moment he consider to pay Scotty’s bill, so that Scotty is off the hook. But first he needs to know where Scotty is.

Back in his car he is in doubt. He could go to San Estephe’s, that would be the quickest way. But then he might embarrass Scotty, which he doesn’t want to do. If Scotty needed him, he knew where to find him. Scotty has many friends. He doesn’t really need Kevin. Kevin is the one who needs Scotty. Should he actively go look for Scotty or wait for Scotty to contact him? When in doubt, best do nothing at all, he figures. He will have to think about if first…..
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