marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Just a few changes on my "link-list"...

... Not sure if anyone actually ever uses them, but: 

- I've deleted the link to B&S Forum because it no longer exists.

- I've put the links to the two Luke Macfarlane fansites at the bottom, because they both seem rather dead.

- I've added a link to my Dreamwidth account for "The Americans". I'm trying to keep that up-to-date.

- I've added the link to my personal blog at Dreamwidth.

I had started with a LiveJournal account for "The Americans", but was horrified to see the amount of adds on every page. There's one under every single post and sometimes it took longer to upload the adds than the rest of the page. Insane! And after all nearly 3 days of not being able to work with LiveJournal AT ALL at the start of this month I had had it.

Marea67 is a paid account, so I'm rather safe here, but I've moved my other two accounts (my person blog and that of 'The Americans')  to Dreamwidth. If there are more of you on Dreamwidth, please let me know.

And for those who wonder what Dreamwidth is: It is what LiveJournal used to be.
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