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Fanfic: B&S episode 702: part 4/4

Season 7 – Episode 02 – New beginnings

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 4/4 *****

“Scotty has outdone himself.” Seth mumbles, his mouth still full. “It’s delicious. Absolutely delicious.” He shares his table with Kitty, Evan, Grace, Sarah, Paige and Cooper.
“I couldn’t agree more.” Sarah puts down her fork. “I’m almost tempted to lick the plate clean.”

“Well, that’s exaggerating a little bit…” Kitty tries to say, but at that moment Evan and Cooper look at each other, grin, lift up their plates and start licking them.
“Guys!” Paige says horrified. “Honestly, aunt Kitty, Coop is a bad influence on Evan, I’m afraid.”

“So, I noticed.” Kitty says absent-mindedly while, with one hand, she pushes Evan’s plate back on the table. She shakes her head. Evan rolls his eyes, but doesn’t protest.
“Kitty, you’ve hardly eaten. Is there something wrong with your fish?”
“No. Just… I think I have a stomach-bug or something. I feel a bit sick.”

“Shall I take it?” Seth offers, looking hungrily at Kitty’s dish.
“Be my guest.” Kitty and Seth change plates and Seth continues the meal that Kitty left.
“Seth, I know my sister’s not the best cook, but I can’t believe your that hungry.” Sarah wonders, surprised by Seth’s near ravenous attack.

“I don’t know what it is, but when I’m here, I can eat anything.” Seth sighs with a satisfied smile. “If Scotty would throw some sauce and spices over a chair-leg, I'd still eat it.”
“See what I have to put up with?” Kitty tries to joke, but Sarah notices that the smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

At the next table, the ‘older generation’ has their own fun. Nora, Holly, Saul, Jonathan, Bertha and Wally enjoy each other’s company and, for the first time in a long time, Nora and Bertha find time to talk about Kevin and Scotty, both laughing over Scotty’s face when he had seen Wally and Bertha stand in front of him.

“It was so painful to decline Scotty’s invitation, pretending that we couldn’t come, because 'we had made plans long before the opening date was known to us'…”
“I think that Scotty must have believed that Bertha and I had reverted back to our old selves.” Wally now adds.

“Something like that. He could understand your point of view, but he was hurt when you said that you wouldn’t come here.” Jonathan admits.
“I’m glad that I got invited here, after the busy day I had, I was no longer in the mood to cook and this…” Holly sighs. “This food is heaven.”

“How did it go today? I understand that your company officially started today as well?” Nora nods at Wally’s question, but answers only after she sees that Holly’s mouth is still full.
“It was a madhouse. The phones just kept ringing. People who were glad that we were back. I do believe it will be a success after all.”

“It was really amazing.” Holly nods. “I feared that we would run into dead-silence, that everyone had moved on and forgotten about us, but … no, it’s been a very busy first day at the office.”
“It’s good to know that you are still capable to be successful.” Bertha says.

She looks at another table, where Kevin sits with the four children, Chad, Jason and Jordan. ‘
“I can’t begin to tell you how great it all was.” Chad tells Kevin and Jordan. “New Zealand’s beauty was just overwhelming. Jason and I are talking about going back there, next autumn or something. I fell so in love with the place and I was seriously frustrated that we had to leave again, once the first movie was done. Then I got the other offer… I didn’t need to think twice. And Jason immediately agreed to it too.”

“We thought we would like it less once we realized the production wouldn’t be so highly qualified…” Jason adds. “But we only turned out to be happier because it was less restrictive and we had the time of our lives, because we could finally mingle with the local people, rather than just be stuck with the same people all the time.”

Kevin lets the words wash over him. He looks at Chad and Jason, who are 0all happy and thrilled,  and he looks at Jordan who hangs on their lips and Mateo and Olivia who ask a million and one questions, while Daniel is making a drawing for his dad, the tip of his tongue sticking out from the sheer concentration.

He looks at the table where Tommy, Julia, Elizabeth, Justin, Tyler and Ryan are seated. Elizabeth is oblivious to the world around her, she’s completely focused on her baby-brother Billy. She’s already in love with him, but she wonders why he never seems to want to smile. She showers him with love and gentleness and Billy looks at her with amazement, wondering who this creature is, she seems to like him so much. Her eyes go over to her dad, who’s talking with Ryan, but seems more focused on Julia. Elizabeth looks at her mother and feels detached.

“I think mom’s a bit creepy.” She confides quietly to Billy. “She laughs and talks like a robot, like she’s not real…. I don’t like her much…” Billy puts his little nose in her neck as if he seeks to comfort her and she gently cradles him in her arms until Billy’s eyes close and he falls asleep again.

Kevin watches how careful Elizabeth is with her brother, but at the same time it bothers him that neither Julia nor Tommy does something to take Billy back. Certainly it can’t be that looking after that little boy would be Elizabeth’s job? And yet, it’s not his job to say something about this to Tommy and Julia, is it?

From his point in the kitchen Scotty can see Kevin frown. He can’t see Elizabeth as she’s with her back to him, but Scotty notices that Kevin is paying a lot of attention to her and he worries that maybe Kevin will have more issues with Elizabeth going back to Tommy and Julia than he had expected.

Scotty’s fingers quickly decorate the ordered salmon and then he turns his attention to the next dish.
“Need to take a break?” Angie asks, realizing that Scotty looks a little tired. Scotty steps aside and Angie’s fingers quickly finish the job he started.

“Would you take over? I want to have a walk through the restaurant and see if everything’s is as it should be.” Scotty asks.
“I’m ready, go for it, but don’t stay too long, it’s madness right now.”
“I know.” Scotty looks too pleased with her words though and she smiles.

Scotty leaves his kitchen and makes his rounds, talking here and there to people. From what Kevin can gather everyone has a great time. He watches how his husband stops at the table reserved for Browne Carter, Ron Robinson and his wife. He himself had already dropped by to have a quick talk.

Just like Scotty he had made his round as well, as had Saul. There were so many compliments for the food that Kevin can only feel pride for his husband, who now joins their table. While he talks to Chad and Jason, Kevin can see that Mateo comes back from the bar where he had been talking to Paige.

“Kevin? Can I be excused? I want to go home. I have a terrible headache.” Mateo asks quietly from Kevin.
“Yes, sure. Want me to drive you?”
“No, I’ll take my bike. It’s here anyway.”

“Call me when you’re home? I want to know that you’re safe.” Kevin now asks, reaching out to Mateo and Mateo nods, his fingers threading with Kevin’s for just a second to let him know that he heard Kevin’s words. He interrupts Scotty to say his goodbye and leaves, not noticing the worried look on Kevin’s face.

At the bar Sarah gathers all her courage to walk up to Luc.
“Hi…. It’s been a while.” She tries with a smile.
“I’d like to keep it that way.” Luc answers coldly.
“Come on, Luc. It’s been several months since we divorced and ….”

Et alors? All forgiven and forgotten? I don’t think so. I came back here because Kevin asked me to make a painting for Scotty and I did just that. I like them, like I like most of your family. But you…? I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”
“You can see my ex in concert, but you won’t talk to me?”

Sarah’s face displays how ridiculous she feels this is. Luc doesn’t budge however.
“I’m sorry, but you decided to divorce me, it wasn’t my choice. And now I cannot stand here and pretend like everything is just great. Just because you may be done with me, but I’m not done with you. You may not care about the divorce, but with me… It still hurts.”

Sarah is surprised by his words. It had never occurred to her that Luc’s feelings would go so deep and would last so long. She suddenly wonders if she made the right choice.
“Perhaps… We could have dinner or something? Just talk things through?” She offers.
Non, merci. I can take care of myself. Just leave me alone.”

Luc gives her a polite nod, turns his back on her and walks away and doesn’t notice the flabbergasted look on Sarah’s face or the slightly amused look on Kitty’s face.
“Well, that must have gone well.” Seth says having followed the body-language between Luc and Sarah from a distance.


“Honey, it was a wonderful night. You have an amazing restaurant and I haven’t heard a bad word about your cooking all night.” Bertha looks up to her son, pride on her face and Scotty is visibly pleased with her words. “But your dad and I are both tired and we just want to get some sleep.”

“I know, it’s nearly 9.30pm. I think most of the guests are ready to leave.” Scotty nods and he gives his father a heartfelt hug. “I’m so glad you were here. It made this day even more special. But don’t ever fool me like that again. It really broke my heart when I thought you guys couldn’t be here.”

“Oh, honey!” Bertha pulls Scotty closer and gives him a hug. Scotty enjoys his mother’s gentleness. He had to do so long without it and he’s happy that he has some of it back.
“Saying goodbye?” Kevin joins them.
“Yes, thank you for a wonderful evening.”

“It’s all your son’s work.” Kevin gives credit back to Scotty. “He’s just amazing.”
“I agree. Thank you, Scotty, for this great evening and the delicious food.” Holly says, while Nora struggles to get her coat on.
“I agree with Holly. Delicious. Wonderful. Amazing.” Nora eventually says.

At the entrance of the restaurant, Scotty says his goodbyes to many people. He watches the Walkers leave, thanks Luc once again, helps Jonathan to get in Saul's car and with Kevin he shakes hands with Ron and his wife, and with several of their guests. Until, slowly, the last people leave.

At 10.15 pm the place is empty and the staff can finally relax a bit.
“Emergency clean up only. I’ll take care of the rest tomorrow.” Scotty orders opening a few bottles of champagne, while the kitchen staff quickly puts everything in the dishwashers and rinse out pans.

The waiters straighten the tables, collect the few glasses that they had overlooked before. Kevin locks up the front-door and then goes to find Scotty.
“I’ll take the kids home. See you later?”
“I won’t stay too long.” Scotty promises.

He helps Kevin to put the sleeping Daniel in the car, gives Elizabeth and Olivia their goodnight kiss and then he watches Kevin drive away and slowly the adrenaline-rush, that he’s been on all night, starts to fade. He feels tired, but happy, and he’s glad to see that finally everyone has gathered again in the kitchen. Scotty has made sure that the glasses of champagne are filled. Once everyone has had their glass, he lifts his glass.

“You guys. Well done! I’m very proud of each and single one of you. I haven’t had one complaint all night. You’ve been swift and focused. If we can keep up this quality of food and service, we’ll be one of the best restaurants in the area. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m a great cook, but I couldn’t be so good if I had to look over single detail all night. Thank you all for your hard work. … And now, all of you, go home…”

Scotty watches his staff finish their drinks, gather their things and leave. Finally, he's alone. He does his last round in the restaurant to make sure everything is closed, locked, turned off and all candles are out. Alone in the restaurant he can finally sit down to enjoy the total silence.

His eyes fill with tears.
“I did it. I really did it. I’m a chef-cook in my own restaurant….” He sighs and he lets the significance of his words sink in. “This time it was all as it should have been the first time ….” He says softly.


Scotty is surprised that upon coming home, Kevin is still with Olivia. He doesn’t want to disturb them. He checks on Elizabeth who’s sound asleep. And then he has a look at Daniel, who’s still in his clothes, but for one night it shouldn't really matter, no reason to wake him up. Scotty knocks on Mateo’s door and enters. Mateo is on back and when Scotty approaches him, he opens his eyes.

“Head still hurt? You want a painkiller?” Scotty asks, but Mateo shakes his head.
“Just want to sleep.” Mateo replies groggily, so Scotty leaves him alone, just when Kevin leaves Olivia’s room.
“I’ve checked on the other three. They’re fine. Let’s go to bed.”

Kevin takes off his shirt and, in the mirror, he can see Scotty look at him. He lowers his shirt and he looks sad. Scotty wonders why Kevin seems so insecure.
“Did I do it right this time? Were you the star tonight?” Kevin asks and it takes a few seconds for Scotty to realize what Kevin is talking about.

“Yes, you did. You did everything right…. And I didn’t screw anything up either…”
“So, finally we both got it right.” Kevin concludes and Scotty makes him turn around in his arms, so he can look at Kevin. He cups Kevin’s face in his hands.

“I love you.” He says, looking Kevin straight in the eyes. He can see that Kevin believes him and that he’s about to return those words to Scotty, but Scotty doesn’t want to hear them, not yet anyway, so he silences Kevin with a warm kiss. When he finally breaks the kiss, he puts his finger on Kevin’s lips, to prevent him from speaking and he continues to look at Kevin, without breaking eye-contact.

“Tonight was amazing. I loved the gifts. I loved the painting. I felt very special, because everyone made time in their busy schedules to come and see me and my restaurant. Even my parents were there. And Luc…, he flew all the way from France to make me the painting, and the kids were so cute.

And, of all the memories that I’ll take with me from tonight, that proud look on your face, when I cut the ribbon is the most precious to me…” Scotty’s eyes fill with tears. “Because all the partying and all those beautiful gifts, would have meant nothing to me, I you hadn’t been there, Kevin Walker.

If there’s one thing that the first opening of this place has taught me, is that I need you in my life. I couldn’t have done without you. You were my reason for ‘growing up’, you helped me, both financially and spiritually. You encouraged me and supported me. You brought ideas to me, you tested my food, even the failures, you believed in me and in what I would be able to do. … And you forgave me…”

The silence that follows, where they both know that Scotty talks about his cheating, is not as uncomfortable as Scotty feared it would be. Kevin seems relaxed under the memory and he takes Scotty’s hand, that is still resting against his cheek, and he places a kiss on the inside of Scotty’s hand.

“I love you…” He answers with such tenderness. “We’ve both worked hard. On our marriage. On our family. On our career…. I suggest that with the new re-opening of Café 429 and with the official start of Carter and Walker, we close all other chapters. Let this really be a new beginning.

I know that we’ve said this before, but it comes back to haunt us at each time, because we let it and… These last few years have been tough. We’ve made mistakes, we’ve said and done things that we regret and I suggest that we finally draw a line and move on.”
“I’d like that.” Scotty whispers.

“Then, let’s do it.” Kevin smiles and he wraps his arms around Scotty to pull him closer, then he carefully pushes Scotty to the bed. “Are you very tired?” He asks. Scotty shakes his head, because he knows why Kevin has asked him this question… “Good. Because I want to start this new period in our lives with something old. Very old.” Kevin teases and he pushes Scotty down on the bed.




Episode 703 "You've got your troubles (I got mine)" will be posted 20 January 2013.
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