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Fanfic: B&S episode 701: part 5/5

Season 7 – Episode 01 – Let’s dance

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 5/5 *****

Scotty walks around and pours the wine. It’s second nature to him to make sure that guests have enough to drink. He returns to the kitchen to get more wine and finds himself intercepted by Kevin.
“I thought we had agreed that you would not be in the kitchen all day?”

Kevin is clearly annoyed and Scotty gives a guilty glance.
“I’m sorry. It’s stronger than me.” Scotty answers and he takes Kevin in his arms to give him a kiss. “I like to see everyone happy and satisfied in my house… Including you.” Another kiss. “Forgive me?” He pouts sweetly and Kevin’s face becomes more soft.

“You know I will. If I don’t, you’ll make me forgive you, so I might as well give in right away. But I would like to see you by my side occasionally, you know I do.”
"And not serving Ahi on toast?" Scotty remembers with a teasing grin. ".... Alright, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll take these out and then sit down and be with you…?”

“Fine. I’ll help you.” Kevin sighs, and at that moment the backdoor opens to let Justin in.
“Hey! Heard everyone was here?” He grins. He hugs both Kevin and Scotty and wishes them a Merry Christmas.
“Need something to eat? I could quickly warm up something.” Scotty offers, as the good host he always is. Kevin shakes his head. There he goes again.

“Has he been on his feet again, all night…?” Justin asks, catching the look on Kevin’s face. Kevin nods. “No. I ate the hospital, so don’t worry about me. I could do with a drink though. Something cold and without alcohol.”
“I’ll take care of that.” Kevin says, before Scotty can even reply.

“Good, and you….” Justin grabs Scotty’s elbow. “No more serving.”
“Justin’s the boss.” Kevin decides with a grin and Scotty, knowing they are ganging up on him, lets Justin take him out the kitchen.


It is a noisy night and everyone seems to enjoy themselves. The food had been excellent. Scotty had given credit to Kitty, Courtney and Ryan where it was due and Kitty had blushed like a teenager when Nora had complimented her on the cake that she had made for dessert. It hadn't been anything fancy, but it had been delicious enough to make it the first dessert to be finished completely.

With the food mostly gone, the gifts all unwrapped and everyone in a good mood, Kitty gives Tommy an intense look and she signals him to 'go on'. Tommy gets up and gently taps on his glass to get everyone's attention and soon enough it's quiet in the restaurant.

“I would like to say something....” Tommy starts.
“Take it away, bro.” Justin invites. Tommy raises his glass again and takes a deep breath.

“These last few years have been a weird couple of years. We have added a few beautiful kids to our family-tree. Whether it was by birth or by adoption. We’ve unfortunately also seen death and we’ve lost people close to us. Dad, grandma, Robert, … to mention a few. We’ve been to weddings and we’ve had divorces. We have made promises and we’ve broken them. We’ve fought. We’ve made up. We’ve been lost and we’ve been found. Through it all…” Tommy clears his throat.

“Through it all, the thing that was consistent was the love that this family had to offer and that we got in return. I feel like, no matter how deep the valleys were or high the mountains, we tried our best to stay together. Not always very successful perhaps, but always with the best intentions in mind.

Tonight, I want to thank Scotty for the really excellent meal. I know that he would have loved to spend Christmas with just Kevin and the kids and we screwed up all his plans. As usual, may I add. So we should be grateful that Kevin and Scotty have given all of us the opportunity to be together tonight.

Scotty has put a lot of time and work in this dinner and I don’t think that we tell Scotty enough how happy we are that he has become a member of this family.” The applause that follows Tommy’s words makes Scotty turn beet-red and he smiles shyly at Kevin, who applauds probably the loudest of them all, a bright smile on his face.

“Kevin, I wanted to thank you, and also Scotty, for everything that you’ve done for Julia and me. The knowledge that Elizabeth was in safe hands, taking care of and loved, meant a lot to both of us. It took a lot of worries off our minds. I know that, in general, the last few months haven’t been easy for you two and that you’re both very tired.

So, I had an idea. One that I then debated with mom. And uncle Saul. And Browne Carter. And with Sarah, Ryan, Justin and Kitty and… I have here a little gift for you two…” He hands Kevin an envelope and Kevin, after a little glance at Scotty, opens the envelope to see what’s inside.

“This is… not a little gift.” Kevin says and Scotty tries to see what it is.
“Oh, my. Are these plane-tickets?” Scotty asks. Tommy nods and watches how Olivia and Mateo get up to have a look as well.
“To Hawaii?” Mateo can’t believe it.

Scotty frowns. It’s cute, two tickets, but there’s no way that he will spend time away from his kids.
“And… because I suspected that you two wouldn’t go anywhere without Daniel….” Tommy gives another ticket to the flabbergasted couple.

“Or without Olivia….” Now he hands one over to Olivia. “… And it’s not like you can leave Mateo alone here …” Mateo takes his ticket with a bewildered look on his face. Kevin feels uncomfortable, because Tommy is putting him on the spot like this. Tommy will want Elizabeth for himself, naturally, but Kevin cannot let that happen.

“Or Elizabeth…” Tommy now turns to his daughter.
“I’m going as well?” Elizabeth’s voice is just a squeak. Tommy’s face softens.

“I would want nothing more than to have you with us as soon as possible… but I can’t simply walk in here and take you away. Your mom and I came back so much earlier than expected and… after all that has happened Kevin and Scotty need time to deal with a few things of their own. You see, Elizabeth, when Kevin found out that he was your biological father, he was very confused and he had a lot of feelings that we all ignored.

When he tried to tell me about that I was really mean to him and told him to deal with those feelings on his own and I’m sorry about that…” Tommy now turns to Kevin. “I’m sorry that I left you and told you to deal with them on your own. You’ve done so much for Julia and for me and for Elizabeth, I was completely unfair to you.

I realize now that you never tried to be Elizabeth’s father or something like that, but that the situation had changed and that we should have addressed that. And not by making you sign a piece of paper, but by actually discussing how it would affect all of us. We had let the cat out of the bag… and we just moved on pretending it hadn’t happened.

I’m not going to make that mistake again. Julia and I want Elizabeth back, but we also know that legal steps will need to be taken and that, in the meantime, Elizabeth will have to stay with you and that we cannot disrupt your lives too much either. It will take time. And Julia and I will give you, and ourselves, that time.”

Kevin’s eyes fill with tears. He hadn’t expected to ever Tommy utter one word of apology over what had happened and now he apologizes in front of the whole family. He looks around him to see Scotty all flabbergasted and Mateo, Olivia and Elizabeth all excited and he has no idea how to handle his own shock.

“Well, those were confusing days, way back then, and I can imagine that you felt as insecure about our situation as I did. I suggest we no longer talk about that and that we concentrate on the future and on getting Elizabeth back with you and Julia as soon as possible.” Kevin can only say.

“I don’t what to say…” Scotty stammers. “I’m not sure we can just… leave?”
“Listen, no worries. I’ve spoken with Saul, Sarah and your partner, Mr Carter, and everyone will do what they can to take over.”
“I will keep an eye on the renovation of the restaurant. Especially now that our own Christmas-break has been cut short.” Saul points out.

“And Mr Carter agreed to take care of ‘Carter & Walker’…” Kitty explains.
“And I will help where I’m needed.” Sarah chips in.
“We all will. It’s about time that you had some time with each other, as the family you are…” Justin adds.


“Tommy, why are you giving Scotty and me those tickets?” Kevin asks Tommy, the moment he has the chance to speak to him alone.
“What do you mean? I’ve just told everyone… Didn’t you listen?”
“Yes, I heard the words, but I don’t believe them.”
“Why not?”

“I don’t know.” Kevin admits. “Scotty thinks I shouldn’t over-think things.”
“Listen to your husband. He’s a wise man.” Tommy smiles.
“It’s just… I can’t believe that you would actually do this out of the kindness of your heart. I feel that there has to be some other reason….”

“Kev….” Tommy sighs. “… I know I haven’t always been the best brother. I wasn’t there when things went wrong between you and Scotty three years ago. I didn’t care that you were drowning in darkness, because I was too busy taking care of myself and my own needs.

It’s only this year that I’ve come to realize how much you’ve done for me, all your life. You’ve always tried to protect me from getting hurt and you tried to keep me out of trouble. And it seems like I’ve finally reached a point where I can be grateful for the fact that you, and also Scotty, are in my life.

These last 2 years have been very trying for you and Scotty. Dealing with Scotty’s cheating, adopting Olivia, getting Daniel back, adding Mateo to your family, the whole business with Michelle and Alex, going up against the entire family to get custody of Elizabeth, I was lost and so was Julia. And once Julia and I were found again, we brought even more trouble with us.

You’re planning an extension of your restaurant, built your own law-firm, trying to keep up with a hotel, four kids, family and friends. Take it from me: I know how intensive these first few months of the next year will be. You and Scotty are going to make long days and they will bring a lot of stress and tension. There will be things that won’t go as you planned or turn out to be impossible altogether. It will put a strain on your relationship, no matter how hard you try to protect yourself.

You and Scotty nearly lost each other once. All I want is to do, after all you two have done for me, is give you some ‘thanks’ in return, by giving you the opportunity to have some quality family-time before all hell breaks loose again. Just a moment to relax and be with your loved-ones, because, trust me, you’ll need the memories in the time to come.”

“And it doesn’t bother you that we’ll take Elizabeth with us?”
“Kev, you have custody over her.”
“But… wouldn’t you want to see her in the two weeks to come?” Kevin wonders. Tommy takes a deep breath.

“Of course I do, but … We have to work on our apartment, fix a room for Billy and one for Elizabeth, get all our things together, unpack, get used to being here again… It will be hectic enough without also having to keep an eye on Elizabeth or have Elizabeth run from your place to mine and back.

Once the new year has started, once we’ve created a bit of a home and not just four walls and a room, once we’re a little bit more settled, we can take steps to get Elizabeth back and have her come home to peaceful and calm place, rather than a circus. Am I very wrong in my thoughts?”

“No…” Kevin speaks hesitantly.
“Good, now that we agree on that…. Just take the tickets and get out of here. Enjoy some time off with Scotty and the kids. You two have done enough. Now let us take care of things for you two. For just two weeks…” Tommy tries to persuade Kevin.

“There’s no catch? No ulterior motive? No scheme?” Kevin is still not convinced. Tommy looks to the tips of his shoes for just a few seconds, before he looks up at his younger brother again. He places one hand on Kevin’s cheek. It’s an intimacy that Kevin isn’t used to get from his brother.

“I love you.” Tommy says in all sincerity. “I’ve never had problems conveying that feeling to Justin, Sarah or Kitty, but with you?… It’s always been weird between us… Maybe there was a degree of homophobia in that feeling. Or perhaps that it was just different when it was about you. Or perhaps it was the knowledge that you would be there regardless. I don’t know, but I want to get past that. I want to be as good a brother to you as Justin is.”

“This isn’t a competition.”
“I know, but you get my drift?” Tommy says, hoping that Kevin can read as well between the lines with him as he can with his other siblings.

“I think I do. And it’s not like you have say the words ‘I love you’ every time, but it’s nice to be appreciated and to hear you say the words every once in a while.” Kevin reluctantly admits. He’s not entirely ready to accept Tommy’s words, but at the same time, he’d like to accept the explanation.

“Well, I do - love you - and I want you to be happy.”
“I am happy.”
“Then hang on to that and enjoy what I can offer, while I can still offer it.” Tommy smiles gently and Kevin nods, thereby accepting the gift.


“If I had known that Tommy would end up sending Elizabeth and her caretakers to Hawaii, I would have gone for custody myself.” Sarah sighs, not really serious about her words anyway.
“Yes, unfair.” Paige says. “Can I really not go along in Mateo’s suitcase?”

“No.” Sarah answers resolutely, but with a smile. “Why don’t you come with me and help me with putting the finishing touch on Ojai?” Sarah offers. Paige’s jaw drops.
“Do you want me to help you?”
“Yes, honey, I think that maybe I should show you more about the work we have.”

“Do you think it will make me want to take it over… one day?” Paige wonders.
“I hope so. I would like to see it handed over to you or Coop or both.”
“Or Mateo and me?” Paige grins. Sarah’s eyes narrow.
“Don’t push it, little lady.” She smiles again.

“If we were a couple…” Paige continues her day-dreaming.
“I do believe that Mateo would prefer to follow into your uncle Kevin’s footsteps.” Sarah reminds her.
“That’s what he says all the time… But I can dream right?” she grins.

“Never give up on any dream you have, love.” Sarah replies with a sudden sadness. “I had so many dreams when I married your dad….”
“Is it daddy’s fault that you couldn’t make them come true?”
“No. Mostly my own.” Sarah admits. “I tried to mold your dad to what I wanted him to be.”

“And it backfired?”
“Yes. Big time.”
“So, what you’re telling me is: Don’t try to change Mateo?”
“Does everything in your life revolve around that boy?” Sarah shakes her head.

“Pretty much. We’re in love.”
“Ah, puppy love.” Sarah nods.
“No, I think, that this time it’s the right one.”
“Let’s have this conversation again when you marry John, Dave or Carlos.”

“Carlos?” Paige can’t help but immediately think of the obese guy in her class. He’s someone she doesn’t particularly like.
“Hey, I’m not prejudice.” Sarah shrugs. “Maybe he’ll be Asian….”
“Or maybe he’ll just be Mateo?”

“Yes. Maybe.” Sarah nods, knowing better than to get into these ‘what if’-scenarios with Paige. She’s far better at them than Sarah is.
“I think that I should consider working for Ojai a possibility…” Paige is in deep thought.
“That would be nice, chicken.” Sarah replies.


“So, we’re really going?” Mateo’s eyes are huge.
“Yes, your grandmother has given permission.” Kevin replies.
“Really, really, really?” Olivia still can’t believe it.”
“For real.” Scotty answers.

Kevin and Scottylaugh as Mateo, Olivia and Elizabeth dance through the room with joy. Even Daniel tries to shimmy along, even though he has no real understanding why the others are so happy.
“Two weeks of sun!” Olivia sighs.

“Forget the sun! I want to swim! Do you think I could try scuba-diving?”
“We’ll ask, Mateo.” Kevin promises.
“We’re going – to – Hawaii! We’re going – to - Hawaii!” Elizabeth sings and the kids form a little conga-line. Scotty laughs, decides to join in and takes Kevin with him.


“So, what do we do about your mother?” Kitty asks.
“What should we do about her?” Seth shrugs. “For now, I don’t want to see her. If she’s this disappointed with me, then she can stay away from me. I’m not interested anymore. It really hurt me to hear my mother say all those things.”

“Especially if you realize that she’s wrong. Your book had good reviews. So, it won’t be the latest and biggest bestseller, but you’ve made a name for yourself in a positive way and I’m sure that your next work will be even better.” Kitty says with confidence, not noticing that Seth doesn’t seem to share her view.

In fact, Seth doubts that he could write another book. He’s remarkably uninspired at the moment and, deep inside, he wishes that Kitty wouldn’t put the bar so high for him. Between Kitty, who believes he can do anything, and his mother, who thinks he can’t do anything, he’s caught in state of limbo, not sure which of these two women is actually right.


“It must have been a lovely party.” Tyler sighs, sad that she wasn't there, and she starts to unbutton her dress. Justin stops her from going on because he wants to do the unbuttoning himself. She smiles and lets him.

"But I wonder if Julia was really as happy with Tommy’s gift for Kevin as we all were. I saw the look on her face and I don't know what to think about it all.” Justin admits. “I appreciate that Tommy is giving Kevin and Scotty a nice break-away, nobody deserves it more than those two after all they’ve done for Elizabeth and what they went through because of Tommy, But I, too, felt that it was an odd thing to do. Maybe it’s because we’re used to think the worst about him.”

There’s a frown on Justin’s face and Tyler caresses his face.
“Let’s forget it. It’s not our problem. I was glad that the whole family got together tonight, without too much drama. It must have been good to have a nice evening without someone walking away angry.”

“It must be the ‘Café 429’ affect.” Justin jokes.
“Maybe, next year, we should celebrate here.” Tyler suggests.
“Here? At our place? Or in the hotel downstairs.”
“Here. And maybe we’ll even be married by then…” Tyler winks.

Justin’s eyes widen. He hadn’t thought of that. Sure Tyler and he had decided to take it slow, but eventually they’d have to get married…. He gets a little vision of a pregnant Tyler, expecting his child…. He immediately stops the dream.
“Yes. Married. That would be great.” He moans and he lifts Tyler up to take her to the bedroom.


Scotty lifts up the blanket and lies down next to Kevin.
“I’m beat. The kids were so excited.” Scotty yawns.
“I know. Elizabeth wouldn’t stop talking.” Kevin sighs.
“Even Daniel was more excited than usual.”

“I’m not entirely sure that Mateo is asleep, but I don’t want to check on him.”
“He’ll be alright. Once he’s tired, he’ll turn off the lights and go to sleep.” Scotty yawns again. “Olivia was gone the moment her head hit the pillow.”
“I think that the same will happen to me.”

“No. Not yet.” Scotty warns. “I haven’t stolen this from the restaurant for nothing, you know.” From under his pillow he pulls a mistletoe, Kevin smiles.
“You think of everything, don’t you?”
“One of us had to.”

“What do you think happened to the other one?” Kevin pulls the second mistletoe from the drawer beside the bed and holds it up triumphantly. Scotty starts to laugh.
“What is it they say about great minds…?” He teases.
“I can’t remember. This great mind goes numb, when he sees you.” Kevin answers.

Scotty smiles shyly and leans in for a kiss. A kiss that Kevin replies to by placing his hand behind Scotty’s head and pulling him even closer. As the kiss intensifies, he rolls on his back taking Scotty on top of him. The mistletoes end up on the ground on either side of the bed.
“Merry Christmas, Kevin.” Scotty whispers. “I love you.”




Episode 702 "New Beginnings" will be posted 13 January 2013.
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