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Fanfic: We should do this more often.

We should do this more often

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty (well, duh!)
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S and K&S don’t belong to me. If they had… ***censored***
Summary: It’s an NC-17, who cares?


Scotty gasps at the moment that Kevin enters him. Has it really been this long since they had done this? Just to feel Kevin so intimately close to him, inside him, makes Scotty long for more. The desire to be with Kevin, to be a part of him, to be loved by him, is so strong.

The entire evening had been just great. Kevin and he had spent New Year’s eve at Nora’s house. This had meant no cooking for Scotty, being able to drink because Kevin had appointed himself the designated driver, since alcohol didn’t go well with the pills that his doctor had prescribed for his aching back. Not that Kevin’s back was aching too much now apparently.

Scotty had been even more grateful that Nora had offered to look after the kids tonight, so that he and Kevin could sleep in, if they would ever get some sleep. Scotty is drunk and relaxed and quietly wishing Kevin to no longer prolong the agony, but just fuck him already.

He wants to be taken, to be driven to the edge, to go insane in the arms of the man he loves. He moans at the next thrust, which seems to touch something deep inside him. It had been too long. He arches his back, searches for a way to feel Kevin even better and deeper. From between his eyelashes, he sees the smile on Kevin’s face.

Kevin is sober, hard, hot and ready to not surrender until Scotty begs for it. For him there’s no need for quick satisfaction, because he cheated a bit. At Nora’s house, the thought of one night alone with Scotty and all the things they could do, had driven Kevin to quietly seek some release to take the edge of his desire.

And of course this means that his own urgency is not as big as Scotty. He knows, it’s unfair, as is the fact that Scotty is drunk and needy and Kevin is sober and … well, he’s needy too, but not as much as Scotty. He caresses Scotty’s side, trying to find the right place to get a grip on his body.

With the next thrust, he pulls Scotty closer to him and Scotty is not objecting to this at all. He can hear Scotty whisper something about ‘more’, but the words aren’t very coherent. Kevin can guess however and he grins, pulling Scotty once again closer to his body, while simultaneously pushing even deeper.

Scotty’s long moan signals him that Scotty is closer than Kevin thought he would be. He can feel how Scotty tries to get him to go faster. His hand reaches under Scotty, touching him gently at first, knowing it won’t be enough for Scotty, and soon enough Scotty takes over from Kevin, pushing himself impatiently closer to his orgasm.

The next few thrusts are slow, but then even Kevin has to give in and move faster. Scotty screams out his name when he finally comes and Kevin moves faster to not fall too far behind. His own release leaves both of them exhausted, but with a happy grin on their faces..

“We should do this more often...” Scotty licks his lips. Kevin kisses Scotty’s lips and makes a noise to signal that he agrees with Scotty’s statement. “... because this one heck of good way to start the new year…” Scotty sighs and spoons up to Kevin.
“Yes. Happy new year.” Kevin sighs contently and his fingers thread with Scotty’s.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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