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14 steps to happiness - step 13 - State of union.

2.04 States of union

By Marea67
About: Scotty/Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty and Kevin and Saul


Scotty puts the dishes in the dishwasher. He’s angry at himself for having spoken without thinking. Which is just not a smart thing to do. if you’re dealing with a lawyer. A good lawyer. Like a hawk on a pray Kevin had come down on him. How could he, Scotty, even suggest that Saul was gay? Scotty had been unpleasantly surprised by the way Kevin had questioned him.

For some odd reason Scotty couldn’t answer that question either. His gaydar had already gone off the first time he met Saul, at that disastrous party when Nora pointed out Holly as her husband’s mistress. But at the time he was too focused on Kevin. Saul was with Holly that night and Scotty… well, he didn’t care about either of them.

However, this time Scotty watched Saul, Saul and Milo, Saul introducing himself to others. And he was just sure of it. Saul was gay. And so he innocently made the remark, that he wondered why Kevin never told him before that Saul was gay.…. And wished he hadn’t! Kevin was in complete denial and it quickly dawned on Scotty that the reason why Kevin was in denial, was because Saul never came out and maybe didn’t even want to know this about himself… He would call Kevin later on and apologize, simply say that on second thought, he was wrong…..


“’s time for you to take of your Prada shades and open our eyes.” Kevin kept hearing Scotty's words and he no longer doubted them. Saul was keeping something from him and it seemed that it was his well hidden homosexuality. His phone rings and he sees who it is.
“Oh hi, Kevin.” Scotty sounds a bit bland. Not his cheerful self. “Listen, I’m sorry. About my accusing your uncle Saul of being gay. I probably misinterpreted the signs…. ”

“No, Scotty, you were right. He’s keeping something from me. I talked to him this evening….”
“Kevin, please, tell me you didn’t “interrogate” him? The poor man might be in total denial about this.”
“I don’t care. All these years I fought and he never stuck up for me… And he was gay himself…”
“IF he is, Kevin, it is not your job to drag him out of the closet kicking and screaming.” Scotty’s voice is harsh and cold. And Kevin falls quiet. Scotty is right. It never is someone else's job.

“I know… It’s just.. I’ve fought such a lonely battle… one word from him would have made a difference, you know.” Kevin’s voice is almost a whisper… “It hurts, Scotty….”
“I know, Kevin. I know it hurts. But if your uncle is unable to admit it to himself then he’s in a lot of pain, too. Listen, I have to go. I’m calling you unauthorized, if I get caught I’m in trouble, but please, will you think twice before you jump to conclusions… Do it for me.” He softly begs.
“I promise.” Kevin says, but once the connection is broken he returns to brooding about it.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - 14 steps to happiness

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