marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: As fate would have it

As fate would have it

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S or K/S. Written with love, not for money
Summary: Kevin. Scotty. Love Dice.



“Okay, here they are… ‘blow’ and ‘neck’.” Scotty grins.
“I would have preferred something else.” Kevin mumbles, but he turns to his belly nonetheless. Scotty gently blows in Kevin’s neck, making Kevin shiver as the cold air spreads over his skin.

The next thing he can feel Scotty’s lips on his skin, leaving a trail of kisses down his spine.
“Just to warm you up again.” Scotty teases, as he moves even further down Kevin’s back.

“That’s cheating.” Kevin moans. “Not that I’m really protesting…” He adds. “It’s just, ... that is not my neck anymore…. It’s not even my back anymore, but my…. Mhmmmm, I’ll shut up…” Kevin can hear Scotty chuckle and the bed moves a bit.

“Your turn to throw.” Scotty hands Kevin the love dice. Kevin throws and Scotty smiles at his good fortune, when the words thrown are “kiss” and “lips”.
“I love to do that.” Kevin grins. He pushes Scotty on his back and he claims Scotty’s mouth.

Their kiss is warm and tender and Scotty can feel his entire body react to the kiss and Kevin’s touch. If this is supposed to be just foreplay, he can’t wait for the rest of it, which should start soon. Very soon, if Scotty has anything to say about it. Kevin breaks the kiss.
“I’ve done what I was ordered to do.” He hands the love dice back to Scotty.

Scotty throws and starts to laugh when he sees the results “suck” and “?”. Kevin gasps. The question-mark gives Scotty the freedom of choice and Kevin shakes his head in disbelief.
“Oh, yes.” Scotty tells him, slowly crawling closer to Kevin as Kevin backs away a bit.

“You’re such a tease.” Scott tells him. “Can’t escape the question-mark though!”
“So, what will it be? What will you suck?” Kevin asks as if he doesn’t have a clue.
“Guess.” Scotty whispers, his hand slips between Kevin’s legs.

“I think I need more clues… Oooh!.” Kevin sighs. Scotty merely laughs and quickly moves down until his mouth is on Kevin’s cock. Their game has been going on for quite a while now and Scotty can feel that Kevin won’t be able to resist much longer. With one hand in Scotty’s hair and one hand strangling the pillow Kevin tries to control his desire.

“Don’t stop…” He whispers, nearing the point of surrender, but Scotty stops nonetheless. Kevin’s tortured moan is music to his ears.
“Your turn to throw.” Scotty says out of breath, not sure if he continues to like this game. His own body is throbbing with the desire to make love to Kevin.

At the same time, it’s kind of delicious to see Kevin so aroused. Kevin reluctantly grabs the dice and throws. He grins. “Suck” and “Lover”.
“You’re dead.” Kevin warns Scotty and before Scotty can react, he’s on his back. His loud moans fill the room as Kevin takes matters into his own hands mouth….

Scotty pushes up, Kevin’s mouth easily takes him in. Scotty closes his eyes tightly. It’s not so much Kevin’s mouth on him, as it is Kevin’s fingers inside him that drive him to the brink of coming. But just as he’s about to give in, it all stops. This time he’s less amused, because this time it’s him who gets yanked away from the moment of bliss instead of Kevin.

“I guess I deserve that one, for stopping with you, but…” Scotty starts, but when he looks up he can see the possessive look on Kevin’s face. Scotty bites his lower lip.
“Don’t know about you, but I'm declaring "Game over".” Kevin lets Scotty know.
“I agree. Game over.” Scotty’s breathing becomes faster with anticipation.

He turns to his belly. Kevin’s body covers his. The penetration is quick, because Kevin has prepared Scotty very well, and Scotty is more than ready to finish this. Kevin’s thrusts are immediately deep and clearly signal his need for release. Kevin is no longer careful or tender in his love-making. He unleashes his desire and he takes Scotty with him.

Scotty’s lips part. His moans mix with Kevin’s. Suddenly Kevin’s grip on Scotty tightens. He comes without a sound, pushing himself deep insideScotty, unaware that Scotty realizes that he needs to help himself if he’s to find his own moment. Scotty comes not long after Kevin.


“I’m exhausted.” Kevin mumbles against Scotty’s shoulder.
“Me too. It was a nice game though.”
“Agreed…. One more throw of the dice?” Kevin suggests.
“But you get to perform the action.” Scotty negotiates.

Kevin accepts and Scotty throws. “kiss”. “lips”…
“I still have eneryg to do that.” Kevin sighs and he puts words into action, by kissing Scotty long and tender. Scotty grabs the dice and puts them in the top drawer. They’ll have to wait until the next time… He pulls Kevin closer for another kiss.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, rate - nc-17

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