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Fanfic: Family or friends? 5/5

Family or friends? 5/5

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Sorrry, G again
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S. Written with love not for money.
Summary: AU. A friend of William Walker asks Kevin a favor. Kevin isn’t interested… Not at first anyway.

As this is an Alternate Universe, this means that the characters CAN be different than in the canon-version. If you can't handle that the characters will act in an uncharacteristic way, don't read this story. Nobody's putting a gun to your head, saying that you MUST read it. That is your free choice. It is my free choice to write the characters the way I want them to be in this story. ~ Love and peace.  :)


“Scotty?... Scotty, come on…. Come back to us?” Scotty hears the words but he can’t respond. Darkness.

“Scotty? Hang in there! Try to get back to the surface, bro. I know it’s tough, but you can do it.” Scotty’s eyelashes move a bit, but it’s too much effort and the darkness is so peaceful.

“Scotty? Come on. Put some effort in it… I can’t do this on my own. Come on!” Scotty tries to move his lips, to say that he can’t do anything, but there’s no sound… His mouth is dry. His throat feels like sandpaper and his eyes…. are … soooooo…. Heavy… Darkness takes over again.

“Scotty? Scotty, come on…. Open your eyes…” The voice comes from far away. It’s isn’t Jason’s. It isn’t Kevin’s… It’s a kind voice though… Scotty tries to open his eyes. “Hey, there you are.” Scotty sees kind brown eyes look down on him. “I wanted to meet my new possible brother-in-law, but you didn’t have to make such a drama about it.”

His voice is cheerful and Scotty tries to lift his head.
“Oh, no, bro, you stay right where you are. They will want to do some tests on you in the hospital, just to make sure that you don’t have a concussion or other head-trauma.” Scotty closes his eyes again. He tries to talk but he can’t.

“Scotty? Scotty, stay with me. Open your eyes.” The young man’s insistent order makes Scotty try again. “That’s better. Stop freaking me out, alright? You’ve been drifting in and out of consciousness for quite a while now. Kevin will kill me if anything happens to you…”

Kevin??? Kevin will kill the paramedic? Kevin? Scotty feels despair at not being able to communicate. The young man caresses Scotty’s forehead and wipes away the tear that forms at the corner of Scotty’s eye.
“Can you hear me? Blink if you can.” Scotty blinks, but it hurts his eyes.

“Good. Can you understand me?” Blink. “Very good. Listen, I’m sorry. We weren’t formally introduced. I’m Justin Walker. I’m Kevin’s little brother.” Just the mention of Kevin’s name puts another tear in Scotty’s eye. Justin sees it and he suddenly gets it. “Are you worried about Kevin?” Blink.

“He’s alright. Jason will most likely pull through as well.” Scotty is relieved with the news and he closes his eyes. “Scotty? Stay with me… I don’t like it that you keep drifting away like that…” Scotty opens his eyes again to show Justin that he’s still there. Justin smiles and takes Scotty’s hand. “Don’t worry. You’ll see him soon…” Justin comforts.


“Alright, Senator McCallister, one more time….” The police-officer asks. Robert sighs.
“What do you want me to explain to you again? Two days ago, I got some confusing phone-call from my brother and I got worried. He was ranting about how he’d been dumped and how no one does that to him. And that guy, who had dumped him, would 'pay the price'.

I was worried, because I had the impression that my brother was becoming more unhinged over the last few years. He was always on that thin line between legal and illegal. And I was growing tired of protecting him. So, when he started talking about making that guy ‘pay’ for it, I felt uncomfortable.

I tried to talk to him, but he didn’t really seem to listen to me. So, I thought I’d try to see him face-to-face. I also thought it would also give me an opportunity to meet Kevin Walker again. He’s a good friend of mine, who used to be on my side during my last campaign and I missed him.

I called Kevin to ask him if I could meet him here in Los Angeles. And he said that he wanted me to meet the new man in his life. He was so excited, that I told him to arrange the meeting. I had no idea that Kevin’s new boyfriend and Jason’s ex were one and the same person.

I was supposed to meet Kevin at the house of Scotty Wandell, but when my car got there, we – and I mean my body-guard Tony and I – saw someone attack Kevin. I told Tony to shoot the attacker and protect Kevin…”
“Did you know, at that point, that it was your brother?” The officer asks.

Robert hesitates before he answers.
“I don’t know. It all happened so fast. I think that, yes, I somehow knew it was Jason from the moment I saw him, but that I didn’t want to realize that my own brother could be threatening one of my best friends with a gun…. How is my brother, by the way?”

“Your bodyguard shot him in the leg. He’ll survive.”
“And Kevin?”
“Shocked and confused, but alright.”
“And Scotty?”

“He got smacked against the door so very hard, that there was blood. He lost consciousness and, until now, he remains unresponsive. He’s in the hospital.”
“Is there anything else you need to know?” Robert asks. The officer shakes his head. “Can I go and talk to Kevin?” Robert now wants to know.


“Well, that ‘s going to be quite a nasty bump.” The doctor says. “But you’ll live.”
“But I was out for so long?” Scotty asks.
“Yes, but we think it was more a psychological reaction than a physical one. Anyway, the scans don’t show any damage to your skull at all.”

“Thank you.” Scotty winces as he sits up. His head still hurts terribly, but the wound at the back of his head has stopped bleeding.
“Hey! Still in one piece?” A young man asks the question, as he enters. Scotty smiles.
“Hi, Justin…. Yes. And thank you for your help and support.”

“You’re welcome.” Justin grins. “I have to go though. My shift goes on.”
“Justin? Where’s Kevin?”
“Still at the police-station. They’re questioning him. They will want to question you too, once you’re capable to handle it.”

Scotty lies back. His head still hurts. He’s worried about Kevin and he wants to know what happened exactly and where Jason is. He wonders how Jason could have missed Kevin, with Kevin standing so close to him. There are so many questions, but the painkillers silence his need for answers.


“Robert!” Kevin jumps up, when he finally sees his friend, but his happy smile almost immediately fades, when he realizes that Robert is Jason’s brother and that he might not be happy to see Kevin. “How mad are you at me?” He asks. Robert is visibly surprised.
“Mad? At you? Why?”

“Jason?” Kevin reminds him and a sad look comes to Robert’s face.
“Jason is in trouble, but that is his own doing. Not yours or your boyfriend's. There’s no need to soften the blow. We both know that Jason’s main interest in Scotty wasn’t Scotty, but his bank-account.

You had every right to want to protect Scotty. Scotty had every right to favor you over Jason. Jason did NOT have the right to hurt or try to kill either or both of you. He dug his own grave.”
“He’s still your brother.” Kevin points out.

Robert looks at Kevin and he remembers how , for just a fraction of a second he had hesitated. Protect Jason? Or protect Kevin? And, yet, looking back he had already made up his mind before he had ordered Tony to shoot Jason. Jason might be his brother, but Kevin was far more important to him…

“Yes. He’s family. … But friends are the family you chose for yourself. And … you’re more family to me than he is.” Robert says simply and Kevin is moved by his friend’s words.
“I won’t forget this, Robert.”
“That is good to know, … I have a favor to ask of you….”




Robert straightens Scotty’s tie.
“Kevin is so nervous.” He says and Scotty smiles.
“He’s not the only one. I keep wondering if we’re doing the right thing.”
“Well, you two have had a bit of a rocky road…” Robert admits.

“I know… Sometimes I can’t believe this will happen…”
“Oh, it will happen. Kevin is very determined to make this work.”
“I just hope that I can make him happy.” Scotty sighs.
“I think that Kevin and you know exactly what is right for you two.”

“I’m glad you came.” Scotty says after a few seconds of silence.
“There wouldn’t be anything on this planet, that could stop me from attending Kevin’s commitment ceremony. And yours naturally. I’m glad that you decided to accept his proposal.”

“Now, Mr Senator, if only you could make it so that Kevin and I can get officially married….?” Scotty teases.
“I’m working on it.” Robert grins. “And…. I wanted to thank you… for not pressing charges against Jason…”

“You saved Kevin’s life. And mine. I felt that I owed to you… All I want is that Jason will not bother either of us again….” Scotty sighs, curiosity getting the better of him. “Where is he now?”
“In a safe place. A place where there are people who can take care of him.”

“Some hospital?” Scotty hardly dares to ask.
“In a mental facility that is owned by my uncle Jack… It wasn’t an easy decision, but Jason needs more help that you or I can give him… There is definitely a screw lose in his head.”

“I’m sorry.” Scotty says, feeling slightly guilty.
“Don’t let it get you down. Not today…” Robert says. “This is the most important day that Kevin and you can have…. For now anyway… Enjoy it. Make Kevin your husband and don’t worry about anything… Least of all Jason.” Robert advices Scotty.


Scotty walks up to Kevin and takes his hand. The sun is shining down on them. Spring has done everything she could to make Nora’s garden as pretty and colorful as it can be. He can see Wally fighting with a handkerchief. Standing next to Wally is William and he’s trying to look as stoic as ever, but it’s not working.

Kevin is so handsome in his black suit and Scotty can’t wait to finally be able to kiss him and have Kevin be his forever. All Scotty can see are Kevin’s beautiful blue eyes. The love he can see in those eyes makes him feel very special. He watches in awe how Kevin puts the ring on his finger….

When he was 14 years old, he dreamed about all this and now all his dreams are coming true. Kevin smiles nervously at him, still not so used to public displays of affection, but this time it’s inevitable and Scotty is more than happy when they can finally kiss each other.

Their kiss is only a little one and he can hear the Walker siblings cheer ‘More!!!! More!!!’. He grins at Kevin’s mortified look, wraps one arm around Kevin’s waist, his other hand behind Kevin’s head. There’s loud whistling when Scotty firmly claims Kevin’s mouth and he prolongs the kiss until he hears Justin yelling something about Kevin needing air.

Laughter breaks out and the moment he lets go of Kevin, the two families come up to congratulate Kevin and Scotty and Scotty gets separated from Kevin, until their eyes meet again.
“I love you.” Kevin’s lips say.
"And I love you." Those are the only words that Scotty say in return.


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