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Fanfic: Family or friends? 4/5

Family or friends? 4/5

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Sorrry, G again
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S. Written with love not for money.
Summary: AU. A friend of William Walker asks Kevin a favor. Kevin isn’t interested… Not at first anyway.

As this is an Alternate Universe, this means that the characters CAN be different than in the canon-version. If you can't handle that the characters will act in an uncharacteristic way, don't read this story. Nobody's putting a gun to your head, saying that you MUST read it. That is your free choice. It is my free choice to write the characters the way I want them to be in this story. ~ Love and peace.  :)


Scotty wakes up, but he doesn’t dare to open his eyes. He had the weirdest dream last night. Somehow Kevin had showed up on his doorstep and after all the anger and bitterness, they had ended up making love in a way that still puts a blush on Scotty’s face when he thinks about it. Would he never ever get Kevin Walker out of his mind?

Then he slowly become aware of someone sleeping in his arms, his back pressed against Scotty’s chest. It feels warm and comfortable. Familiar. As it should be. Scotty tries to remember when Jason came to bed, but nothing comes to mind. Besides, Jason isn’t even in Los Angeles... Right?

He opens his eyes, regretting that he’ll have to permanently say goodbye to his beautiful dream of making love with Kevin, and Scotty looks down at the dark curls of his sleeping partner... Those. Are. Not. Jason’s.... But if they’re not Jason’s, then…. Scotty sits up, suddenly wide awake, only to nearly jump out of bed.

“Kevin!” He says, shocked to find the man of his obsession to be actually in his bed.
Deprived of Scotty’s warmth, Kevin wakes up as well.
“What happened?” He moans, still half asleep.
“You’re here. You’re really here.”

“Where else would I be?” Kevin asks.
“Gone. Just… not here.”
“Last night you wanted me to stay, today you want me gone? Make up your mind, would you? You and I together is confusing enough without the mixed signals.” Kevin groggily says.

“I… I thought it was a dream. Couldn’t be real.” Scotty looks a little dazed, his hair sticking in all direction in such a cute way that Kevin can’t help, but get the ‘awww’-feeling that he hadn’t had in a while. “If I’d open my eyes you’d be gone. And… it would all just not have happened…”

“Scotty, I’m a rather traditional person. Jumping your bones was extremely a-typical for me… ” Kevin starts.
“Well, I could use some tradition in my life.” Scotty mumbles.
“…. but I’m not someone who sneaks out in the middle night of the night either…”

Scotty sits down on the bed, as far away from Kevin as he can. He looks so anxious that it prompts Kevin to ask the question.
“What? Why are you so worried?” Kevin’s frown becomes deeper and Scotty wraps his arms around his shoulders.

“You plan to stay? This is real? I mean, it's not some cruel joke? To get back at me? Or something like that?... Because if it is, I’d understand, but…” Scotty’s eyes fill with tears. “I know I hurt you and I got you hurt, but I was a 14-year old boy, who didn’t know better, but …Your 34. I’m 24. I’m not a kid anymore. Neither are you. You know very well you’re doing… and who you’re doing it with. And if this is some retribution, then at least be honest now…. At this point, pretending to like me and then dump me… isn’t a kid’s foolishness anymore… it’s an adult choice…”

“I agree. And… unless you have regrets about last night… I don’t plan to dump you…” Kevin takes a deep breath. “Last night, in my car, I realized that, yes, things had been bad, but the good side of it is that I’ve gotten to know my real friends from the fake ones. I’ve grown so much stronger than I thought…

And, years ago, I hated you… I sincerely hated you… I wanted you dead and gone, eternal hellfire and the rest of it… But… after last night at the restaurant, while we driving up here, I realized that you sincerely never meant any harm. That it was a child’s innocent foolishness, as you just called it…

I came here to apologize and to ask you if we could have a fresh start. I thought something along the lines of a dinner, a normal conversation, perhaps a movie… Or someplace where you wouldn’t jump and kiss me…” Kevin adds. “And then, things moved a little quicker than I intended, last night.”

“But you are interested in me? It’s not some hoax? Or some pay-back?” Scotty asks, coming a little closer. Kevin shakes his head and he sees a shy smile come to Scotty’s face.
“So, you really want.. us?” Scotty asks, just to be really, really sure.

“Yes. If you do too? And if, down the road, we discover that we don’t like each other after all, then it will be about the here and now and our inability to see a future. It will not about the past.”
“Our families will be in total shock.” Scotty starts to grin and Kevin grabs his arm to pull him even closer.


“You what?” Jason asks. Scotty simply shrugs.
“You heard me. I’m breaking up with you. We’re through.”
“Why? What did I do that you’re breaking up with me? What happened?”
“There’s someone else. I’m in love with someone else.”

“Just like that?” Jason’s disbelief can’t be overlooked.
“I’m sorry, Jason, but Kevin has always been the only man for me, but I believed I couldn’t get him. You were just … second choice.” Scotty says, outwardly calm, but inwardly he feels bad.

“Second choice?!” Jason repeats.
“Please, don’t treat me like a fool and I’ll show you the same courtesy. The only reason you hooked up with me, was because you wanted to get your greedy fingers on my Dad’s money.

And please don’t go denying it and trying to convince me that I’m the 'love of your life", because I’m not. You’ve done this before me and you will do it again, after me. I just won’t let you do this to me… Don’t get me wrong. The sex was great. You were fun company and I’m sure that this could have lasted a lot longer.

But … now that I have the love of my life back in my life, … I no longer need you. And I think we should keep this split amicable and easy. All your belongings are in those two bags… Give me back the key to my apartment. Let’s forget the whole thing…”
“This is not over, Scotty…. I’m going to get you for this.” Jason threatens.

“Please, no drama, Jason, that is so boring.” Scotty tells Jason calmly. Jason picks up the two bags from the floor and walks to the door. “The key.” Scotty reminds Jason. Jason takes it off his key-chain and throws it at Scotty. “There’s no need to be so childish.” Scotty says impatiently
“I’m going to make you pay dearly for this, Scotty. I swear, I will.” Jason angrily slams the door behind him.


“Wally, your son just broke up with Jason McCallister.” William tells his friend.
“I’m just not sure if it is alright that Kevin is playing this game. Scotty is in love with him all over again and that was something I’ve been trying to avoid.” Wally complains.
“I don’t think that Kevin is playing a game with Scotty.”

“Come on, William, do you really believe Kevin is interested in Scotty? After everything that happened?”
“I don’t know. But it would be a lousy thing to do, if Kevin got Scotty all crazy again only to dump him ruthlessly…. That would be something that Kevin wouldn’t do.”

“I don’t know…” Wally hesitates.
“If Kevin really hated your son, he wouldn’t have done this… He told me that he had to recognize that certain things should remain in the past.”
“And I agree with him. And for my son's sake, I hope that you’re right.” Wally sighs.


A few days later, Scotty parks his car on his driveway. He has a date with Kevin and he can’t wait to be in Kevin’s arms again. Filled with anticipation Scotty goes to his front-door to open up, when he suddenly feels someone grab him and the next moment a gun is held against his head.

He gets a hard shove and he slams against his door. A hand grabs his shoulder and forces him to turn around. It’s only now that he sees that the gun is in Jason’s hand.
“Did you really think that you could throw me away? Just like that?” Jason asks coldly.
“What are you going to do?” Scotty wants to know.

He's too shocked to be afraid. He had never expected Jason to resort to violence. Jason had always been the perfect gentleman so far and Scotty rhyme this person, holding the gun to his hand, with the Jason that he had had an affair with for two months.

Jason pushes Scotty back against the door.
“Shut up. I could kill you now, but that won’t be half as much fun as waiting a little longer…. Your new boyfriend will be here soon, won’t he be?”
“No.” Scotty lies. It earns him a slap in his face.

“Don’t lie. You’re too eager to get home. Is he coming here?” Jason asks again, but he can see the answer in Scotty’s eyes. Fear. “So, he is. Good. Then you can watch him die, before I put a bullet in your head.”

“Shut up!” The next punch is so hard that it takes Scotty’s breath away. He doubles over and it takes a few seconds for him to get back up. As he raises his head, he sees Kevin’s car pull up.
“No!” Scotty whispers in terror, as he sees Kevin get out of his car. “Go away.” Scotty begs quietly, but he doesn't have the breath to give strength to his voice to warn Kevin.

“What’s going on?” Kevin asks, seeing Scotty in obvious pain. It's only then does he sees Jason standing in the shadow. He recognizes him from the picture that used to be in Robert's office. Kevin carefully raises his hands. He knows that Jason can be unpredictable. “No need to get excited and make stupid choices, Jason.” Jason isn’t even surprised that Kevin knows who he is.

You are Scotty’s new boyfriend?” Jason laughs sarcastically, looking at the older man. He's vaguely familiar to Jason, but he can't put his finger on where he has seen this Kevin before. And, ultimately, it doesn't matter to Jason. All that he wants is to get his revenge on Scotty. In Jason's eyes, Scotty humiliated him and it's all Kevin's fault.

“I am the new boyfriend." Kevin answers.  "And you’re the ex… And I get that you must be furious that you missed out on a lot of money, but … hurting people is not a solution. Scotty is mine now. Be sensible and leave us alone.” Kevin tries to be as calm as he can be.
“Wow! I’m shivering in my shoes.” Jason is not all impressed.

He lashes out, with his gun still in his hand, and hits Scotty once more. Scotty, not expecting the hit, feels an incredible pain when his head hits the strong wooden door with considerable force. He slowly sinks down, feeling like his legs can’t hold up his body any longer. He can hear Kevin call his name from somewhere far away.

Jason immediately raises his gun at Kevin, and for a second Kevin seems to freeze, then he steps forward again and Scotty looks on in fear as Kevin tries to stop Jason from getting closer to Scotty. As in slow-motion he can see Jason wave his gun at Kevin and the shot that follows is like a loud thud in Scotty's head. Scotty closes his eyes.


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