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welcome to my fantasies
Oh, gosh, Marea67 is 5 years old today. :)  
30th-Nov-2012 05:04 pm
5 years ago, I posted my first bit of fanfic Telephone. Just a short, 1-page story. And I was terrified that people would tell me to not do something like that again, because it was too awful. :)

5 years later, I've written a few more stories since and I plan to continue to do so. :) The stories have brought me joy and sometimes sadness, because they helped me deal with things that happened to me. Or I could make people say the words that I had wanted to hear, the apologies that I had wanted to get. Some have been epic and some very small.

But each one was 'written with love and not for money'. ;)

I'm ready for the next 5 years.
1st-Dec-2012 12:11 am (UTC)
Where does time go? When I think of you, I think of B&S, all the heated discussions over at the late B&S TV, the wonderful screencap galery. That site was so cool. I spent so much time there! Although, I suppose engaging in forum talk is harmless compared to what young people do these days. *sigh*

It's crazy how something that can mean so much to you, and be a part of your daily routine can become a faint memory a few years later. I just adored that show, way too much, I'm afraid *blushes*, and although I have the first season DVDs I don't remember watching it even once. (I should hurry, doom's day around the corner!) I realized the other day as I stumbled upon a clip from a season 5 episode that I haven't seen the last episode of the show. They went through so much to have us believe their unbelievable storylines that erasing them in one or two episodes in the end seemed like much ado about nothin'! Like Rebecca, Holly, Ryan and the like!

I should stop before nostalgia kicks in, but really that show will always be special to me.

Thanks for all the stories you wrote. I wish I'd been more like you. You just wrote whatever plot comes to mind to entertain others, instead of keeping them in my mind to share some day.

I have to go! Happy anniversary, Sylviane!
1st-Dec-2012 12:41 pm (UTC)
Awww, thanks. :) Yes, those were good times on the former forum. I'm still sad that the plug got pulled without Austin giving us a chance to save it. :(

Don't get me started on season 5. It did a lot of damage to the show. :)

Well, I hope you will stay in touch. We go back a LONG time. :)

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