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welcome to my fantasies
Oh, gosh, Marea67 is 5 years old today. :)  
30th-Nov-2012 05:04 pm
5 years ago, I posted my first bit of fanfic Telephone. Just a short, 1-page story. And I was terrified that people would tell me to not do something like that again, because it was too awful. :)

5 years later, I've written a few more stories since and I plan to continue to do so. :) The stories have brought me joy and sometimes sadness, because they helped me deal with things that happened to me. Or I could make people say the words that I had wanted to hear, the apologies that I had wanted to get. Some have been epic and some very small.

But each one was 'written with love and not for money'. ;)

I'm ready for the next 5 years.
30th-Nov-2012 10:16 pm (UTC)

And what a ride it's been over the last few years - taking the good with the bad and the support network with managed to developed here.

You are an inspiration. Thanks for all the stories over the years and I do love going back to them and rereading them :)

Btw sorry for not commenting recently; I'm around, RL is distracting, I'll comment on them when life slows down at some point.
30th-Nov-2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
Awww, you're welcome! And don't worry, I know how troublesome "Real Life" can be sometimes. I have the same problem, which is why there's so little new writing from me at the moment. :)
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