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14 steps to happiness - step 14 - History repeating.

With "The 39 steps" I started to watch the episodes again and make some re-cap for the B&S Forum:

Having landed at the the 14th step of the 39 steps I realized that from here on I could write a Kevin/Scotty for every episode. Which is what I plan to do. :-) Same principle as "The 39 steps" . One small scene for every episode.  Never more than 1 page long,

The challenge in this is, that in that way, I can leave the 39 steps to other characters.... and still write about my faves....

Step 14 - 2.03 History repeating

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty’s back
Extra: set after the ‘let’s be friends scene’


His phone rings and for one moment Kevin hopes it’s Jason, but, as usual, it’s not. The display on his mobile shows Scotty’s name with a little heart behind it. It is weird to see it. In some romantic moment, a year ago, Kevin had attached the little heart to Scotty’s name, but through Chad and Jason he never considered taking it away and it’s still there. Which at the same time sounds logical to him, because he never gave up on Scotty. Scotty broke up with him.

“Hi…” he says and for one moment he’s attempted to let it follow with ‘… sweetie.’ The way he used to when they were still together, but he holds his tongue in time. Scotty might not appreciate the reminder.
“Hi…” Scotty’s voice is just as indecisive as his. “How are you?”
“Fine. You?”

Silence. He wants to reach out to Scotty, but doesn’t know what to say, how to start it.
“Kevin…. I was wondering…. Ahm… I have to work tomorrow afternoon, do you want to join me …for lunch…somewhere?”
“I’d love that.” Kevin is breathless. Scotty is taking the first step in his direction. He holds in the ‘I’ll buy’ in order not to offend Scotty.
“… we could discuss what happened at the hearing…” Scotty continues as if a reason for them meeting each other is needed.

And maybe there is, because Scotty now knows he is with Jason and Scotty will probably have someone too even though he didn’t mention it. So his stomach shouldn’t flutter like this at the thought of seeing Scotty. He sees his reflection in the mirror. He shouldn’t be smiling like that over meeting another man, but he does, he can’t stop it.
“The usual place or would you prefer another place…. with less memories?” he asks.
“Why don’t I pick you up at the office and we’ll see..” Scotty replies.
“That would be… fine….” Kevin replies almost shy.

His mind conjures up the memory of Scotty at “North Light Coffee”. The wind in the leaves, the sun in the sky, the light that makes Scotty’s eyes even more blue… But then he shakes his head. He shouldn’t think about that. He has forfeited the right to look at them and have Scotty not look away.

Kevin wants to keep talking, wants to hear Scotty’s voice.
“I have to go… my break is over.” Scotty says softly.
“Oh,… alright then… See you tomorrow.”
“Bye, Kevin.”
“Bye, Scotty.”
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - 14 steps to happiness

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