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Fanfic: Be there for me

Be there for me.

By Marea67
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S, I know!
Summary: Robert just had his heart-attack. Jason arrives at the hospital.


The elevator-doors open and Jason walks up to the information-desk. There’s no one there. Feeling a little lost, he looks around, but all the nurses and other staff-members seem extremely busy and he doesn’t know who to turn to. People walk in and out of rooms, but he doesn’t recognize any of them.

Shouldn’t at least one of the Walkers be here? The thought gives him a shock. It feels weird, that it would somehow comfort him, if one of them were here. He cannot imagine that none of them would be here to stand by Kitty. Why isn’t Nora fussing? Where is Sarah? Justin?.... Kevin?...

A little ache pops up, because he doesn’t want to think about Kevin at all, but he’s aware that the relationship between Robert and Kevin has changed and that, over the course of these last few months, Robert’s respect for Kevin had grown considerably, even if Robert would be the last one to ever show a sign of it.

The elevator-doors open again behind him, but he doesn’t pay attention to them. Leaning against the wall Scotty however notices Jason, who looks a bit lost. He puts his camera in his pocket. He’d like to pretend that Jason is not his problem, but just as the doors are about to close again, he presses the ‘open doors’ button and exits the elevator.

“Jason?” Jason turns around, surprised to hear his name mentioned. “Hi.” Scotty puts his hands in the pockets of his pants, a sign of his nervousness. “You can’t go see Robert now. The doctors are with him. Not even Kitty was allowed to stay. The Walkers are in the cafeteria, having something to eat.”

“But not you?” Jason asks.
“The food is an insult to everything that I learned in school about the art of preparing food.” Scotty answers with an apologetic shrug and his words manage to put a hint of a smile on Jason’s face. A smile that vanishes just as fast.

“So, Robert was really brought in here. Heart-attack.” Jason’s words are soft, because they feel so strange to him. Heart-attack. Robert. Somehow those two words don’t belong together. Jason isn’t a fool. He knows that Robert leads a hectic life, but isn’t Robert supposed to be one of those men who could handle anything that would get thrown their way…?

Jason’s head is still spinning. He may have gained a nephew, but he may lose a brother… No, don’t think about it like that.
“He’s in room 108…” Scotty says. If Scotty had said anything else after that, if probably wouldn’t haven’t reached Jason’s ears or brain. It all becomes too real for him.

Robert is here. Had a heart-attack. Could have died. Could still die. He’s here… Room 108… As in a dream he walks along the doors, dreading reaching the room where his brother is recuperating. The door of room 108 opens and the doctors come out. One of them recognizes Scotty as one of the persons in Robert’s entourage, but not family.

“The family can return to this room if they wish.” The doctor tells Scotty and Scotty nods, turning to Jason.
“This is Jason McCallister, he’s the senator’s brother…?” Scotty introduces. The doctor looks at Jason for a few seconds, who’s still dressed as a minister.

He seems to decide that the man is trustworthy.
“You can’t stay with him long, but a few minutes is allowed…” The doctor grumbles. Jason opens the door to Robert’s room. Scotty makes no effort to join him and, Jason, suddenly feeling terribly lonely, turns in the doorway.

“Will you come with me…? Please.” He asks. Scotty is a bit confused by the request, but he nods and follows Jason into the room, where he sees Robert for the first time himself. Robert is still in a deep sleep. Around him all sorts of machines buzz and beep and Scotty feels a little light-headed suddenly, when he realizes that Kevin has already seen all this.

“He looks so … far away.” Jason says. His rough voice startles Scotty, who doesn’t know what to say. Unsure what to do, he waves at the door and he apologizes for himself saying:
“Maybe I should go and get the Walkers….?” He feels like he should be about the last person in here with his husband’s ex-boyfriend, talking about Robert.

“Can you wait with that? I just don’t want the Walkers in here right now. The thought of everyone talking to me and trying to comfort me, just …” He shivers.
“I get that.” Scotty answers dryly. For a moment Jason looks at him and then he starts to laugh softly.

His laughter makes that Scotty smiles too. Jason becomes serious again. He sits down on the chair next to Robert’s bed. He folds his hands together and starts to pray quietly. Scotty almost holds his breath as if he’s worried that any sound he makes, will take Jason out of his prayer.

Just as Scotty considers leaving quietly, Jason gets up and kisses Robert’s forehead.
“Let’s go.” Jason says, clearly upset. Scotty follows him, not sure what to do. Should he put an arm around Jason and comfort him? Say something standard like ‘I’m sorry about you’re going through’.? Just pretend he doesn’t see the tears? … Run away?

Though the last thought appeals to him most, he decides to try on Jason what he did to Kevin. Once outside the room, Scotty turns to Jason.
“Have you seen your new nephew? Evan?” He asks. Jason shakes his head. “He’s very cute and I’m sure that he would love to see his uncle.”

“I’m not sure if I should… I’m still… not exactly dressed for it…” He looks down and doesn’t notice the little smile on Scotty’s face at hearing the almost same excuse that Kevin had used.
“I’m sure he won’t write a letter of complaint to a local fashion magazine.” Scotty grins and he leads the way to the elevator, back to the 5th floor where Evan is.

“How’s Kevin? I understand he was there when it happened and that he saw everything?”
Scotty is surprised by Jason’s question.
“Oh,… ah… well,… you’re the first one to ask how Kevin is doing… Ahm… I think he’s … surviving… Yes. I think that’s the good word for it.”

“Sounds like Kevin alright…” Jason nods.
“He’s running around comforting Kitty, taking care of Robert’s business, making sure that legally speaking Robert is protected. He hasn’t really eaten properly and I don’t really believe that he’s aware of what exactly happened today….”

“That is Kevin…” Jason replies with a little smile. “But I’m sure that you will catch him? When it finally does hit him?”
“I hope so. I don’t know when that will be.” Scotty says, allowing his worry to come through despite the fact that he doesn’t want to show weakness in front of Jason.

Jason hears it and decides not to press the issue. And he doesn’t have to, because the doors to open and again Scotty takes the lead to show Jason where his nephew is.
“Awww, he’s so gorgeous…” Jason smiles, looking at Evan.
“Yes. He is.” Scotty admits. “Ahm, I’m going to tell the others that they can see Robert.”

Scotty seems a little unsure, so Jason nods.
“I’ll join them in a bit…” He says softly. Scotty turns around to leave Jason. “And Scotty?... Thank you… For being there for me...”
“You’re welcome.” Scotty smiles and he leaves to find the Walkers.


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