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Fanfic: Lazy Friday-night

Lazy Friday-night

By Marea67
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: Set after 2.11 – Kevin books a night in an expensive hotel. Will Scotty find it acceptable?

Happy birthday, yinyang077!!!!


“I’m sorry. Perhaps I should have told you..?” Kevin nervously plays with the keycard in his hand. Scotty stares at room around him. He had realized that ‘a weekend in nice hotel’ would probably mean something different to Kevin than it would to him. To Scotty it would mean a room with a minimum of cockroaches. To Kevin in means…. This..

A bright and fresh room overlooking the beach and the ocean. Warm blue curtains that hide the fading sun. A beautifully made up bed with the silk sheets in the same color of blue as the curtains. A large bathroom with a large whirlpool bath and bathrobes that are soft and warm when touched.

There’s enough room to fit a table and, somewhere inside, he knows that Kevin must have ordered them room-service to have dinner here tonight. He’s speechless. It’s expensive and therefore way over any budget he could have.
“If this makes you feel uncomfortable….?” Kevin starts to negotiate.

Scotty can hear the disappointment in Kevin’s voice. Obviously he’s taking Scotty’s silence as a refusal of his idea. He turns to Kevin and smiles.
“I’m not uncomfortable. I just …. I can’t afford something like this and… I know you can and … I know, I can’t always expect you to live to my budget…” Scotty answers.

“I love this hotel, but if you prefer something less expensive… we can look for that as well… It’s our weekend,n not just mine.…” Kevin stammers, afraid that he has somehow offended Scotty. It’s such a thin line to walk sometimes. Scotty only smiles.
“I love it.” He says, glad to see a happy smile appear on Kevin’s face.


“I think… I could get used to this.” Scotty sighs and he takes a sip from the glass of wine Kevin had offered him earlier. The water around his chest is so comfortably hot and he can’t wait for Kevin to join him.
“I hope you know how to swim?” Kevin teases. The bath is big enough for at least four persons.

He lets the bathrobe, which he had been wearing, slowly slide off his shoulders in a little striptease acts. Scotty licks his lips.
“Don’t worry, I can.” He answers, enjoying the view of the robe falling on the ground and revealing Kevin’s naked body. K

evin is usually not this open, but the wine and the warm room, and the promise of what is to come, has obviously put him in a more frivolous mood and Scotty can’t complain about that. With his first hesitation about the expensive hotel-room gone, he can finally relax. And he plans to enjoy this weekend off.

He can see Kevin shiver at the heat of the water against his colder body and he grins.
“Need me to warm you up?”
“Even more than I’m already heated up?” Kevin asks, looking down at his arousal, already impatiently waiting for Scotty’s touch.

Scotty reaches out, gently letting his finger slide over Kevin’s cock from the tip all the way down. Kevin makes a hissing noise. The hot water is suddenly not a problem anymore. Kevin easily sinks down on Scotty’s body as he wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck and he kisses Scotty’s lips. Scotty moans and he pulls Kevin closer.

His fingers slide down Kevin’s back with so much strength that for a moment they leave red marks which only fade slowly . Kevin arches his back, pushing himself closer against Scotty’s body, almost demanding Scotty to play with him a little more.
“..’s ssso good.” He whispers in Scotty’s ear.

“I know you like that.” Scotty teases and he turns Kevin over, so that Kevin is with his back against the side of the tub. His kisses become more aggressive and he takes control of their love-making. He claims Kevin’s mouth and his hands find their target, bringing both Kevin and himself in an even more aroused state.

“Scotty!” Kevin moans.
“What?” Scotty hums in his ear, his voice vibrating through Kevin’s body, filling him with even more lust.
“Fuck me.” Kevin orders and Scotty’s smile turns victorious.


Scotty looks down on Kevin’s body. There’s something about that moment when Kevin is so close to reaching his peak-moment, it’s the moment when he surrenders his all to Scotty, where he gives himself completely to Scotty, where he fully trusts Scotty and really lets Scotty make all the calls…

In that moment Kevin is the most beautiful man that Scotty has ever seen. Pure lust. Pure desire. Pure sex. It feels amazing to be able to do this to Kevin. To be the one who drives Kevin this crazy. Scotty holds back, wanting to enjoy that moment just a little longer, but Kevin’s disappointed moan makes him change his mind.

He thrusts again. The soft cry, followed by the sudden tight grip on the pillow and the way Kevin’s body tenses underneath him makes Scotty gasp for breath. He tries desperately to control himself, but his next thrust just proves to be one too many. He closes his eyes tightly, surrenders to his own needs and forgets about Kevin for just a moment.


The soft knock makes both them sit up.
“Room-service.” Kevin remembers.
“Good. I’m starving. We just burned quite a lot of calories.”
“I plan to burn more of them tonight.” Kevin promises.

“I was hoping you would say that.” Scotty grins, quickly entering the bathroom and leaving it up to Kevin to answer the door. By the time he returns, there’s a table set for two, candles are burning and the silver-ware shines. The food smells delicious and Scotty is touched when Kevin hands him the single red rose from the table.

“I could definitely get used to this.” Scotty admits shyly, not used to being spoilt like this.
“I hope so, because I plan to steal you away more often and show you all sorts of places you’ve seen before.”
“I would love that…” Scotty says, wrapping his arms around Kevin and kissing him gently.


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