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welcome to my fantasies
Matthew Rhys-tweet 
5th-Nov-2012 03:22 pm
actor matthew rhys
Finally! Glad to know that Matthew is ok after Sandy and it's aftermath. :)

"Apologies for absence, been a strange week. New York slowly getting back on her feet but still so many badly affected. Please donate to Red+"

Source: twitter 
5th-Nov-2012 03:13 pm (UTC)
i didn't even remember he was in nyc, does that make me a bad person???
5th-Nov-2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
Yes, A terrible person... Kidding! ... Of course not. To be honest, it hadn't even occurred to me that Matthew could have been in danger. Not really anyway. I knew he ws in New York, but it's not like I was biting my nails to find out if he was ok. I simply presumed he would be. :)
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