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Fanfic: And baby makes three? - part 5/5

And baby makes three? 5/5

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty and a lot of others
Rate: G for sure, maybe higher. Just read it. ;)
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine and neither are K/S, which is too bad, because I could have had so much fun with them. ;)
Summary: Challenge by yinyang077: "What if Kevin and Scotty in fact could not make the marriage work after the Cheating Saga and got separated! And Kevin is back dating Jason (I don’t believe I just said that)! Scotty Finds out about Daniel? Will Scotty Tell Kevin? Will Kevin fall in love with Scotty again? Take that MAREA67!!!!!” ……

Well, consider it ‘taken’. ;)


“My name is Scotty Wandell. I have an appointment here?” Scotty asks carefully. The maitre d’ shows him to the table in the back and Scotty follows him silently. He’s suddenly very nervous. Though a look in the mirror tells him that he looks good, he can feel the tension rise inside him.

He looks at the handsome man sitting at the table. Maybe this is a mistake? What could they be talking about all night? Scotty feels as if his entire life revolves around baby-bottles, dirty diapers and foodations. It seems to him that if he’s not working, he’s looking after Daniel. If Daniel is with Kevin and he doesn’t have to work, he sleeps.


Kevin puts his papers together. The convention had been more interesting than he had expected and it had given him a few new insights. It had felt good to be around other lawyers and be practical, discuss laws, look for loopholes and how they could affect a case. Speaking to other lawyers could be invigorating .

But now’s he’s hungry and he’s in need of a drink. He checks his watch. Nearly 6 pm. As good a time as any to get a drink. He closes the binder and puts his papers in his brief-case. He calls over the waiter.
“A bourbon, please.” He says with a tired look on his face.


“Hi.” Scotty can’t believe how flustered he sounds.
“It’s good to see you.” Scotty nods at the kind words and he sits down. The waiter hands him the menu and Scotty only orders a glass of water, afraid that the alcohol on his empty stomach will make him sick. He leans back and he tells himself to relax.


Kevin switches off the light of the bathroom, but leaves the door open and he returns to his bed. He had known that he wouldn't be alone for long. He lies down on the bed and he grabs his pillow. The scent of an aftershave, not his own, still lingers there and his smile becomes a content one.

His smile fades quickly however. He still has something to do. He picks up his phone.
“Hi, Justin, how are things with Daniel?”
“He’s just a perfect little baby.” Justin tells him and Kevin smiles. He sure is. Now Kevin can finally relax.


Scotty enters the bathroom and turns on the light. He’s ready to brush his teeth, when the alarm on his watch goes off. A little reminder of something that must be done. It’s only 10 pm and he’s sure that Rebecca is still awake. If not, Justin will pick up her phone.
“Hi, Rebecca. How’s Daniel?” He calls from the bathroom.

“He’s such a lovely little baby. I hope Justin’s and mine will be just as cute.”
“I’m sure that he or she will be. No problems?”
“None whatsoever.” Rebecca confirms. They talk a little longer and then Scotty switches off his phone.

He takes off his watch and freshens himself up. This evening had turned out better than expected. He had laughed more than he had in ages. He’s relaxed for the first time in months. And he's glad that he had decided to not spend another night alone. He smiles at his reflection in the mirror, ready for what is to come.


“So, what did Rebecca have to say?” Kevin asks when Scotty returns from the bathroom.
“Daniel is great and lovely. And Justin?”
“Perfect little baby. We raise him well apparently.” Kevin grins. Scotty wraps his arms around his husband’s neck as he straddles Kevin’s legs.

“I think it’s about time that we tell your family, or at least Justin, the truth.”
“Maybe Justin, but let the rest of them stew a little longer. They created more trouble than they are worth.”
“Yes, your family was starting to drive me crazy. More crazy than usual.”

“No, seriously. We couldn’t have a loud conversation without Saul immediately calling mom to calm me down and take you away from me to make sure we wouldn’t fight any further.”

“Felt like being under a microscope all the time. And I’ve never seen Kitty and Sarah as often as right after we got Daniel back.There seriously wasn’t one day when one of them didn’t come to see us. Not to mention all the unwanted advice they gave us, as if they had all the answers… ”

“And preferably the advice would be contradictory, so that Sarah would tell me one thing and then mom would tell me another and then Kitty would disagree with both of them…” Scotty sighs at Kevin’s words.

“I felt like I was losing my mind. Their constant chaperoning drove me nuts!” He says.
“I apologize once more for my loving but very intrusive family.”
“It was a brilliant idea of yours to get your own apartment, so we could ‘split up’.”

“It had to be done. It wasn’t good to take you away from the restaurant, so it was me who had to leave and create a ‘quiet zone’. But I loved your idea to give everyone the impression that we were dating someone else. I nearly chocked when Saul came to tell me, all flabbergasted, that you had joined a dating site…” Kevin grins.

“Well, I did have all these studs to date, one looking even better than the other. And only on the nights that you would have Daniel… If only they knew that all those good-looking men were just a front so I could see my own beautiful husband.” They both smile and share a kiss.

“Once they realized that we were really through, they suddenly decided to give both of us some space…”
“If only they had given us that space before we split up…” Scotty sighs and Kevin hums in agreement, because his lips as too busy with kissing Scotty’s shoulder.

“Is it me or where you a little nervous tonight?” Kevin asks.
“I was worried. I mean, a date in a different city, just us, no Daniel… It felt weird. Like a first date…”
“Maybe it was a first date. The first of many, I hope.”

“It’s going to be a bit expensive if we have to keep flying up and down to different cities each time we want to date.” Scotty sighs. “I just wish…. You’d come home.”

“I know. Me too. But … I don’t want to go back to the place above the restaurant… It was great for us, when it was just you and me.
But now there’s Daniel to think of too. And .. I’ve been wondering why you couldn’t move in with me?”
“Really? With all our baggage?” Scotty reminds him of the first time Kevin had asked him to move in with him.

“I have an inflatable mattress…” Kevin teases and Scotty laughs out loud..
“Actually, you don’t. It’s still in your mom’s garage.” He informs Kevin.
“Oh, right… Well in that case… perhaps I could be persuaded to let you sleep in my bed…?” Kevin pulls Scotty’s head down for a kiss.

“Because I haven’t slept there before?” Scotty asks between two kisses and they both giggle at their silliness.
“It’s nice to be able to laugh together again.” Kevin says more seriously. Scotty nods.
“I’ve missed you… And I miss us.”

“Me too. Maybe it is time to get back together… I’m sorry it took so long, but it was all so confusing…” Kevin sighs.
“I know. I wasn’t sure if we were getting back together for the right reasons either.” Scotty lies down on his back and Kevin rolls to his side to let his fingers slide over his husband’s chest.

“Our entire world suddenly revolved around Daniel, work and family and it felt like we only got back together for Daniel and, as much as I love Daniel, … and you.. it wouldn’t have been a good enough reason to stay together…” Kevin explains again, but he doesn’t have to, because Scotty knows exactly what he means by this.

“I know, baby. Add to that, that we were unable to argue about something without finding your family on our doorstep, I felt put under such pressure. All I kept hearing was that I had to try. For Daniel. And I started to think ‘what about Kevin and me?’ and I was so happy when you came up with the idea of a time-out.”

“I’m glad we solved it the way we did. It was a good choice to be together separately.” Kevin replies. Another kiss makes that they both fall silent, enjoying each other’s company. Neither of them is in the mood for more. Just being together, uninterrupted, is all that they really want.

“I liked that we were able to fool all of them. I never believed that we would get away with it.” Scotty says.
“Me neither, but after my dramatic performance on how we decided to split up after all, my mom was in tears and mortified over what she and the others had done…” Kevin grins.

“Worse than after that time, when you fled the house, after the operation? When we got this drunken apology from her?” Scotty asks, a smile on his face.
“Hon, I had my inner drama-queen completely charged and ready to go. I watched ‘Steel Magnolias’ just before going over to my mom. I was r-r-r-ready!….”

Scotty roars with laughter, until there are tears on his face and he hiccups:
“Oh, how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.”
“You would have fallen off the wall from the sheer impact of my performance… Even you would have believed that we had broken up.”

“I’m sure I would have.” Scotty laughs and he turns to his side, so he can be face to face with Kevin. “I just miss those Walker-meltdowns….”
“Now you start to sound like Robert…”
“Speaking of Robert… Have you spoken to Jason lately?”

“Yes. I did. And thanks for not crashing my tea-party again..."
"You're welcome. I was out of shell-fish anyway." Scotty shrugs dryly. 
"Jason’s actually going to New York for two weeks.”

“New York? Nice.”
“Do you want to know one of things he plans to do there?”
“Go ahead. Shock me.” Scotty teases.

“He’s going to see that play with Chad Barry.”
“No kidding? … I love Chad, but is it smart to put him on the stage…?”
“It’s a comedy. One way or the other, people leave with a smile on their face…. But Jason is going to see it. Next Monday.”

“Ooooh. Nice.” Scotty wonders where this is going.
“I’ve sent Chad a picture of Jason and now Jason can have a meet and greet with Chad.”
“Chad is interested?”
“Have you actually looked at Jason?” Kevin asks in return.

“He is attractive.” Scotty concedes.
“Yes. But I’d rather be with you.” Kevin answers, and he lets his words be followed by a long, tender kiss. There’s no other sound in the room other than their moans as the kisses get more intimate.

“I love you..” Scotty whispers between to kisses. “And I swear, I’ll never cheat on you again.”
“I’ll always be there for you… You just have to remind me, now and then, that you need me, because,… I usually think you don’t.” Kevin replies shyly.

“I always need you.” Scotty replies with tenderness, his fingers caress Kevin’s face. “I can’t wait to move in with you and be with you permanently, because as much as I know that we needed the break, I’ll be glad if we’ll be a family again…. And can we inform the whole family tomorrow that we’re back together?”

“Why don’t we tell just one person. Who’s the biggest gossip?” Kevin wonders.
“Besides you?” Scotty teases.
“Not funny…” Kevin smiles nonetheless. “Sarah? Kitty? I really want to everyone to go crazy…”

Scotty looks at his list of options and then grins.
“We tell Tommy.”
“Tommy?” The thought hadn’t even occurred to Kevin. It’s perfect. “For him, in Seattle, to know something that the family doesn’t know…?  They'll go nuts. I like it. You’re so wicked, Mister Wandell.”

“And you love it.” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin. “And now that we have a master-plan, can we finally do some fun-things? Such as… Have sex?”
“Anytime…” Kevin answers and he replies to his husband’s kisses, slowly letting himself be pushed over, so Scotty can get on top of him…


“I don’t believe it!” Nora says.
“It’s true, mom. Kevin told me all about it.” Tommy tells her.
“He and Scotty are really back together?”

“Mom, they never even split up. It was just make-belief, so you guys would back off.”
“I’m going to kill Kevin…. No, I’m going to kill both of them… Wait until I tell Saul..” Nora fumes.
“And you still wonder why Kevin did it?” Tommy asks, but Nora has already hung up on him. He grins and dials Kitty’s number.


They are together on Kevin’s bed, in Kevin's appartment.  Their weekend-bags are still on the floor, unpacked. Scotty places his phone next to Kevin’s.

The first one to ring is Kevin’s. It’s Nora. Kevin ignores the call, just as Scotty’s phone starts to buzz.
“Saul. He calls from the restaurant.” Scotty says. He too ignores the call. Again the phone rings. Kevin’s this time. It’s Kitty.
“Only ones left are Sarah and Justin….”

“And there’s Justin…” Scotty holds up Kevin’s phone, which displays Justin’s name.
“And five, four, three, twoooooo… and…Yes! There it is!” Kevin cheers. “Sarah! I think our bingo-card is full.”
"And our price is sweet revenge." Scotty laughs.

They both quickly switch off their phones and grin at each other. Then they focus their attention back on the young child sleeping between them.
“He’s adorable. I could watch Daniel for hours.” Scotty sighs.
“I love you both…” Kevin says and he reaches out, over his son, to pull Scotty closer for a kiss.


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