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Fanfic: And baby makes three? - part 4/5

And baby makes three? 4/5

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty and a lot of others
Rate: G for sure, maybe higher. Just read it. ;)
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine and neither are K/S, which is too bad, because I could have had so much fun with them. ;)
Summary: Challenge by yinyang077: "What if Kevin and Scotty in fact could not make the marriage work after the Cheating Saga and got separated! And Kevin is back dating Jason (I don’t believe I just said that)! Scotty Finds out about Daniel? Will Scotty Tell Kevin? Will Kevin fall in love with Scotty again? Take that MAREA67!!!!!” ……

Well, consider it ‘taken’. ;)


It’s early in the morning when Kevin enters the apartment, that he shares with Jason. His mind is still full with everything that happened the evening before between Scotty and him. He still tries to figure out how it could have escalated so fast. Thinking back he can still feel Scotty's hands on his body. 

It's quiet in the apartment and he assumes that Jason in still asleep, so he quietly enters the kitchen to get something to drink and he is shocked to find Jason sitting there, a large mug of coffee in his right hand.
“We need to talk…” Jason say. He’s too calm.

“We do.” Kevin admits.
“You slept with him, didn’t you?”
“Yes.” The words comes out faster than Kevin had imagined and it feels more like a relief than he had thought possible.

“I see.” Jason winces.
“I don’t know what happened… it just….” Kevin can’t find any words.
“…happened?” Jason offers, slightly more sarcastic than intended.
“I guess…” Kevin answers.

“A bit of a déjà vue, isn’t it? Except… last time I was in Malaysia. I hadn’t called you in weeks. I had given you the feeling that I had abandoned you, forgotten about you,… that my religion was more important than you… I get that…. I could get that…. But this time? I was right here… I was waiting for you to come home…. I’ve been waiting for you all night…. Right here!….”

His hands slams on the table. Jason’s voice trembles a bit and Kevin can’t bear to look at him. It takes all his willpower to look up and confront Jason’s gaze, where he sees so much pain.
“I’m sorry…. I never meant to hurt you, but… who am I kidding? I have no excuse. There is none. I just …”

“You’re still in love with Scotty.” Jason doesn’t even bother to make it sound like a question.
“I… can’t trust him, but…. yeah… I guess I still love him…” Kevin swallows hard. It is painful to him that he has to admit it to Jason, even though Jason already seems to know all about it.

“Well, then I guess you can at least sympathize with the predicament I’m in. How am I supposed to trust you after this?” Jason asks. The question hangs between them, while Kevin stares at his hands. Jason pushes the thermos with coffee towards him and Kevin pours some coffee. The silence is heavy until Kevin sits back and confronts the truth.

“You can’t … Trust me… I’m not done with Scotty… I thought I was, but… I’m not…” He sounds rather defeated, as if he hadn’t expected this outcome himself. Jason shakes his head. He starts to see that Kevin hadn’t seen this coming and it helps him to become less angry with Kevin.

“No. But I knew that, so … I guess, it’s hypocritical of me to be so upset over the fact that you turned out to do exactly what I had expected you to do….” Jason shrugs with a loud sigh. Perhaps it is better that they both face reality here. There’s just no denying the truth, when it so obviously stares them in the face.

“I never set out to hurt you… I really wanted to believe that I could move on with you,… and without Scotty.” Kevin confesses to Jason. Jason nods. He believes Kevin's words, because he too had watned to believe that it was possible, even though he had had his doubts in the past.

“I wanted to believe in the possibility of us, but I guess I had more faith in the inevitability that is you and Scotty. You two are moths to a flame. I never managed to find out which of you was the moth and which was the flame, but it’s a fact that you’re drawn to each other…. Whether you like it or not.”

Jason no longer feels angry. As he speaks the words, that have been on his mind for such a long time, he just knows that he’s right.
“I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” Kevin apologizes. Jason gives him a sad smile.
“I believe you… I know you didn’t want to hurt me. And I'm not putting all the blame on you. I’ve put myself in this situation as well. I … I knew that you weren’t over Scotty…” He shrugs again… “I guess I wanted to believe it too.”

They both take a sip from their coffee, when Kevin suddenly notices the large weekend-bag on the floor. Following Kevin’s stare, Jason looks at the bag as well.
“I’ve called Courtney this morning… I’m flying up to see her and Robert’s kids.. I’ll be gone for a week.”

Jason’s voice is resolute and Kevin feels a knot in his stomach.
“Kev, when I come home, … and want you and your things gone… I’m sure that Nora, Kitty, Sarah, Justin… they would all love to help you… support you… but… I want you gone by the time I get back…”

“I’m sorry… I never meant…” Kevin starts again, but Jason raises his hands lightly.
“No. Don’t. Don’t apologize any more. I’m not angry. Not really… I’m not really upset either…. I’ve spent half the night working through a ton of emotions, but … what I feel most of all is relief.

Relief, because I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. We both tried to make it work. But you were still in love with Scotty and I knew that. We’ve both been living a lie. It’s time to face the truth. Add to that, that I don't think that I will ever be able to trust you again, no matter how many promises you make and…”

"We're breaking up?" Kevin is somehow not even hurt or surprised by this.
"Yes. We are." Jason says firmly.
“I think that’s only fair.” Kevin nods, feeling uncomfortable, because Jason is so calm and considerate with his cheating. “I will be gone by the time you come back.”

“Thank you.” Jason gets up.
“It wasn’t all a lie. You have to know that. I do love you, but …” Kevin stops mid-sentence.

“… not as much as you love Scotty…. I get it… And I love you… but not enough to allow Scotty as a third person in our relationship.” Jason answers.
“Too bad. We would have been one heck of a threesome.” Kevin attempts to joke and Jason can’t help but grin.

“Who knows…? Maybe one day, we’ll consider it, but not now… I have to go… My plane leaves in three hours….” Jason picks up the bag and walks towards the door, where he turns around one last time. “Goodbye…”
“Goodbye.” Kevin whispers and then the door closes behind Jason.


Scotty takes one last look at the sleeping boy, before closing the door of the bedroom and returning to the kitchen. On the table is still the little note that Kevin left him. Waking up in half cold bed, all alone, Scotty had felt confused and he had wondered if last night had even happened.

The little note is the only prove that it did.
Sorry, it should not have happened. I had to go. I have to face Jason. Kevin.” Scotty shakes his head. Not only had he cheated on Kevin, now he had made Kevin cheat on Jason as well.

A part of him knows that Kevin is equally responsible, but he feels like this is more his fault than Kevin’s. He had been the one upset. He had been the one who had needed Kevin… There’s a little knock on his door. Probably one of the Walkers… He sighs. Just what he needs. More noise.

He flings open the door, expecting to see Nora or Sarah, but it’s neither of them.
“Can I come in?” Jason sounds rather normal. Not some raving lunatic, foaming at the mouth over the cheating. Maybe he doesn’t know it yet?

“Sure.” Scotty lets him in, wondering what Jason wants from him.
“I just came here to see… Daniel..” Of course, as Kevin’s boyfriend, it would only be natural that Jason would want to meet Daniel too, though he feels weirded out by the fact that Jason is here alone and not with Kevin.

“He’s asleep right now…” Scotty says hesitantly.
“I promise I won’t wake him up.” Jason is calm, but decisive and Scotty’s walls crumble. If Jason is a part of Kevin's life, then he'll become a part of Daniel's life as well, he assumes.

Jason follows Scotty to the bedroom where Scotty quietly opens the door. He opens the curtains a little bit and Jason can see the little boy in his crib, looking incredibly cute and sweet. So, this is the child. Kevin’s and Scotty’s child. He can see why Kevin would instantly love this boy, but he can also see that he had made the right decision for himself.

He takes a deep breath, smiles, caresses the boy’s face and turns away to leave. Scotty follows him back to the door. While Scotty wonders if he should offer Jason something to drink, Jason suddenly turns to him.
“I know. About last night.” Jason says calmly. Scotty at least has the decency to look a little caught.

“I’m so sorry….” He starts.
“Spare me. I already that song from Kevin. It was a bad song the first time, in Malaysia, and it hasn’t improved since….” Jason stops Scotty sarcastically.

“I never meant…”
“… to hurt me? Perfect. Neither did Kevin, but it happened anyway…. It doesn’t matter, because …. I guess I saw this coming from a mile away…. I just wanted to let you know that Kevin and I broke up…”

Scotty opens his mouth to apologize. It is true that he still loves Kevin, but he would never have hurt Jason on purpose. Jason raises his hands.

“Don't. I don’t care for your apology. I just want you to know that Kevin is still in love you and that ,… I’ve told him that he’s no longer welcome at my place… This means that he will need another place to stay. And maybe … Nora or Sarah should not be his first option…?” Jason offers.

“Me? He doesn’t want me back… I think he still loves me, but I also know that he doesn’t trust me anymore…”
“After what happened last night… I don’t think that Kevin is any position to throw the first stone, so to speak. The two of you may still be married, technically he was supposed to be in a relationship with me..” Jason reminds Scotty. Scotty takes a deep breath. Of course, Jason is right. Kevin is now a cheater too.

"I just wanted you to know,.." Jason continues. ".. That you have a second chance with Kevin. Don't blow it again, because it's the last chance you're going to get.  I love Kevin. Maybe it's not the mad, passionate love you two share, but he's very special to me. It is true that you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

I let Kevin slip between my fingers the first time. But I also believe that you realize how much you have lost, when you lost him..." Jason's words cut right through Scotty and Scotty can only nod.. "He loves you. And I know you love him, so I'm stepping away... But I swear to you right here, right now...

And this is not an empty threat.... If you ever break Kevin's heart again, if you ever hurt him again, I'll make sure that you'll regret for the rest of your life..." And Scotty has no doubt that Jason will keep his promise.  

Scotty lets Kevin in, suddenly realizing that it's weird that Kevin doesn’t use his key to enter, but he supposes that it’s only natural considering how strange their relationship is right now.
“I just heard your last words, on the phone, to Justin…. You’re moving your things? Did you and Jason break up?” Scotty asks, not willing to mention that Jason came to see him.

“It was a … mutual acceptance of facts.” Kevin says, not wishing to be the ‘rejected’ one. Scotty nods.
“Was it because we slept together?”
“Yes… Amongst other things.”

“Do you regret sleeping with me?” Scotty’s voice is very small.
“No. I don’t.” Kevin answers honestly. He can see that Scotty’s hands shake a little and that Scotty has to swallow hard before he can ask:
“Kev? Do you want to come home? Here? With Daniel? ...  And me?”

“Can I?” Kevin asks in return.
“If you want… I’d love that.”
“I can’t promise instant forgiveness. I’m still very confused…” Kevin warns. He’s been through too many shocks these last few days and he hadn’t had time to analyze his feelings.

“And angry? Upset? Disappointed?...” Scotty finishes the sentence. Kevin shakes his head though.
“No. I miss you. And…. I love you… And… I want our family to work. You, Daniel and me. I want this….”
“I want that too.” Scotty whispers.

“Right now I feel amazing, but … two wrongs don't make a right. Regardless of what happened between us last night, I'm still very hurt that you cheated on me. And I'm also angry with myself that I cheated on Jason. The fact that I did to him what you did to me, doesn't make go away.... 

He didn't deserve it to be treated like that. Not by me. Not after everything he had done for me these last few months. He deserved a more loyal and faithful boyfriend."
"I agree. And you deserved a faithful husband...."  Scotty acknowledges.

"I want nothing more than be with you, but I’m not sure if there aren’t still some old resentments?”
“We need to talk. A lot. We … We shut each other out. I made a mistake. But I love you and I want us to be together.” Kevin plays with his coffee-cup.

“I can now see how easy it can be to cheat… What happened last night… should not have happened, but it did…. And I don’t regret it, but it was't right either....”
“But I do regret cheating on you… It was wrong…”

“Exactly. Just because I understand now how easy it is to get lost in emtions, .. .though easy is perhaps not the right word, but … it doesn’t make it right. I made big mistake last night. I hurt Jason. You made a mistake. You hurt me. I made mistakes. I hurt you. You’re right… There's a lot of hurt going around and we have a lot to talk about…”

“Does this mean you’ll come home?” Scotty asks, his voice trembles slightly.
“Yes. But I’ll sleep on the couch for now… I want to take it slowly.”
“Yes. Of course. Whatever you want.” The hopeful smile on Scotty’s face makes Kevin feel light-headed. 

Kevin takes a step forward and so does Scotty, Their kiss is not so passionate, but it holds a promise for more and for the first time in months Scotty dares to dream that maybe Kevin and he can work through this after all and be a family again.…




Rebecca carries one of the dishes to the table and she fills her glass with wine. Her hands slides over her growing belly. Nearly two months pregnant and her relationship with Justin has never been better. Justin sees what she does and he grins. Nora pushes him gently aside to put the wine on the table for Saul.

“So, how come that you two are watching Daniel this weekend?” She asks.
“Kevin had a convention in San Francisco.” Sarah can tell her that.
“And Scotty had to work?” Nora now wants to know. “No babysitter available in all of Los Angeles?”

Justin suspects that she’s a little upset that nor Kevin nor Scotty had asked for her help.
“Scotty isn’t working… He had a date and … he didn’t plan to come home tonight.”
“So, Scotty and his new mystery-man are finally going for it, huh?” Kitty asks.

“Maybe you should tell Jason that Kevin is available again?” Rebecca suggests.
“Jason is still in Washington, helping Courtney. I don’t think that he’s that interested in investing time and attention in Kevin again… Besides, from what I understood from Kevin’s plans, Kevin won’t be alone in San Francisco either. He plans to have fun, go out and … you know…” She waves any thought of her brother with another man away.

“I still think it’s too bad that Kevin and Scotty couldn’t make it after all.” Nora sighs.
“Well, they tried.” Justin points out.
“I think that maybe we have tried too hard to get them back together.” Nora concedes with a sigh.

“You think?!?!?!?!” Justin asks sarcastically. “You, Sarah and Kitty practically moved into their bedroom. It’s no surprise they ended up needing some space.”
“We were enthusiastic.” Kitty defends herself.
“And Daniel is adorable.” Sarah adds.

“Which reminds me, when our baby is born, we’ll stay with my dad in New York for several months.” Rebecca suddenly tells Justin. Justin winks at her.
“You got that right. Not making the same mistake that Kevin and Scotty made.” He jokes.

“Exactly.” Rebecca agrees, not entirely sure if she's joking along and, to be honest, the idea doesn't sound bad to Justin either.  Kevin and Scotty had been inspiration for Justin to give his own relationship with Rebecca another try, and successfully so far, and he's saddened by the fact that his brother's marriage hadn't survived in the end.

“We weren’t that bad. We just tried to help them.” Nora tries to reason.
“Yes, in helping things go from bad to worse until both their lives sucked and Kevin felt he should get his own apartment…” Justin reminds her. Nora feels slightly reprimanded by her son.

Though, truth be said, maybe she had pushed it all too hard in her attempt to keep Kevin and Scotty together.
“I know…” She sighs. “I guess I just wanted it too much… But at least this time they are both sure and certain of their choice.”

“Yes. Kevin said that getting back together for Daniel only would have destroyed them in the long run.” Kitty remembers with a sad face.
“And Scotty said something along the same lines to me.” Justin tells them. They are all quiet for a few seconds.

“Well, there went another Walker-marriage.” Sarah raises her glass. “I need a drink. This is too depressing.,…. Let’s talk about Justin and Rebecca…” She grins with a sly smile at Rebecca, who sticks out her tongue to her sister-in-law. Nora cannot say anything, because Saul enters the room and it’s time to put the dinner on the table.


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