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Fanfic: And baby makes three? - part 3/5

And baby makes three? 3/5

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty and a lot of others
Rate: G for sure, maybe higher. Just read it. ;)
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine and neither are K/S, which is too bad, because I could have had so much fun with them. ;)
Summary: Challenge by yinyang077: "What if Kevin and Scotty in fact could not make the marriage work after the Cheating Saga and got separated! And Kevin is back dating Jason (I don’t believe I just said that)! Scotty Finds out about Daniel? Will Scotty Tell Kevin? Will Kevin fall in love with Scotty again? Take that MAREA67!!!!!” ……

Well, consider it ‘taken’. ;)


“Wow, that’s …. Unbelievable…” Jason says, for lack of a better word. He can feel Kevin nod against his chest.
“I know. Unbelievable.” Kevin answers. “I’m still in shock. I just… I don’t believe it.”
“Did you two never think to seek confirmation of the miscarriage?”

“No. We trusted her. And with everything else that was going on. Robert dying. Holly fighting for her life. Justin wishing to go back to Iraq. Saul turning out to be HIV+…. When she told us that she had lost our baby, it was just …. It never even came to my mind that she could be lying to us…

I would never have believed that she could do this to us…. At least not to Scotty. I mean, I never liked her much, but I believed she loved Scotty. She had a always seemed so sincere in her wish to help us. I never… I would never have believed that she would hurt Scotty so badly… I still don’t believe it… I trusted her… I trusted her with our baby…”

Jason wonders if Kevin knows how much pain and disappointment, over this betrayal, are hidden in those last few words.
“So, what’s next?” Jason wants to know. This morning he had hoped that the official separation between Kevin and Scotty was close, but now, it seems further away than ever.

“I’ve called her. Went all lawyer-mode. If I hadn’t, I would have….” Jason can see Kevin’s fist clench in frustration and it says so much over his anger, his pain and the enormous control that Kevin has on himself. “She confirmed to me what Scotty had told me.” For a moment Kevin is quiet at the memory, but then he laughs sarcastically.

“You know, I told her that I wanted a paternity-test first, to prove that the child is ours… And then she had the audacity to be insulted that I doubted her… She tells us flat out that she fucking lied to us about our child and then she feels I should trust her on her word… How delusional is that?”

Jason doesn’t answer. He’s worried about the ‘us’ and ‘ours’ that he hears in Kevin’s voice, because the child is not his, but Scotty’s and the ‘us’ is therefore not about Kevin and him, but about Kevin and Scotty and it makes him feel uncomfortable. He knows that Kevin wanted this child, but the child had not been Jason’s choice.

He could handle Scotty as a (nearly) closed chapter of Kevin’s life, but he’s not sure if he’s really ready to throw his entire life upside down, because Michelle decided to come back with a baby in tow. This child would be the link that would make Scotty a permanent person in his life.

Jason is smart enough to realize that, if the baby is Kevin’s and Scotty’s, Kevin will not let the baby leave his life again. And that means that the child will have to become a part of Jason’s life too. He tries to control the rising panic and he kisses Kevin’s head.
“I suggest we get some sleep. The next days will ask a lot from us.” He suggests.




Scotty cleans the top of the bar and puts the coasters back in place. There was a time when little jobs like this would help him focus on the night ahead. They had become part of a ritual that would help him to relax and get his mind ready for the different dishes that had to be prepared….

But today the little jobs seem to annoy him. Nothing flows as it should. He had dropped the flowers, broken a glass and knocked over the tray containing all the cutlery for the restaurant, which meant he had to put all the forks, knives and spoons back in place, which took time that he hadn’t intended on spending on it.

He nearly jumps when his phone starts buzzing. It’s the hospital…
“Yes? Yes, I'm Scotty Wandell… That’s right… So, the result of the test is…? There’s no doubt? .. I see… Thank you very much.” He sits down on one of the stools and starts to text. “Result in. He’s mine. S.”


“What are you going to do now?” Even hearing Jason ask the question on the other side of the line, makes Kevin nervous. He has no idea. When the silence gets too overwhelming, Jason adds. “Do you have any plans whatsoever? Did you and Scotty talk about that?”

“No. We didn’t. I think that, for both of us, it was too unreal. I … I hadn’t expected this outcome, I think.... I mean, this is definitive. She lied to us. She stole our child… However ‘noble’ her ideas may have been to herself, …. It doesn’t alter the fact that she robbed us of precious time with our child. Something we’ll never get back.”

“Ahm, Kev, I hate to burst your bubble, what makes you think that the outcome would have been different, if you would have had this child? What makes you thing that you would have had that ‘precious time’ with this child? Scotty could have sued for sole custody of the child, with you in such a depressed state.”

“No. He wouldn't have. Because I wouldn’t have lost myself. I would have been there for Scotty. He wouldn’t have cheated on me.”
“But maybe there would have been something else that would have led Scotty into the arms of the unknown waiter. You still could have screwed it up.” Jason points out.

The silence that follows is deadly and Jason knows it.
“Wow.” Kevin replies quietly. “That is… I don’t know… rude?”

“Really? You seem to foolishly believe that this boy was the answer to all your troubles, but he isn’t. He’s just a baby. The fact that she kept him is not the only reason you were depressed and you being depressed wasn’t the only reason why Scotty slept with someone else. There was far more going on and it’s unfair to burden that baby with the responsibility for your happiness.”

Again there’s a long silence and then Kevin slowly answers:
“I think I see what you mean.”
“Do you?”
“Yes.” Kevin answers. Jason doesn’t believe him.


“Michelle, you don’t have a choice. You made a mistake. You have to correct it. You have to give the baby back to his father…” Michelle looks at her mother, Yvonne.
“How you ask this of me? This is your grandchild…” She protests softly.
“No… He’s not.” Yvonne answers with pain in her eyes.

“I gave birth to him.”
“I read the contract, Michelle. You made a deal. You got a lot of money to carry this child, but you are not the biological mother. Daniel is not yours. If he "belongs" to anyone, it’s Scotty. Scotty is his father and he has the right to have his child.”

“I love Daniel. I don’t want to give him up.” Michelle cries.
“You shouldn’t have kept him in the first place. You should have told your father the truth, rather than lie to Scotty.” Yvonne’s voice is rather harsh. “You are aware of the damage you’ve done, aren’t you?”

Michelle looks at Yvonne, aware that she’s using a powerful weapon. Michelle feels terribly guilty over the fact that Kevin and Scotty broke up. She was never close to Kevin, she had always felt that he was looking down on her, but she never disliked Kevin either. He was smarter than her and that had made her nervous.

But Scotty had been in 7th heaven over his marriage to Kevin and Michelle had wanted Scotty’s happiness. It had been the reason to want to help Scotty and Kevin. Well, that and the fact that Kevin and Scotty had paid an astounding amount of money… Money she had spend and that she couldn’t pay back.

“And what if Scotty’s husband will sue you for what you did?" Yvonne goes on. "I googled him. He’s a shark if he has to be and he’s going to destroy you. You’ve never lead a model life. You’ve made so many mistake. Drugs, alcohol. If this Kevin digs into your past, he will destroy your future too. … And for a good reason….” Yvonne points out to her daughter.

Michelle turns around and looks at Daniel, sweetly asleep in his stroller.
“You know that I’m right.” Yvonne says, with tears in her eyes. “I love Daniel too, I swear, and this is so hard…. but … Michelle, you did the wrong thing and you have to correct your mistake. He’s Scotty’s baby and you have to give him back….”


The dinner is uncomfortable. Jason is aware that he’s just not as good a cook as Scotty is. It’s not that Kevin is complaining, but it’s clear by the way that he plays with his food that his mind is not exactly on the meal that Jason had made for them. They are both startled when Kevin’s phone starts to buzz.

Kevin checks the display and he frowns. For months they had barely be in touch and now several times a day?
“Hi, Scotty…. What? .. When? … Calm down! … Scots! I said ‘calm down’. I’ll take care of it….”

Jason looks at Kevin, who seems to no longer register Jason’s existence. Jason slowly puts down his fork, while Kevin gets up and marches to pick up the other phone and he lets thumbs slide over the numbers. He doesn’t even watch the number he’s dialing, which signals to Jason that it must be family.

“Scotty, sweetie, just breathe. Calm down. It will alright. I’ll take care of things… Scotty? Scotty? … Sweetheart, relax… I’ll deal with it…. I promise…. I’m on my way…” He turns to Jason and gives him an apologetic glance. “I need to go to Café 429. Scotty needs me…”
“Oh, please, by all means, don’t let your sweetheart wait.” Jason answers sarcastically.

At least Kevin has the decency to blush when he realizes that the words ‘sweetie’ and ‘sweetheart’ had so easily slipped into his soothing of Scotty and, that he had used those words in front of his current boyfriend.
“I’m sorry…” He stammers.

Jason rolls his eyes, but holds up his hands to show that he will not get into this any further.
“Forget it. I’m perhaps more touchy on the subject than I had realized…” Jason tries to defuse the situation.

“I’m so sorry, it’s just…. Scotty was freaking out.. Apparently, Michelle just dropped the baby off at Café 429.” Kevin is clearly surprised and Jason can see how this would be a problem to Scotty. Kevin continues: “The restaurant is half-full, the peak will be in half an hour and Scotty is stuck with a baby on his arm.”

“What are your going to do?” Jason asks.
“Rally the troupes.” Kevin answers and he shows his phone. “I have to go…” Without another word he simply leaves the apartment.
“Wow, not even a kiss goodbye?” Jason asks out loud, but the wall doesn’t answer his question.


After the various shocks of the last few days Scotty can hardly imagine that anything could surprised him anymore, until Saul rushes in to the kitchen, with Angie, the assistant-head-chef right behind him.
“Go upstairs and open the door.” Saul tells Scotty. “Then get back here to tell Angie what to do.”

With Daniel still in his arms, Scotty runs upstairs to find Nora and Justin in front of his door.
“Luckily I still had Evan’s folding crib in my garage. Here, give me the baby and go downstairs.” Nora easily takes over Daniel and, still flabbergasted, Scotty returns to the kitchen.

If he had expected to give Angie the orders, it turns out to be the other way around. She asks him which recipes she needs to make and then orders him, with backup from Saul, to return to his apartment. A little overwhelmed Scotty returns to his place where he finds that his house has been taken over.

Nora is giving Daniel his bottle, while Justin wrestles with the fold-up bed to make it ready for Daniel to sleep in. The doorbell rings and Scotty opens to let Kitty in.
“I quickly checked the garage and here’s what I still had there of Evan’s. Here are the baby-clothes, they may need a quick wash, because they’ve been in the garage for a while now.”

“I’ll take care of that.” Nora says and she orders Justin to bring Kitty’s bags to her own car, to not burden Scotty even further. As Justin leaves Sarah enters.
“Here’s the formula you asked for, mom. My neighbor could give me some, enough for tonight anyway, so Scotty can relax a bit.”

Only then does she see Scotty, looking a little lost in his own house. She grins at him.
“First, tell me what happened.” She wants to know from Scotty and Scotty opens his mouth to give her more details, when the doorbell rings again.
“That must be Justin.” Kitty jumps up to open the door.

Justin enters with Kevin right behind him. Scotty feels a mixture of relief and confusion. He had called Kevin for help and he’s glad that Kevin came straight to his rescue, but at the same time, Scotty feels like he should have been able to cope with all of this alone. And of course, he knows he can’t. Kevin is just as much Daniel’s father as Scotty is.

Scotty watches how Daniel is handed over Kitty. The child looks a little lost amongst all these strangers and Scotty can see how Kevin longs to hold the boy, but just stands there, seemingly unable to take action. Scotty sighs. It is all so confusing on both of them and he’s glad to realize that Kevin feels as out of place as he does.

Justin looks up, wanting to ask for a screwdriver, when he notices the looks on the faces of Kevin and Scotty. Nora, Kitty and Sarah fuss over the child and Kevin and Scotty are completely ignored. He straightens his back and walks over to Kitty. Without much ceremony, but with a lot of tenderness towards Daniel, he takes the child from Kitty’s arms.

“Kevin hasn’t even had a chance to hold his child yet.” Justin says grumpily, annoyed by how his mother and sisters claim Daniel, while Kevin, who had waited too long to finally be able to hold his baby, can’t even get close. He gently places the baby in the arms of the not-quite-so-prepared Kevin.

Scotty watches, with tears in his eyes, how Kevin’s face softens. The smile he gives little Daniel says more than a thousand words ever could. Kevin is already in love with their son and it overwhelms Scotty. He had sincerely forgotten how much Kevin was able to love and how tender he could be.

There’s an ache inside him. He longs to be back with Kevin. Suddenly the longing for Kevin becomes unbearable and he turns away. He feels a hand on his back. It’s Justin.
“This could be a new start…” He says, but Scotty shakes his head.
“I screwed everything up.”

“You now have his attention and you have his son. He’s open to talking to you again…”
“Getting back together for our son would be the wrong reason. It wouldn’t solve anything.”
“I agree. Let your son be the foot in the door. Kevin still loves you. And you love him, right?”

“You know I do.”
“Then fight! Start fighting now that you have someone to find for!” Justin encourages. Scotty looks from Justin to Kevin. His husband holds his son, while his mother and sisters all coo around him, and suddenly Scotty know that he wants his family back.


“So, all she said was that she was very sorry and then she dumped the child at the restaurant?” This must be the 6th or 7th time that Kevin asks this question.
“Yes.” Scotty replies. “It’s why I completely freaked out. One moment I’m talking to one of the patrons, then next I’m holding a baby in my arms.

It wasn’t that busy in the restaurant yet, but I hadn’t exactly counted on suddenly holding our son either. She just left me the baby and some clothes in a bag . I … I guess I lost it… I was being foolish.”
“No, you weren’t. I would have been… unpleasantly surprised… as well.” Kevin sweetly answers.

They both laugh softly, a moment of détente between them. They are cleaning up the mess that the Walker-invasion had left and though they talk lightly about either Daniel or unimportant subjects like the weather, there’s a tension between them that neither can deny.

“I’m glad with all the help, but…. I’m also glad your family is gone, so I can finally start to digest everything that happened tonight.”
“Yeah, sorry about the invasion, but when you called. … I didn’t know what else to do…” Kevin says apologetically.

“No. No. No criticism here. I panicked and I should have realized that by calling you, I’d get the whole family too, but … I’m glad they came to our help. I really am. I had almost nothing and now Daniel can sleep, eat, play. We have diapers and clothes and toys and food. They are amazing. They really are.” Scotty says guiltily.

He suddenly realizes that he must come across as ungrateful, which he isn’t. It’s just that he’s so overwhelmed by the sudden house full of people, his husband back in his house, the fact that they have a child… A child! … A baby, who’s now asleep in his bedroom… It’s too much to take in.

“Hey, baby, breathe!” Kevin says softly and Scotty smiles reluctantly.
“I still don’t believe it.”
“Makes two of us. I just want to have another look at him before I leave…” Kevin’s voice is filled with eagerness and Scotty smiles and nods.

He watches Kevin leave for the bedroom, where Daniel sleeps so sweetly, on his back, with his thumb stuck in his mouth. It hurts to see Kevin so close and to know he’s out of his reach. He longs to feel Kevin’s arms around him, for his lips to whisper in his ear that all will be alright.

Scotty follows Kevin to the bedroom and he leans in the doorway. He doesn’t want to come between Kevin and their son. From a distance he watches how Kevin gives so much tenderness to the little child that sleeps so safely in his make-shift bed and Scotty cannot help but feel a bit of envy.

He sees how Kevin melts at the sight of seeing his son in so much peace. His finger caresses his son’s cheek and Daniel’s lips move and make a little sound, that makes Kevin smile. It’s an incredible feeling to stand there and watch this little baby and his beautiful father…

The longing to wrap his arms around Kevin becomes unbearable and he turns around to flee to his kitchen. There he puts the coffee and tea-cups in the sink. He could use the dishwasher, but he needs to get his hands working, in the hope that it will stop his brains from working.

And it works until he notices that the glass that Kitty had used to drink her wine, still has lipstick marks on it. He grabs the glass, but it slips from his soaped up hands and with a loud crash it falls on the floor, breaking into a million bits. And with the shattering of the glass, something gets unleashed in Scotty as well.

It is as if suddenly all his defenses crumble, he sinks down on the floor, overwhelmed by the sudden emotions of the last few days. Shock, surprise, hope, despair, happiness, sadness all melt into one gigantic flow of tears that seems unstoppable. Not even the fact that Kevin’s arms are suddenly around him can make his stop.

“Easy, honey, it’s going to be okay. We can do this…” Kevin whispers in his ear and Scotty sobs even louder, because ‘we’ no longer exists and he hadn’t been able to accept how much he missed the ‘we’ until tonight. Yet he holds on to Kevin, his last straw to clutch onto before drowning in a deep pool of misery.

Kevin holds him tight. He gently kisses his hair and then his eyes. Scotty’s tears taste salty on his lips and he kisses even more tears away… Scotty is momentarily shocked by the expression of tenderness, as Kevin kisses his cheeks, his nose,… Scotty trembles in Kevin’s arms.

Kevin is too close to him. It’s all too intimate. They are going too far… The combination of Kevin’s sweat and aftershave intoxicates him and Scotty keeps his eyes closed tightly, afraid that anything could trigger Kevin into pushing him away again. Kevin caresses Scotty’s face. His large hand easily turns Scotty’s face to his own.

If the thumb that slide over Scotty’s lips was supposed to have been a barrier between their mouths, it fails, because the thumb slides down, parting Scotty’s lips and Kevin’s mouth covers his husband’s mouth. With a little jerky movement Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and pushes himself closer.

Kevin slowly gets up, taking Scotty with him. They continue to kiss, unable to let go of each other. With one strong sweep of Kevin’s arm Scotty gets pressed against his warm body and Scotty’s long fingers grab into Kevin’s curls to push Kevin into making the kiss even more warm and intimate.

Pressed between the table and Kevin’s body, Scotty can only beg for more by the soft moans he makes and Kevin’s hands curve around Scotty’s ass, pushing him closer against him and making him understand that he’s not quite unaffected by Scotty’s kisses either. They half tumble, half walk to their bedroom where their bed waits for them.

Daniel doesn’t wake up when the door opens and the two men end up on the bed. Kevin brushes up Scotty’s t-shirt and his fingertips slide over Scotty’s skin. Scotty moans and pushes his body against Kevin’s. He’s not into playing tonight, he only grabs Kevin by the wrist and pushes Kevin’s hand between his legs.

Kevin can feel how aroused Scotty is and it turns him on even more. He forgets Jason, he forgets their problems, he forgets everything and everyone. All that matters is the man in his arms, the man he never stopped loving. His hands slide over Scotty’s strong arms, along his neck to cup his face and the kiss he gives Scotty is very forceful.

Scotty replies to the kiss with equal need and he doesn’t let the fact that Kevin’s shirt needs to be taken off, or the fact that his own t-shirt is on its way to the floor, stop him from surrendering himself completely to Kevin. His legs spread, Kevin is between them and the way he moves his lower body against Scotty leaves nothing to the imagination.

Kevin’s hands slide down over Scotty’s body, taking the last clothes down with him. Over Scotty’s knees, until the jeans and underwear end up on the floor next the bed, making that Scotty is now naked under Kevin. Kevin stops for second, but not to consider the fact that someone is waiting for him at home.

He can only stare at Scotty’s body and remember just how beautiful he always had been. His hunger isn’t satisfied and his fingertips slide over Scotty’s aroused member. A slight hesitation in the caress, makes Scotty open his eyes. He can see a little bit of doubt in Kevin’s eyes and for a moment he fears that this is the end of their sudden love-making.

It takes him a few seconds to realize that Kevin had taken something out of their drawer during their kissing. Scotty knows the implication, but can’t believe it, until Kevin bows his head and lets his tongue slide along Scotty’s cock as if it’s the first time he’s seeing it.
“Oh!” It’s a yelp of shock that leaves Scotty’s lips.

For months he hadn’t been with anyone. He had even been able to think about sex.. and now suddenly there was Kevin’s mouth on him. Familiar, delicious and able to drive Scotty crazy. As Kevin starts to suck, Scotty’s fingers end up his hair, encouraging him not to stop. Whatever else, don’t stop!

Scotty feels his legs being spread further, so Kevin’s finger can enter him and Scotty nearly cries with how good it feels. Kevin is careful. He still remembers how to please Scotty and Scotty moves underneath him responding to Kevin’s preparations like he has never done before.

From between his eye-lashes he can see how Kevin changes position. Scotty holds his breath. He hardly dares to make a sound. Kevin carefully comes inside of him and Scotty bites his lips. He doesn’t try to stop the tears that start to flow, so Kevin brushes them away and he lets his gentle touch be followed by the first thrust.

The moan that leaves Scotty’s lips is a tortured one. All the months of loneliness come out. All his love for Kevin, his regret for having cheated, his desire to be making love with Kevin… all the emotions ball into one massive wave of desperate desire to be with Kevin, even if it’s only for one last night.

He meets Kevin’s thrusts with equal lust. He’s out of breath, his chest tightens. It all just feels too good, too familiar, too perfect… He knows somewhere deep inside that he will most likely end up paying a high price for his need to be with Kevin, but he no longer cares.

Kevin is deep inside him and Scotty's  hand slides between his legs, knowing that he has to find satisfaction, or he won't survive. He comes all over his hand and his body tightening causes a chain-reaction is Kevin as well.

They fall back on the bed, out of breath, desperately kissing each other. Both realize that something is incredibly wrong, but it just feels too good to stop and think. The release of the tension is so brutal, so radical, that Scotty becomes all upset again. Kevin kisses him, whispers to him that it will be alright, as he lies even closer to Scotty.

Slowly Scotty calms down. Tiredly he spoons up with Kevin. Their bodies are a tangle of legs and arms and with Kevin’s arms tightly around him and Kevin’s chest pressed against his back, Scotty can finally find the peace he had been searching for. He closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep. Kevin can’t stay awake for long either.

And as if their son knows that his fathers are in a difficult place, he sleeps all through the night. Though it could also be that he was just tired of his first meeting with the Walkers.


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