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Fanfic: And baby makes three? - part 2/5

And baby makes three? 2/5

By Marea67
Kevin/Scotty and a lot of others
Rate: G for sure, maybe higher. Just read it. ;)
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine and neither are K/S, which is too bad, because I could have had so much fun with them. ;)
Summary: Challenge by yinyang077: "What if Kevin and Scotty in fact could not make the marriage work after the Cheating Saga and got separated! And Kevin is back dating Jason (I don’t believe I just said that)! Scotty Finds out about Daniel? Will Scotty Tell Kevin? Will Kevin fall in love with Scotty again? Take that MAREA67!!!!!” ……

Well, consider it ‘taken’. ;)


End of part 1: The doorbell rings signaling that someone has come in and Scotty gets up to see what his new customer wants, but he stops with a shock when he realizes that he recognizes the woman who just entered ‘Café 429’.
“Michelle?” He asks.


“Hey, Scotty, it’s been a while…” Michelle smiles nervously and Scotty wraps his arms around her to give her a tight hug. Her answer is lukewarm at best.
“It’s so good to see you again. Are you okay? You just vanished after … well, you know…”
“.. after my phone-call that I had a miscarriage? I know.”

“It’s great to see you back… You remember Jordan, right?”
“Yes…. I hate to be rude, Jordan, but I want to speak to Kevin and Scotty alone, please.”
“That will be tough, to get the two of them in the same room, but good luck trying.” Jordan jokes.

Michelle gives Scotty a non-understanding look and Scotty tells her.
“Kevin and I broke up.”
“After the baby died…”

“What have I done…?” Michelle’s sigh is filled with horror and sadness.
“It wasn’t your fault. It just happened…. You lost the baby and that was sad enough on its own, but for Kevin it was too much… It was just one disaster after another.

The accident, Robert's death, Justin wishing to go to Iraq, the near distruction of Justin's marriage, Saul HIV+, Kitty as a widow, Sarah's relationship on the rocks. It just never ended. He … He got very depressed, started drinking too much, while I threw myself in my work…

The night that this place opened, Kevin couldn’t deal with being here and he didn’t show up… And I got so mad that I…. I got drunk and had sex with one of the waiters….” Scotty reluctantly confesses to make sure that he does not lay all blame on Kevin.
“Oh, no! No! What have I done?” Michelle backs away to the door. She’s as white as a sheet.

“Michelle, it wasn’t your fault…” Scotty tries to tell her, but Michelle grips the hold of the door and literally runs out the door, as if Scotty might hurt her if she stays.
“What was that all about?” Jordan asks.
“I have no idea…” Scotty answers flabbergasted.


“Are you sure you want to go the office?” Jason asks. Kevin nods with a little humming sound.
“Yes. I have to. Stack of paperwork…You know how I am… I want it done. I’m so grateful that Carter, Wright and Dupree took me back…”

“I think that Mr Carter really did the best he could to get you back on board.” Jason admits generously.
“I think so too, which is why I don’t want to put the faith, he has put in me, to shame…”
“Alright… I have to work as well, so I’ll see you later tonight…”

Kevin kisses Jason. Jason watches him leave and he sighs. Jason loves his relationship with Kevin. All is better than the first time. They’re both older and wiser.. And with more baggage. Robert’s death and Scotty’s cheating had brought them back together, something Jason is more than grateful for.

He hopes that Kevin and Scotty will soon finalize their separation, so that Scotty will be permanently out of Kevin’s life. Only then will Jason really believe that he and Kevin have a chance with their relationship. Until then, Jason feels an certain unrest each time that Kevin leaves the house.

It’s not like anyone has said or done anything out loud or clear and visible, but Jason can feel the resistance that the Walkers put up against him. He feels that most of them are in favor of Scotty as a member to the family and not Jason. They all know that it’s not his fault that Kevin and Scotty broke up, but he feels being held responsible nonetheless.

He sighs and pours another coffee, when suddenly he hears the phone ring. He stays where he is, not in the mood to talk to someone right now.
“This is the answering-machine of Jason McCallister and Kevin Walker… leave a message after the beep.”

“Kev? Do you think you could give me a call? I … ahm...  Michelle was here a little while ago… She acted weirdly and … I don’t know… Maybe...” Scotty’s voice is reluctant.
“Hi, Scotty, it’s Jason. Kevin isn’t in.” Jason tries to make his voice sound as neutral as possible. Scotty is just someone that belongs in Kevin’s life. He has to accept it.

“Oh. Ahm, thanks Jason… Can I call him there?”
“I’m not sure, if he’ll take your call. He said he had a lot of paperwork to do and … you know what that means.”
“I know.” Scotty agrees. “I’m sorry to have disturbed you…” Politeness kicks in.

“’s Alright.” Jason can do ‘politeness’ as well. “Was your friend very upset?”
“Yes.” Scotty answers more reluctantly. “I thought that maybe that if Kevin and I would talk to her together, that she would see that she’s not responsible for our break up and that neither of us is angry with her….” Scotty’s voice trails off. “I don’t know what I thought… Never mind. I’ll deal with her.

Thank for listening… Don’t tell Kevin, that I called… In hind-side, there was nothing he could have done to help Michelle. She never liked him much anyway and she probably won’t believe him, no more than she believes me… I’m sorry I called.” There’s a click and the line is dead.

Jason plays with his phone for a few minutes, wondering what to do. He calls Kevin’s cell-phone.
“Hey, Jason. Calling me to give me some relieve in my boredom?” He sounds cheerful and Jason sighs.
“I wish this was a sexier call. No… I … I just spoke to Scotty … on the phone.”

Silence. Dead silence. Jason wonders what Kevin is doing, thinking, feeling….
“He called? Why?”
“Michelle is back in LA and …. I think something happened that made Scotty worried about her…”

“Why? What happened?”
“All he said was that she acted weirdly…. And that he’s concerned… So… If he calls you, maybe you should not switch immediately to ‘ignore’. He… might… need to talk to you.” Jason closes his eyes, not able to believe that he’s actually asking Kevin to talk to Scotty.

“I’m sorry for Michelle. And for Scotty… but it’s not my problem. Neither of them.”
“Alright. Whatever you wish.” Jason answers as if talking to a little child. He waits about 10 seconds and then asks: “You will take his call, if he calls you, right?”
“Yeah. Probably.” Kevin answers annoyed that he has to admit that he can’t resist taking Scotty’s call.


“Thank you. For coming here.” Michelle says softly. Scotty nods, He feels weird. He hasn’t been at the Northern Light Café in quite a while and it surprises him to see that the place hasn’t changed much. Also he’s surprised that Michelle would have picked this table in the middle of the restaurant rather than something more private.

“What’s going on?” He asks. “You act like you’re scared of me.”
“You’re going to kill me.” She whispers and Scotty gives her a look of disbelief.
“What are you smoking or drinking or swallowing? Why would I kill you? You’re one of my best friends.”

“No, I’m not.”
“Yes, you are.”
“No… Not by the time I’m done telling you what happened.”
“Michelle, you had a miscarriage. These things happen.”

“I ruined you and Kevin.”
“No. We were quite capable of doing that all by our sweet selves.” Scotty answers.
“If I would have just given you guys the baby…” She sighs and Scotty’s smile disappears.

“But you couldn’t. The child is dead. I’m sorry. It must have hurt you as much as it hurt us, but we all need to move on….”
“You don’t understand! …. The baby!! … He didn’t die.” She suddenly blurts out. She's in tears and she covers her face. “He didn’t die... I lied! I lied! Oh, God, I lied.”

She’s completely in tears now and Scotty feels uncomfortable. Not just because of Michelle’s outburst, but also because people are starting to stare at them and Scotty doesn’t know what to do or say. What does she mean by the admission that she lied? About what had she lied? What could there be to lie about?

Michelle slowly stops crying and hides her nose in a handkerchief while Scotty, patiently and concerned, waits for an explanation.
“I’m sorry, Scotty, … I rehearsed it so many times, in my head, but I don’t know how tell you…”
“Tell me what?”

“The baby. I didn’t lose it. I had a son. A beautiful little boy, we named him Daniel… After my dad….” She sobs and Scotty feels as if he just got hit by a freight-train. He tries to understand what Michelle jus told him, but he fails. He tries again. The baby is not dead apparently? She lied?

“I don’t believe you.” Scotty says slowly.
“It’s the truth… I had the baby… Carried it full term… He was born two days late…” She trembles, tries to look Scotty in the eyes, but she can’t.
“You… You must be confused…. You lost our child. Our child is gone.” Scotty points out, unable to accept her words.

“No. That’s what I’m trying to explain…. When I called that I had a miscarriage, I lied…”
“Why? Why would you lie about something like that?”
“I thought I could fix things later. I hadn’t expected it to last this long. I had thought that it would be over before Daniel was born….”

She wrings her hands and looks up at Scotty as if she expects that this explanation is all that Scotty should need to understand, but one glance at Scotty tells her that nothing registers with Scotty. He’s just too dumbfounded.
“You.. had.. a son…? Our son…? Kevin’s and mine…? You lied about the miscarriage…?”

Scotty seems unable to believe his ears or to understand that his words are the correct interpretation of what Michelle just told him. Michelle nods dumbly.
“You lied? About our baby?... Kevin and I had a son…. And he’s alive? … You lied?”
“Yes.” Michelle whispers.


“Lisa, I said ‘no interruptions’.” Kevin says rather annoyed about the buzzing sound that took him out of a difficult description in a statement.
“I’m sorry, but your husband is here.” Lisa replies. Kevin’s eyes narrow. Lisa knows better. She would not refer to Jason as his ‘husband’.

The only man allowed to carry that title would be Scotty, but Scotty showing up here would be just as unlikely as Lisa referring to Jason as Kevin’s ‘husband’.
“You mean Scotty?” Kevin asks therefore.
“Is there another husband I’m unaware of?” Lisa answers in return and Kevin has to smile.

“No. Sorry. You’re right. Send him in.” Automatically Kevin straightens his tie, shirt and jacket, as if Scotty has never seen him in anything else than a suit. He opens the door for Scotty and one look at Scotty’s grey face tells him that something is terribly wrong. “Get us coffee! Strong! Hold all calls!”

Lisa nods with a serious face, obviously recognizing the severity of the situation. She quickly brings the coffee and quietly closes the door behind her to leave Kevin and Scotty alone and give them privacy. Scotty’s fingers shake so much that Kevin has to add the sugar to the coffee.

Kevin doesn’t talk. He doesn’t ask anything, but simply waits for Scotty to calm down a bit and he watches how Scotty holds the coffee-cup as if it’s his life-line and Kevin can see that it actually is Scotty’s lifeline. After a few sips something seems to finally hit home and Scotty suddenly breathes heavily as if he’s been holding his breath for a long time.

Kevin jumps up and he’s beside Scotty in a second.
“What happened?” He asks, now that Scotty seems to be off automatic pilot. Scotty looks at him and it seems to Kevin that Scotty hadn’t even realized where he was or how he got here in the first place.

“Kevin? … Kev. She lied to us.”
“About what?”

“Our baby? The one she said she lost... She didn’t lose him.” Kevin stares at Scotty. He can’t smell any alcohol, so he assumes that Scotty isn’t drunk. The blue eyes are bright and filled with tears, but Kevin has seen Justin under drugs too many times to not recognize the signs, so he knows that Scotty isn’t under the influence of some drugs.

“She lied?” He repeats, needing to hear confirmation. “About our child? She didn’t lose him? What happened? What could have happened? She….?” He can’t finish his sentence, because he cannot fathom how he could end it. The only things that comes to his mind is that... she had the baby after all? That is too ridiculous for words! No one in their right mind would do such a thing…

“We have a son.” Scotty tells Kevin point blank. Kevin looks as dumbfounded as Scotty had earlier. Then he slowly gets up and sits behind his desk. Scotty watches how Kevin’s long fingers run through his hair and over his face. Eventually his elbows rest on the desk and he puts his fingertips together and takes a deep breath.

“What happened?” He asks, and though he seems outwardly very calm, Scotty knows that internally a volcano is close to erupting.
“I… I only know what she just told me… I’m still… trying to figure it all out myself…. I just… I didn’t know where else to go… who to turn to… I’m … speechless?”

Kevin can hear Scotty’s voice tremble and he seems so lost and confused.
“I’m not angry with you.” He says more gently than Scotty had expected. “ I can see that you’re as shocked as I am… But I’m very curious to find out what happened…” He pours Scotty some more hot coffee.

“I don’t know where to begin…”
“What happened that night in New York?” Kevin asks.
“Do you remember how she had an urgent request from her dad to come to New York? And that she went, because her dad would never have summoned her there without a good reason?”

Kevin nods, his hands fold together and Scotty cannot help but wonder if Jason got Kevin into praying, but he shrugs the thought with the memory that Kevin would often do this to stop his hands from moving all the time. A sign of his nervousness he had learned to control, though not always so successfully.

“Well. She landed in New York. She went to her dad’s house. Her dad was shocked and surprised to see her pregnant. He … She hadn’t told him, but he was very happy with it.  Which, in return, surprised her because her dad was so religious…. But … before she could explain to him what was going on, he told her that he was sick and that he was going to die… that there was no cure.”

Scotty doesn’t look at Kevin at first, but then faces his husband’s blue eyes.
“Her father was dying?” Kevin asks, but he can’t help but have some sarcasm drooping through. Scotty shrugs.
“That’s what she said. I don’t know if it’s true...”

Scotty looks completely lost and in shock and Kevin has no solution for him either.
“She told me that he was so happy, that he would have a grand-child, even though she wasn't married.  And, according to her, she just couldn’t tell him the truth anymore. She didn't have the heart to tell him that she was carrying the baby for us… And  that he wouldn't have a grand-child after all.

She thought that  he would die sooner, but instead, her pregnancy gave him a boost to stay alive as long as possible… so he could meet his grand-child.”
“So, she told us that our baby died…? That is an awful excuse… A pathetic one.”

“It’s her excuse. Her explanation. I’m …. I’m actually too confused to think anything of it right now. I can’t understand… I can’t get a grasp on it… Everytime I think that I might actually get it, I don't. I can't. It’s just …. I don’t get it…” Scotty stammers confused.”

“Where is our child now?”
“With her. Here in LA. Her parents were divorced. So, when her father finally died, she came back to see her mom again.  ….” Scotty shrugs, a flabbergasted smile on his face and suddenly he laughs sarcastically... “Get this. She wants to give us back our baby… She wants to pick up her life again and as it turns out… a child is inconvenient….”

“Come again?” Kevin’s jaw drops.
“See. That’s what I don’t get… She stole our child. She destroyed us. And now that her father is dead, … our child… the one she lied about! … The one she broke our hearts with…. That child is… Inconvenient?..... INCONVENIENT?!?!?!”

Scotty’s voice is higher pitched and Kevin recognizes that Scotty is losing his grip and nearing hysteria. He takes Scotty by his shoulders.
“Calm down, baby. It is unbelievable, but … Are you sure it’s ours?” Kevin’s rational question brings Scotty back from the edge.

“It’s what she said. You don’t think…? ”
“Paternity-test first. After what you just told me, I don’t believe another word that comes out of her mouth. Whichever way we spin this, if what she told you is true, then….” He can’t finish his sentence.

He’s aware that he’s unable to access his feelings on Michelle without getting incredibly angry, and with Scotty on the brink of a hysterical break, Kevin feels he should stay rational, at all cost. Scotty, on the other hand, would like to be able to protest Kevin’s harshness, out some kind of loyalty towards Michelle, but he can’t.

“Maybe you’re right….” He says therefore.
“I know you’re right, but I can’t believe she did this to me. To us. What did we ever do to her? What have we done to deserve this?”

“Nothing. We should have checked out her story, but we were too devastated ourselves… We had no reason to distrust her. Like you said, she was our friend. Or at least, your friend. We believed her. She sounded so devastated…. It never even occurred to me that she could have been lying… In fact, I still don’t believe it.”

Their eyes meet as they are both trying to deal with the unbelievable and incomprehensible situation they are thrust in. For a moment, their fingers entwine, seeking comfort and strength in each other, like they used to. There are no words needed, just the familiarity of the touch.

Realizing that he’s about to get lost in Kevin’s presence again, Scotty suddenly takes back his hands and stuffs them in his pockets. Kevin turns away and gets back to his desk to create some distance between them.
“Now what?” Scotty asks.

“We’re going to ask for a paternity-suit first. And if that child is ours….” Kevin shakes his head. “… if he is… I don’t know what I will do, but … she’s going to regret this….” Maybe it is the fact that Kevin speaks the words calmly and deliberately, that worries Scotty the most.


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