marea67 (marea67) wrote,

ioanzone - fanforum for Ioan Gruffudd

It can now be found here:  "ioanzone"

I'm not sure if any people from "ioanzone" are following my LJ, but if there are, then you may have noticed that the forum is either gone (because it's no longer on Forumer) or that it has moved to Yuku (not by OUR choice)

Due to an error "ioanzone"  (and many other forums) are completely 'lost in transfer'  and we have to rebuild it from scratch. We're working on it (and I say 'we' in a royal sense, because I'm not really involved in this).

Because all the changes happened so abruptly and without us even knowing that changes were being made, we had been unable to warn our members of the impending disaster chance that we could loose the forum and each other. I hope that I can at least reach some of former members this way. :)
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