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Fanfic: It's not the destination... 2/5

It's not the destination... 2/5

By Marea67
Rating: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine
Summary: AU – A 36-year old lawyer wants to go home, a 25-year drifter wants to escape his
Edited: I just realized that I posted this story last night as a 4-part story, but it should be a 5-part story. But that's as far as I go. This is one AU that won't run away with me.  :)


“Hey, wake up, sleepy-head… Your coffee.” Chad’s voice comes from a far and Scotty can only slowly manage to open his eyes.
“Chad.” He says with a voice thick with sleep. “What time is it?”
“Nearly eleven. I wanted to wake up you earlier, but it’s been a busy morning.”

“Oh! Oh, I’m so sorry!” Scotty sits up, suddenly in shock that he had slept so long. “I should have helped you, it would be so busy with the motel with all rooms booked and such… I let you down.” Scotty seems upset and Chad quickly calms him down.
“It’s alright. Kevin explained about your shock and the sleeping-pill, when he came to help me. It’s alright…”

Kevin. Scotty visibly relaxes at the mention of his name.
“Kevin also talked to the insurance-company. Went all lawyerly on them and such. It was quite entertaining to listen to. You might actually get a some money back from the insurance company, but it might take a while.”

“As usual.” Scotty shrugs, then he remembers something. “Kevin! He had planned to start early this morning…”
“Yes, well, he believes that if he leaves at noon, he can still make it to his first hotel in time. He had taken out some extra time, for looking around, taking breaks and such.”

“I’m so sorry that I screwed up his plans… Did he find someone, by the way?”
“No. He told me that, in hindsight, he’d rather travel alone, than with one of the men he had talked to.” Chad informs Scotty. “There just wasn’t a click with any of them. And Kevin couldn’t imagine spending time with them stuck in one car and one hotel-room.”

Scotty grins and he sips his coffee. It’s strong and black and it wakes him up.
“Give me 15 minutes and I’ll be with you.” Scotty promises.
“I know you will…” Chad smiles back. “I have faith in you.” He adds and he’s amused to see a shocked and surprised look on Scotty’s face, as if he had never expected to hear those words.


“You have to take him with you.” Chad says, quickly preparing a trey with coffee and tea.
“Who? Where?” Kevin asks, putting the dishes back in place.
“Scotty. LA.” Chad answers.
“Are you crazy?”

“No, I’m not. That kid is losing faith, he needs to move, he needs to get away. He’s stuck...”
“Aren’t you mirroring your own feelings on him?” Kevin wants to know. Chad steps back.
“Maybe. But,… it doesn’t mean I’m wrong. And you know it too…”

Kevin stops mid-action, as if frozen for a few seconds.
“Yes, I know.” He admits. “I’m just not sure that Scotty will want to.”
“He won’t want to do what?” Scotty asks, as he enters the kitchen and just hears Kevin’s last words. Kevin and Chad exchange looks.

“Come with me to LA?” Kevin answers, realizing that it sounds as if it’s his idea and not Chad’s. Scotty looks a bit stunned, then embarrassed and he stammers.
“I don’t mind leaving here, but I’m not that desperate. No offense, you’re very handsome, but… I’m not … much… into.. those things…” A blush rises to his cheeks.

It’s time for Kevin and Chad to look a little surprised. They have no clue what he’s talking about, until Chad sees the light.
“The ad?! You thought that Kevin meant to suggest….?”
“No! No! Oh, God, no! That’s not what I meant. Not at all.” Kevin apologizes profoundly.

He suddenly looks a little beet-red himself and, much to Chad’s amusement, the usually so eloquent lawyer suddenly can’t find the right words to express himself.
“No... No strings attached... It was a stupid idea to begin with and after all those meetings yesterday... I had considered that maybe travelling alone wasn’t such a bad idea after all.”

“So, we.. there’s no… ahm… casual sex expectations…?” Scotty asks with a little voice, embarrassed to ask, but needing to know for sure.
“No.. No expectations whatsoever… Though… I have to admit, to avoid all misunderstandings, … I already booked the hotels and all and…

I have ordered a king-bed at every place, because I like to have some space to sleep and I don’t like small beds, … like the ones you have here, Chad, no offense… but, if that doesn’t bother you... You’re welcome to join me. And, no, I’m not interested in more than sleep.” Kevin confirms.

Scotty looks from Chad to Kevin. He would love to go, but Chad has done so much for him, he’s aware of that, and he doesn’t want to appear ungrateful. Chad feels that he has to insist. This young man needs the push to leave, or he will get stuck like Chad himself is.

“Go. I trust Kevin. He won’t take advantage of you, I swear. I wouldn’t send you with him if I had the slightest doubt in my mind.”
“You’re welcome to come with me. It would seem that I’m your ticket out of here.”
“Go, Scotty. Just go! Leave while you can and don’t look back.” Chad says.


The car is spacious enough for Scotty’s long legs. The top is down, so there’s a sense of incredible freedom. The steel-blue metallic color still shines in the fading sunshine. The company is quiet, but not uncomfortably so. It’s been a long day in all and Scotty is tired from looking around, taking in the views he gets and the wideness of the land.

He had heard about it, seen pictures of it, but to actually drive on one of these long stretches of road and experiencing the breathtaking scenery is just overwhelming. Kevin can see it on Scotty’s face and he smiles, because it reminds of the many times he had driven here with John. It had always been a part of their holidays.

Driving, booking hotels-rooms, silk sheets and breakfast in bed, spoil themselves… It had always been the reward for their hard work during the rest of the year. It wasn’t so much about the traveling as the time spend together and Kevin had dreaded doing it all by himself. Especially the idea of waking up alone in a cold hotel-bed had filled him with sadness.

He’s glad that Scotty is quietly in awe and that he doesn’t spend hours yapping about it.
“The hotel is not that far away anymore. We have a room there. We’ll have dinner at the restaurant next to it. I hope you don’t mind that I made reservations for both of us. It was our usual first stop and …”

“I’m fine. Just very hungry.” Scotty smiles, though he worries about the impact on his little supply of money.
“Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay for anything. It’s my treat. This is my choice and it’s an expensive place….”

“I’m not sure if I’d be dressed for the occasion.” Scotty looks down at his rumpled t-shirt and his faded jeans.
“Don’t worry about that. There will be a suit ready for you at the hotel.” Kevin tells him and Scotty supposes that Kevin must have rented him one.


Kevin can’t help but appreciate the view. Scotty had looked gorgeous in his own clothes, but in this suit, he looks even more stunning. It fits him better than Kevin had ever expected and he couldn’t help but feel a little pride when several heads had turned to have a good look at Scotty and him, when they had entered the restaurant.

“This wine is delicious.” Scotty says.
“Don’t drink too fast. It’s heavier than you think.” Kevin warns, amused by how eager Scotty is to try everything. Like a child in a candy-store, his eyes shine and Kevin is surprised by how much Scotty knows about food.

“Oh, I love to cook. Ever since I was a kid.” Scotty explains with a little grin.
“It shows. You know so much. I never think about what goes in my food.” Kevin confesses.  
“And sometimes, you just don’t want to know it either.” Scotty laughs.


Scotty unsteadily tries to open the buttons of his shirt. He should  not have taken that last glass of wine. Kevin had warned him about it.
“Here, let me do that.” Kevin offers and Scotty watches in amazement how easily the buttons seem to come undone under Kevin’s fingers. It’s unfair.

“Can you help me with…?” Scotty points at his tie, unable to find the word for it. Kevin had put the tie around his neck, but now Scotty seems unable to undo it on his own.
“Sure.” Kevin looks up at him. “Told you that wine would hit you harder than you’d think. Had the same thing happening to me, the first time I came here with John.”

“What happened?” Scotty asks.
“I got drunk. Very drunk. More drunk than you are now.”
“I know how you must have felt… Woaw!” Scotty nearly tumbles forward and if Kevin hadn’t been there, he probably would have fallen flat on his face.

“Easy there. We don’t want anyone damaged, do we?” Kevin smiles. Scotty’s hands rest on his shoulders for stability and he’s suddenly awfully aware of how close Kevin is. The scent of his after-shave is soft, but Scotty is suddenly aware of it. His hands slowly move up from Kevin’s shoulders to the back of his neck. Strong shoulders.

Kevin can feel the warm and not entirely unwelcome hands in his neck and he wants to ask Scotty what he’s doing, but at that moment Scotty’s lips are on his. It’s just a quick touch, a few seconds at best, but it sends shockwaves through Kevin’s body.
“Scotty…” Kevin starts, but Scotty silences him.

“Shhhh…” He whispers and he lets his lips slide gently against Kevin’s without really kissing him. Kevin tries to move his head back, but Scotty’s hands won’t let him.
“I don’t think this is a good idea…” Kevin tries again to stay away from Scotty’s lips, but he feels drawn closer by the soft pressure in his neck.

“I can’t take advantage of you.” Kevin now moans, his fingers have undone the tie and the last buttons and now they rest on Scotty’s belt-buckle.
“You’re not.” Scotty replies. He feels the belt come loose and it gives his erection some more space, but not much.

Kevin’s lips part. He wants to say something, but it’s too late. Scotty’s lips are definitely on his, his tongue is in Kevin’s mouth, effectively silencing Kevin. For about half a second Kevin’s hands flap in the air, not sure whether to push Scotty away or pull him closer, but then his hands rest on Scotty’s sides, move to his back and pull him closer into a warm embrace.

Kevin cannot remember the last time he got kissed this deeply and every part of his body is responding to the delight. Had he really said yesterday that he was numb? Well, he’s not numb now. In fact his cock firmly protests to being confined much longer and it’s such a surprise to Kevin, that he once again tries to put some distance between himself and Scotty.

However, Scotty easily makes a half-turn with Kevin in arms. Kevin falls on the bed. He’s on his back and Scotty crawls on top of him. Their kisses are filled with too much lust to be stopped. Scotty roughly pushes down Kevin’s pants and then his own, only to almost throw himself back on Kevin.

He stretches out and his arousal comes in touch with Kevin's, making Kevin moan, buck up and a whispered ‘Oh fuck’ escapes him.
“I plan to.” Scotty promises in Kevin’s ear and Kevin’s imagination gets carried away at the idea of that long, hard cock inside of him.

As suddenly as it started, Scotty turns over and sits up. When Kevin tries to sit up as well, Scotty pushes Kevin back on the bed.
“Don’t move.” He says. It’s not threatening, more a very insisting request. Kevin watches Scotty get up and search for something in his weekend-bag.

With big eyes Kevin wonders what Scotty is doing and if he really wants the answer to that question. He moistens his lips with the tip of his tongue. When Scotty turns back, he holds two things in his hands. One is a package of condoms and Kevin can guess what the other one is.

He’s in shock, overwhelmed, worried, scared and … thoroughly and totally aroused. Scotty can see the mix of fear and excitement as well and holds up the two items.
“All you have to do is say ‘no’…” Scotty says, approaching the bed. Kevin swallows hard, his lips part, but there’s no sound. He has no idea if he wants this or not...

Scotty gets on the bed. Kevin still cannot utter a word. Scotty straddles Kevin.
“Just say ‘no’ and I’ll stop. I know you’re scared, but I can see, very clearly, that you’re aroused… It’s up to you. Yes or no?” Scotty repeats. Kevin shivers when Scotty gently lets his hands caress Kevin’s chest, his sides, over his belly, where they abruptly stop.

“Yessss!” Kevin hisses and a smile curls around Scotty’s lips. He slowly lets his body sink down on Kevin’s. Kevin’s mind screams ‘no’, but his body betrays him. His legs part, letting Scotty lie between them and, at the feel of Scotty’s weight on it, Kevin’s entire body responds by pushing up, closer to the body it wants to fuse with.

Kevin exposes his throat to Scotty’s sensual kisses and he coaches Scotty’s head as Scotty kisses his way down. Scotty’s fingers prepare him, but he nonetheless gasps when Scotty’s finger enters his body. It’s been too long since he had felt this. It worries and arouses him at the same time.

His body relaxes under Scotty’s touches and though he’s so close to the edge, he can’t wait to feel Scotty’s hard cock inside him. It is what he wants most of all and finally Scotty considers Kevin to be ready for him. Scotty looks at Kevin’s expressive face, because it’s the best indicator of how he feels.

He watches in amazement how Kevin’s eyes close, how he bites his lower lip to not make a sound, Scotty listens to the breathing between clenched teeth as any feeling of discomfort gets chased away. It isn’t until Kevin’s lips part for a little moan of pleasure that Scotty finally dares to thrust with more force.

Kevin keeps his eyes closed tightly. The feel of Scotty on him and inside him is indescribable. For the longest time he had considered himself dead inside, numb to the core, but all of his senses have come to live now. He hears Scotty’s heavy breathing and he feels Scotty’s strong hands on his body.

The soft scent of Scotty’s aftershave gets mingled with the salty taste of sweat on Scotty’s skin. Kevin opens his eyes and sees Scotty’s beautiful blue eyes. He gasps at the final thrust that sends him over the edge. It comes from deep within him and it feels as if being hit by wave after wave and Kevin lets himself drift away on the long-forgotten feelings.


At 7 o’clock, Kevin’s travel-alarm goes off. He wakes up with a little moan only to realize that Scotty is still closely pressed up against him. It feels good. It reminds him of the many times he woke up in John’s arms, feeling completely safe and cherished. He slowly turns over to not wake up Scotty, but discovers that Scotty is already awake.

“Isn’t that a bit too early?” Scotty moans, still wishing to get back to sleep.
“Sorry, force of habit.” Kevin apologizes. “They’ll bring breakfast in a few minutes.”
“Breakfast in bed?” Scotty asks, amused to see Kevin slightly shy and embarrassed.
“John and I would always have breakfast in bed here… I … uh…”

“’s Alright. It’s your road-trip, you planned it. I’m just the last minute tag-along.”
“About last night…” Kevin starts.
“It was nothing.” Scotty says. “I’d rather forget about it. I really misbehaved and I can only hope that you will still take me with you to LA?”

“Or course I will.” Kevin promises.
“Good. I was scared that you’d leave me here.” Scotty replies, clearly relieved.
“Tell me honestly, Scotty. Were you really that drunk? Or did you just pretend?” Kevin wants to know. Scotty doesn’t answer, but only gives him a mysterious smile.




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