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My review of The Scapegoat.

It just took me nearly 6.5 hours to watch a movie that lasts 1h40 min. No, it's not that the movie is that boring, quite the contrary, I was very eager to get back to it, all those 100s of times I got interrupted, but it seems that TODAY was THE elected day that everyone else wishes to speak to me. My father, my daughter, my hubby, people on the phone and the neighbors.... so, all in all it took FOREVER to see this film start to finish.

Alright, what can I say? I loved it, and Matthew is fabulous in it. I liked the other characters and, something that doesn't happen often, I liked his female co-stars, even the one who played his wife. :)

I did find it a bit odd that no one and I do mean no one actually doubted that John was Johnny. On the other hand, the situation is so bizarre that it's not so strange that a doppelganger is probably not the first thing on their minds.

I loved how Matthew managed to make John and Johnny basically two different characters, not just by their way of talking, but also by the way they move. The characters are likeable. Not overly good, not overly bad, but human.

It is certainly  a movie I will watch more than once and though Matthew's acting is great as usual, The Scapegoat hasn't been able to knock "House of America" and "The mystery of Edwin Drood" of their joint first place.

And now for some screencaps in random order to not spoil anything:

01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.
07. 08.

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