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Fanfic: Lawyers!


By Marea67
Rate: Definitely NC-17
Disclaimers: Well, duh, of course I don’t own them. Written with love not for money
Summary: None. I’ll simply blame lilypoppy for finding this beautiful Matthew  Rhys-picture
 And I'll blame Matthew Rhys for being frakking adorable, hot and sexy and for  putting naughty ideas in my head :)


When Scotty enters the room, he’s surprised to find Kevin already on the couch, his arms defiantly crossed in front of his chest, his blue eyes staring into nothingness, his scarf still around his neck, covering his lips.
“Bad day?” Scotty asks carefully.

“Life sucks.” Kevin tells him and he doesn’t sound like he wants Scotty to disagree with him. Scotty raises an eyebrow, but moves to the kitchen. From there, almost as if seeking shelter, he asks:
“Any particular reason why life sucks? Or does life suck in general?”

“Lawyers suck.” Kevin answers. Scotty bites his lip. Too easy.
“Yes, I know. I know one who’s very good at it too, but … that is whole different conversation.” Scotty places the chocolate-cookies, that he had made earlier that day, on the table.

Between his eye-lashes he can see the little smirk, over Scotty’s words, on Kevin’s face and, for just a glimpse, it’s too hard for Kevin to keep sulking, but he quickly goes back to it.
“I lost two cases.” His voice is less strained though.

“Two? How come?”
“The other lawyer was better.”
“Did you screw up majorly?”
“Not really. Just … the other one had better arguments.”

Scotty pours the hot coffee and he slides the cookies towards Kevin. Kevin takes off his scarf and he grabs one of the cookies.
“These are delicious.” He says after a few bites.
“Thank you.” Scotty nods.

“How come you never screw up at these things?” Kevin wonders out loud.
“I do…. Often… But then I try to make something out of it. If I don’t have a certain ingredient, I try another one. If I’ve mixed it up the wrong way, I try to fix it or make a completely different dish…” Scotty tells Kevin.

Kevin quietly enjoys his cookies, his thoughts a million miles away and Scotty doesn’t ask anything. If Kevin has something to tell him, it will come out, one way or another. Suddenly Kevin jumps up and places a kiss on Scotty’s lips.
“Thanks! You’ve given me an idea… Don’t wait up for me.”

And he’s gone. Scotty sighs. ‘Don’t wait up for me’ usually means sleeping alone tonight. Angrily Scotty grabs a handful of cookies.
“I agree, Kevin! Life sucks.. So do lawyers… One in particular…” Scotty mopes and this time he’s not joking.


Scotty looks up from the book, that he’s reading in bed. He hears the door being opened and shut. It’s only ten o’clock at night. And he hadn’t expected Kevin back until at least 2 in the morning.
“Kev?” He asks, feeling a little insecure.

“Yes, it’s me.” Kevin enters. He starts to undress and Scotty bites his lip as he watched the – probably unintentional – striptease that is happening right in front of him. His body reacts to seeing Kevin’s shirt falling to the ground, exposing Kevin’s back. Scotty feels so tempted to get out of bed and touch Kevin.

“Did… did you f… find the solution you were … looking for ?” Scotty asks, distracted by the pants that gets flung over the back of the chair.

“Yes… You were right. When something is missing you just go look for another ingredient, I’m going to appeal the decision, by using a different approach and…" He stops, waves it away. "... it’s complicated and I'm not in the mood to explain… Besides,… while I was at the office, I was reminded of something else you said….” Kevin smiles, approaching the bed.

“What?” Scotty wants to know. Kevin shoves the blankets away in one move, no longer giving Scotty a way to hide his erection. Kevin gets on the bed, on his hands and knees, and comes closer to Scotty, who slowly lowers himself from his seated position, so that he slips under Kevin.

“You said something about lawyers… and sucking … and being good at it…” Kevin’s lips are inch away from Scotty’s. Scotty’s lips part and he whispers…
“… Could have said that…”
“I do hope you were talking about me…”

“I don’t know any other lawyer that intimately…” Scotty’s moans are aided by the fact that Kevin’s hand pushes down the only remaining clothes between Scotty’s body and Kevin’s. Scotty’s arousal is finally released from its confinement and he holds his breath with a hissing sound when Kevin’s fingers caress it.

“So, I’m good at it, huh?” Kevin whispers in Scotty’s ear…
“Ahm… I don’t know… I … I suppose… It’s been a while and .. you’re a lawyer… You know how sometimes things seem better than they really were.” Scotty answers, breathing heavily, because Kevin’s fingers know exactly how to keep him aroused.

“Refresher course it is then. I thought you’d never ask.” Without another word, Kevin moves down and a few seconds later, Scotty can feel his mouth on him. Warm, wet, pushing boundaries, drawing Scotty closer to the precipice only to push him away from it again.

Scotty writhes and wiggles, begs and curses, but Kevin isn’t impressed. He knows exactly how to push all of Scotty’s buttons, but also how to stop him from coming. He also knows that Scotty is close to the point of not taking ‘no’ for an answer much longer. When Kevin attempts to take Scotty away from the moment supreme again, Scotty curses under his breath.

Without much tenderness he grabs hold of Kevin’s head, his fingers finding firm grip in his husband’s curly hair. He pushes Kevin’s head down. He can feel the little resistance in Kevin, but it is futile. Scotty has taken over and pushes himself inside Kevin’s mouth with very little regard for how Kevin feels about it, leaving Kevin no choice but to accept.

Scotty shakes and shivers when it finally hits him and he moans when Kevin seems to draw out the moment even longer by the way he caresses and finishes their love-making. Scotty’s skin is overly sensitive and Kevin’s lips and tongue feel like they are about to leave their mark on him.

“That was amazing.” He sighs and he can hear Kevin laugh softly.
“It’s not over….” He promises sweetly and he moves up to kiss Scotty once again. It’s only then that Scotty realizes that Kevin hasn’t come yet… He moans softly. He’s tired and satisfied, but he also knows that Kevin has kept the best for last… Lawyers!


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