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Fanfic: Finding love

Finding love

By Marea67
Scotty, Justin, Tommy
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: B&S isn't mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty realizes something. Set in 2.16, somewhere between Kevin's announcement of their wedding and the road-trip, I suppose.


Sometimes it hits Scotty just how lucky he actually is. A few days from now he would become Kevin’s husband. His heart skips a beat when he thinks about it. Husband. It’s still just too unreal for him. He sometimes needs to pinch himself to make sure it’s not a dream of some kind. Like today….

Justin turns to him.
“This one looks good on you.” He says about the suit, that he just picked for Scotty. Scotty has to agree. He does look good in it. “I start to envy Kevin.” Justin jokes.

Scotty smiles gently. He’s beginning to appreciate the brotherly affection he gets from Justin. Scotty reaches for the price-tag, but Tommy won’t let him look.
“That is irrelevant.” He says.

“It’s rather relevant to me.” Scotty answers. His financial status may have improved over the last few months, it doesn’t mean he can throw away his money.
“We are buying the suit.” Tommy says and Scotty wants to protest, but Justin just stops him.

“Listen, Scotty, we know you have your pride and all that, and we also know that you don’t want anyone to think, that you’re involved with Kevin because of his money, …”
“… and we don’t.” Tommy adds quickly, so there’s no misunderstanding about that.
“...But, we also know that you love him and that is very important to us.” Justin finishes.

“Yes, ..” Tommy now says. “You just have to let us do this. It has taken Kevin forever to find someone with whom he wants to marry. And, more miraculously, that someone actually wants to marry him in return... In fact, we long believed he never would find anyone, and, as much as we love to tease him, we also love him and we want him to be happy.

I think that he plans to get married only once in his life and the day that he does, it will have to be perfect, because we won’t get a second chance to do it better. So, you pick what feels right for you, and don’t look at the price-tag.”
“Did Nora set you up to do this?” Scotty asks.

“He knows our family so well.” Tommy winces and he looks at Justin.
“And still  he wants to marry Kevin. We have to keep you.” Justin jokes and Scotty now laughs as well. He looks at the other suits he tried before and the ones still hanging over the chair. They all look rather sophisticated, but he likes the one he’s wearing now.

“Come on, Scotty, let your gay heart speak. If you could pick any suit you want, which one would it be?” Tommy asks Scotty, who looks at himself in the mirror once again.
“This one. I like this one.”

“This one it is.” Tommy says. At the cash register Scotty tires to find out the price, but Justin easily distracts him while Tommy pays for the suit.
“Thank you.” Scotty shyly says and Justin suddenly remembers that Scotty still needs a tie.

As he leaves Tommy and Scotty alone to have a look, Tommy turns to Scotty.
“Listen, Scotty,… Kev and I perhaps don’t have the best of records when it comes to being brothers. I have never made his life easy. In fact, I’ve sometimes made things worse than he deserved.

I honestly don’t understand him sometimes, but … he’s still my brother and I love him. Like I said before, I believe that Kevin is the sort of guy who will wait a long time to find the one who is just perfect for him. And out of all of us, he was the most unlikely to find the love he was searching for.

I think that we had seriously reached a point where we believed he never would find someone. The more often he got burnt, the more disillusioned he became and eventually it seemed like he stopped trying altogether… Then you came into his life…” Tommy stops for a moment to find the right words.

He’s not a talker. It is something that he usually leaves up to the others in his family. Expressing feelings is difficult  for him and Scotty knows it, so he quietly waits for Tommy to finish, even though, deep inside he’s already moved that Tommy would give such a speech to him.

“I think that Kevin was in love with you from the day he met you and, though I cannot understand it, I mean, you’re a nice guy, but… you know… not my taste… ” He waves his hand about and Scotty smiles, because, regardless of how awkward a moment it is, he understands what Tommy is saying. Tommy isn’t his type either.

“… Kevin is in love with you and that is all that really matters to me. Regardless of our disagreements of the past, or when he came out…. I want him to be happy …. And I believe that you are the person that give him the love he’s looking for. And…. I’m happy you will become a part of our family.”

Scotty nods that he understands, but he’s not sure what to say. And he doesn’t have to, because at that moment Justin pops us.
“What do you guys think of these ones?” He holds up three different ties.
“The one on the left.” Scotty and Tommy decide almost simultaneously and they both start to laugh.

“You guys are so creepy sometimes.” Justin makes a dirty face, but then he laughs as well. “I’m glad that we all agree though. This one.... Tommy?”
“I’ll pay for it.” Tommy says and he leaves Scotty after a quick squeeze of the shoulder.

“Did he make trouble?” Justin asks. Scotty shakes his head.
“No. We just talked about finding love. That would be Kevin finding love.” Scotty explains, not wishing that anyone would get the wrong impression. Justin grins.
“I didn’t think that it was Tommy we’re talking about.”

“He’s happy for Kevin.” Scotty says.
“He should be. I honestly had given up on Kevin. Never believed he’d actually ask you, but I’m glad he did. Kevin is a lucky guy.” Justin’s compliment is a friendly one and Scotty merely smiles.

“Let’s say that we’re both lucky then…” Scotty watches how Justin joins Tommy to ask him something and Scotty tries to read their signals, but most of the ‘brothers-amongst-each-other’ communication is so well coded that he still hasn’t broken it. At the same time he wonders if he should read something into it.

Why should he not simply be happy with the fact that by marrying Kevin he would finally have an extended family. A mother-in-law who’s loving and accepting, two brothers-in-law who want him in their family. Two sisters-in-law who have, each in their own way, supported the love between Kevin and him.

And there’s Uncle Saul, Julia, Rebecca, Paige, Cooper and Elizabeth… His own family has suddenly expanded by so many loving people that he has to admit that he’s flattered that everyone is happy for Kevin to have found him, but that the reality is, that he found more love in return and he’s going to make sure that he will not lose his new family. Not ever.


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