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Fanfic: Behind the mask 33/33

Behind the mask 33/33

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: NC-17!!! (Duh!)
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“What?!” Nora nearly falls off her chair at the news that Kevin and Scotty just brought her. “But… but… you can’t… You just got back home…”
“I know, mom, but I only came here to find out why Tommy had done what he did. That's al. But by now we’ve been here a few weeks and a lot has happened in the meantime.

I’ve discovered the reasons why, I’ve dealt with my feelings for Jason, I’ve watched Robert struggle his way through Jack’s death and I got married to the man I love…. It’s all a bit much. I’ve been here too long and I want to go home. And 'home means, back to Wales. And Scotty agrees with me. In fact it was his plan.”

“We can’t stop you of course, it’s your life, but … I hate to see you leave…” William sighs.
“I know, dad. And Scotty and I have loved our time here, but we really need to go home.”
“When will you leave?” Justin asks.

“Right after lunch. We’ve packed most of what we brought here. After breakfast, we plan to put everything in the car. And after lunch… We’ll say our goodbyes.” Kevin answers cheerfully, but when he sees the sad faces around him, he feels a little guilty. “Come on, you guys, it’s not the end of the world. It’s a few hours by car or by train. You guys are welcome to come whenever you want, just give us a call first.”

“Of course we will, baby, and this time we won’t abandon you…” Nora’s eyes fill with tears.
“And I promise that Scotty and I will drop by occasionally as well.” Kevin says sweetly. He looks at Scotty who gives him an encouraging smile. They have to leave if they are ever to have some privacy again. “But our life together is in Wales and not here. We simply want to go back to our home.” Kevin explains again.


“Someone’s coming.” Chad says, placing his hand above his eyes to see it better.
“One of the neighbors?” Jason wonders.
“Maybe…” It might be a logical idea, after all, the neighbors do live rather far away. They would travel by car.

Jason turns to Chad, for a moment enjoying the view of the broad, naked torso, where sweat is glistening due to the fact that he's been weeding the front-garden. He turns back to the approaching car, a warm smile on his face.

And then he recognizes the face behind the wheel. His smile freezes and shock replaces it. The light in his eyes fades and his shoulders fall down. He immediately feels drained and defeated.
“It’s Robert.” He says softly. The words cause a moment of fear in Chad, but then he grips his shovel a bit better.

Robert, too, has seen the look on his brother’s face change, as he drives up, and a flash of pain runs through him. For once he has seen Jason without his mask on. For once Jason was too late at covering his feelings and Robert had caught a full view of Jason's deepest emotions regarding the McCallisters. Fear, anger, defeat, sorrow.

He had seen the careless, joyful smile fade into nothingness and it has shocked him. He feels a hand on his lower-arm. It’s Kitty. She has seen the Jason’s reaction as well and she has noticed the pain in Robert. She smiles gently.
“Talk to him… And remember what you promised Kevin… Open your mind…” She says warmly.

Robert gets out of the car and walks up to Jason, who doesn’t move an inch. Robert notices Chad’s tightening grip on the wood of the shovel. Chad is on this guard. Somehow this amuses Robert. Did Chad expect that he’d come here to kill him? And at the same time, his appreciation for Chad grows.

It would seem that Chad would be willing to defend Jason. Always good. He tries to keep an open mind as he watches the place where Jason seems to want to live. A little house, but it looks cozy. There’s a shed and a little terrace at the front, that leads to the solid, seemingly hand-carved, wooden door.

“Jase…” He start his greet, but Jason shakes his head.
“Why are you here?” He says coldly.
“I needed to see you.” Robert answers honestly. “I promised Kevin that if I believed that you were happy, I’d let you be Mr Finster…”

“I am happy, now leave.” Jason still isn’t too kind.
“Jason,…” Chad softly says. “Maybe you can show Robert around? Show him what we bought? It might make Robert understand you better.” Jason doesn’t seem to relent at first ,but then Chad nods at him, that it would be the best.

“Do you want to see the place?” He’s not too inviting, but Robert takes it.
“I would like that…. A lot.” Robert answers and he follows Jason inside. Kitty looks Chad up and down and then says:
“Don’t worry. It will be alright. Kevin and Scotty already paved the way a bit for you… For both of you.”


When they finally see their house, both Kevin and Scotty take a moment to enjoy the view, when they get out of their car.
“Our house.” Kevin says, wrapping his arms around Scotty, from behind.
“I love the place… I can’t wait to be in our bed again…”

“Makes two of us.” Kevin kisses Scott gently in the neck.
“Well, first things first, … let’s get everything out of the car.” Scotty grins. “Your mother gave me I don’t know how many jars of home-made jam. Strawberry, peach, cherry, blackberry, prunes…”

“Okay, so, now I’m hungry.” Kevin sighs.
“Your father gave us wine….
“Surprise, surprise.” Kevin mumbles.
“… beer, brandy, champagne…”

“There goes my liver…”
“And for tonight we have some lasagna that Justin made for us… or rather for me, because he knows I love it.”
“What about me?” Kevin wonders quasi-insulted.

“Nora also gave me a recipe for a pineapple-rum cake?”
“She gave it to you? .... Or did you have to pry out of her dead hands?”
“She gave it to me.”
“So, now, she’s either going to kill you because you know the secret, or… She really loves you.”

“Well, I don’t think she wants to make you a widower just yet.” Scotty teases and he kisses Kevin. “It seems like a delicious cake…”
“When made well, as my mom makes it, it is heaven on Earth. The most perfect cake you’ll ever taste….” Kevin raves and Scotty is more than ever before determined to try it.


Chad has cleared the table and only the glasses of wine still grace the large patio-table.
“Congratulations, Chad, it was delicious meal.” Robert finds himself complimenting his brother-in-law. Chad smiles shyly in the knowledge that Robert’s compliment is genuine. And he had deserved the compliment. The meal had been as perfect as he could have made it.

“So, what’s your verdict?” Jason asks, no longer able to stay quiet. Robert plays with his glass. Looking across the table, he sees Jason, rather nervous, and Chad, defiant.
“It won’t be easy… I will miss you… but I’ll keep your secret as long as I can from the others… I just have one condition.”

“Which one?” Chad’s eyes narrow, he expects something along the line of ‘dump Chad’. Robert smiles, as if he can read Chad’s mind, he jokes:
“I’m not going to ask Jason to get rid of you. I want you two to be happy, and, yes, that includes you, Chad….

The only condition I have is… stay in touch. Call me, write me, send me pictures, … You’re my brother, Jason. You’re all I have…” Robert says. Only Chad notices the little smile on Kitty’s face and he suspects that Robert won’t be lonely for long.
“That would be a great idea. I’d love that. I would rather be honest with you.” Jason relaxes with a smile.

Jason is clearly relieved and Robert smiles too.
“Maybe I should buy a house in the neighborhood.” Kitty thinks out loud. “It’s lovely here and so peaceful….”
“That would be a great idea.” Chad grins.

“Then you can bring Robert with you….” Jason suggests with a smile, having noticed that Robert and Kitty like each other and that they seem to fit perfectly well together somehow. Robert is a bit surprised. He’s not used to being teased, but he smiles nonetheless.

“Maybe that would be a good idea…”
“Why don’t you two stay here tonight? It’s late and driving back …”
“Ah, Jason? We only have one sparer-room, with one bed. For two persons, but still…” Chad reminds Jason.

“I think Robert and I can handle that.” Kitty answers without even blinking. Robert is shocked by her words, and gives her a befuddled look, but she only gives him a broad smile in return.

"I'm sure you can." Jason cannot help but grin. “It’s a deal then. Let’s get your room ready…” Jason gets up and takes Robert with him, leaving Kitty and Chad laughing softly at the trap that Robert walked in to.


Scotty fills the glasses with the champagne, that William had given them, and he offers Kevin a glass. They’ve retreated to their bedroom, after having done a walk-through through the house to check if everything was alright and after having had a wonderful dinner.

“Didn’t I tell you it would be a much better idea to have our ‘wedding-night’ in our own bedroom, on our own mattress and under our own sheets?” Scotty asks, leaning in for a kiss.
“Yeah… it was a very good idea…” Kevin admits before kissing Scotty.
“And there are more ideas where that one came from.” Scotty promises.

“Good. It will make our life so much more interesting.” Kevin breaks the next kiss, puts down his glass and looks at Scotty. “You look simply amazing.” He says, reaching out to the first button on Scotty’s shirt. “But… you have way too many clothes on…”
“I suppose you’ll take care of that…”

“I will. Wouldn’t want you to get overheated.” A few buttons get undone. Scotty smiles.
“Too late. I’m already burning.” He whispers.
“Well, in that case, we better both get naked, as soon as possible… For safety-measures of course…”

“Of course…” Scotty grins, helping Kevin get undressed. Kevin sits down on the bed and kisses Scotty’s belly. Scotty’s fingers are in Kevin’s hair, encouraging him to do more. The last bits of clothing falls to the ground and Kevin’s fingers slide along Scotty’s cock. He bows his head, kissing the aroused part first, to then take it in his mouth.

He can hear Scotty sigh ‘oh, yes’ and he smiles. It doesn’t take long for Scotty’s breathing to become more uneven, his grip on Kevin’s head becomes more forceful as he responds to Kevin’s lips and tongue. Kevin moves his head free from Scotty’s grip and looks up with expectation in his eyes.

Scotty isn’t entirely happy that Kevin stops when he’s so close, but in a way Kevin is right, they still have a lot of time, no need to rush. He pushes Kevin on his back and sinks down on Kevin, to let his swollen cock come in touch with Kevin’s. It’s Kevin’s turn to moan and push his body against Scotty.

Scotty kisses him, caresses him until Kevin entire body feels as if it’s on fire, then Scotty lets go off Kevin’s mouth to kiss his way down, the side of Kevin’s neck, his shoulder, his chest, with a little time spent on the nipples, deeper down to Kevin’s navel, making Kevin giggle, until he ultimately reaches his goal.

Scotty is on his knees, beside the bed, between Kevin’s spread legs and he knows that Kevin is more than ready to take their love-making a step further. He reaches out for the lube, a movement noticed by Kevin from the corner of his eyes. He pushes his lower body closer to Scotty’s mouth, knowing what Scotty plans to do.

“…Want this, don’t you?” Scotty teases. The answer he gets is more a growl than a word, but he doesn’t care. Keeping Kevin aroused, he slowly starts to prepare Kevin, but Kevin is not interested in slow and careful.
“Scotty…!” He begs.

“Shhh, baby, just a little more…” He adds a third finger and Kevin responds to him in a way that cannot be read as anything else but ‘go for it’… Scotty prolongs the excitement an little longer, just to make Kevin moan and beg some more, something that completely turns Scotty on. However, it becomes impossible to fight it any longer.

His need to be inside Kevin, is as big as Kevin’s need to feel Scotty inside him. He watches how Kevin turns over and finally Scotty carefully penetrates Kevin’s body. Tight, hot. Scotty’s eyes close and he bites his lip to not let his desire overtake and just push right through.

He can feel Kevin relax. He goes deeper. Kevin responds by pushing closer, by wanting more. The first thrust makes both of them cry out. Scotty whispers an apology, but Kevin shakes his head to show that no apology is needed.
“Easy…” Scotty warns, afraid he’ll come to fast if Kevin continues to be this eager, but Kevin is no longer interested in ‘easy’ or ‘slow’.

He moans Scotty’s name and presses his body against Scotty’s. It’s all too much for Scotty too. He had wanted slow and prolonged, but he can’t stop the tidal wave that Kevin creates in him. He starts thrusts faster and Kevin encourages him. His grip on Kevin’s becomes tighter and Kevin begs for more.

Arching his back Kevin can find Scotty’s mouth to kiss, making Scotty lose control even more. He pushes Kevin down on the mattress, pushes himself inside even deeper inside than he thought possible as his orgasm hits him. Underneath him he can feel Kevin shiver and shake and he understands, somewhere in that befogged mind of his, that Kevin came as well.

He lets himself sink down on Kevin’s back, unable to move an inch.
“I wanted to take it slow…” Scotty moans a little disappointed, rolling off Kevin and on his back. Kevin lifts his head.
“You did… I thought it was sweet and slow.” Kevin lies not very convincingly.

“Yeah, I noticed….” Scotty grins remembering how Kevin had answered his thrusts. “Not eager at all, huh?”
“Me? Never….” Kevin laughs. “It doesn’t matter, there’s next time.”

“As soon as I’m recharged, I can tell you that….” Kevin promises and Scotty laughs.
“I can’t wait…” Scotty licks his lips.
“I hope you will say those words when I’m all inside of you…” His voice is low and desiring, as he nibbles at Scotty’s ear. Scotty is pretty sure that he can’t for that either.


Chad turns in Jason’s arms.
“That was great….” He moans softly.
“Did the best I could.” Jason smiles. He sees a look on Chad’s face that he has never seen before. Something soft and surprised.

“What’s up? What’s on your mind?” He asks. Chad breathes out.
“You know, …” Chad replies thoughtfully. “I believe that I’m happy, for the first time in my life, I’m actually… happy.
“Well, that’s good, right?”

“Yes.” Chad admits. He runs his fingers through Jason’s hair. “And I owe that to you…”
“You’re welcome.” Jason grins shyly, still not used to getting a compliment from Chad.
“I love you…” Chad says without taking his eyes off Jason. It is as if Jason completely crumbles. Chad can see and feel Jason’s surprise over Chad’s words.

“You do? You never said those words before… Not like you meant it.” Jason needs to know that Chad isn’t just saying something.
“Well, I do mean it. I love you. And I’m happy with you.” Chad simply states.
“Oh, Chad…. I love you too…” Jason sighs and kisses Chad passionately.


Kevin just moans and turns over, Scotty complains quietly at the loss of the warm body against his own and he opens his eyes. In the little bit of moonlight he can see Kevin’s face and he reaches out to touch one of the scars. Kevin’s eyes open as well.
“Hey, my beautiful husband.” Scotty whispers sweetly.

“Am I? Beautiful?” Kevin smiles.
“Always. To me anyway.” Scotty answers.
“It is scary to realize that my life is perfect right now.” Kevin softly says and Scotty can see what he means with those words.

“Well, I promise that I will try to make each day as perfect as this one. And if you do the same…. We can’t go wrong.” He sees Kevin say the word ‘promise’ and he smiles. “I love you.” Scotty places a tender kiss on Kevin’s lips.
“And I love you.” Kevin answers, before claiming another kiss.

“Now…” Kevin breaks the kiss a few seconds later and he lets his hands slide over Scotty’s ass. “Do you really insist on being able to sit tomorrow..?” He jokes.
“Don’t tell my you’re ready for a third round?” Scotty is shocked, but not unwilling.
“Actually, I am.. Third time lucky and such…”

“Have you been hitting the Viagra?” Scotty grins, moving his body closer to Kevin, to let Kevin get him ready.
“I have you, that‘s all the Viagra I need.” Kevin replies, silencing Scotty with a kiss, until Scotty pushes Kevin back a bit.

“If I cannot sit tomorrow, you’ll have to feed me.” He warns jokingly.
“I can do that…” Kevin nods.
“Good. Then come here, you stud…” Scotty pulls Kevin on top of him and offers himself up to Kevin’s able fingers.




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