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Fanfic: Behind the mask 32/33

Behind the mask 32/33

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




Williams steps forward.
“Scotty Wandell. I give you my son. Kevin Walker.” William steps aside so Kevin can take his place in front of the minister. Kevin is clearly nervous, brushing his wet hands dry on his suit-jacket.

Justin steps forward.
“Kevin Walker. I give my best friend, Scotty Wandell.” Justin steps aside as well and Scotty and Kevin are face to face. They both laugh shyly at each other, excitement clearly on their faces.

The speech is started, the minister greets everyone but Kevin doesn’t really listen to the words. When he sees Scotty focus his attention on the minister, his eyes search the room. Nora is already in tears and the ceremony hasn’t even begun yet. Robert checks his phone, which he holds discretely in his hand.

He’s obviously waiting for information from his private investigators. For a moment, Kevin wonders if he did the right thing telling Robert about Jason. All the way in the back, he sees Tommy, standing all alone. When their eyes meet, Tommy only stick up his thumb. Kevin smiles, happy to see him here in spite of everything that has happened. At least his family is complete today.

Then he looks back at Scotty. He’s so beautiful. His nervous smile only makes him look sexier to Kevin and he can’t get over how blue his eyes are. Almost as if the excitement of the day enhances their color.

“… brought their own vows.” Oh, shit! The vow! Kevin had it memorized but his mind suddenly goes blank under the tension.
“Speech!” He hears William whisper sharply and he can see the confusion on Scotty’s face, so Kevin smiles as confidently as he can.

“I’m sorry. I was supposed to give you this speech that was well-rehearsed and that was a collection of carefully selected compliments coated with nice words. But… You deserve better than that….” He can see Scotty raise an eyebrow and Kevin breathes out his tension while his minds searches the words he wants to say.

His grip on Scotty’s hands tighten, as he brings them to his lips and places a kiss on them.
“Scotty, I don’t believe that there words to explain how happy I am, right now, that you wish to stand here, with me, and tell everyone that I’m the man you chose to be with.

I feel like I’m the luckiest man on this planet, because I have your love and … Most people in this room know my story by now. The accident, the years of seclusion and loneliness. I’ve been desperate and I’ve felt unwanted. I had no reason to die, but I had no reason to live either. And then,… Oh, how corny does this sound? … You came into my life.

You brought me so much. You gave me care, tenderness, sunshine, freedom, strength, …. And let’s not forget the delicious meals in the company of someone who’s funny, smart and entertaining. The food alone would be a good reason to marry you. …” Kevin teases gently and Scotty smiles. “ But we both know it’s more than that….

You gave me back my life, you made me enjoy my life again and …” He turns to William and William discretely offers him the ring and Kevin takes it from the velvet-covered dish. If his fingers had trembled the first time he put the ring on Scotty’s finger, this time he’s confident.

“Scotty, I promise, right here, in front of everyone, that I will do everything within my power to make you happy and to make you feel as loved and as cherished as I feel whenever I’m with you. I love you with all my heart and I give you all my love and devotion.”

Scotty laughs softly, suddenly less nervous, as he concentrates on Kevin’s face:
“Well, after that vow, I’m not sure what I can say. Except maybe I didn’t become whole, the Scotty I could be, until I was with you. You make me feel complete and perfect in all my imperfection.

I never want you to be anyone other than who you are, because you are the man I’ve fallen in love with. I want to share my life with you and I’m glad you wish to share yours with me. It's good to have a common goal…” Scotty smiles, when he sees the little grin on Kevin’s face appear. He glances over his shoulder to Justin, who quickly presents the ring.

“Kevin, with this ring, I promise you to love you, forsake all others and give you all my devotion. I love you with all my heart.” Scotty’s words are calm and clear and without hesitation either and so, a sigh of relief goes through the church as the minister tells them that they are married and that…

But Kevin doesn’t wait for the good man to finish. His mouth is already on Scotty’s and Scotty immediately replies to him. There’s laughter, but it’s all good humored and the family gathers to congratulate Kevin and Scotty, who almost loose each other amongst the well-wishers.


A little truck stops in front of a house, the open back of the truck shows some small furniture such as a mattress, a mirror and a small, but high cupboard all piled up on several boxes, bags and a large cool-box filled with food.
“Look at this, in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in Italy. Can life get any better?” Jason wonders.

“Who’s carry who across the threshold?” Chad asks, after opening up the door to their new house.
“You don’t really want to do that, do you, we've been married for months.” Jason wonders in return.
“But we're only now becoming a couple... but if that’s the way you feel …”

Without another word Chad picks up Jason and carries him into the house under Jason’s loud protest. They end up in the hall, in each other’s arms, both laughing carelessly. Jason is the first to look around.
“Wow! I love the hall.”

“Me too.”
“We have water.” Jason concludes opening the tab in the kitchen. “Can you even cook?”
“Yes, a bit. Scotty also taught me a few tricks. You?”
“No. Not at all.” Jason admits. “But I can learn. I brought cook-books.”

“I think we’re going to have to teach ourselves if we want to survive.”
“Look at that garden….” Jason sighs in awe at the wild flowers and high bushes.
“Going to be a lot of work to clear it, but it will be pretty when we’re done.” Chad can see it in his mind’s eye.

“Where’s the bedroom?” Chad wants to know now.
“Upstairs, according to the lay-out.” Jason holds up a piece of paper and they both go up the small stairs. “Oh, wow, Chad! Look at that view….”
“I suggest that we first get our mattress in place, so that we have a place to sleep tonight.”

Chad’s suggestion makes a lot of sense to Jason and after a lot of pulling and pushing the mattress ends up on the floor of the bedroom. They are both sweaty due to the warm weather and the fact that they aren’t used to such physical work. They let themselves fall on the bed.

“So, did I make the right choice? Regarding our house?” Jason asks.
“Yes, you did. I think this could become our dream-house…. I love the big kitchen, the wild garden, this large bedroom and even the bathroom looks okay. I mean, nothing a bucket of warm water and soap couldn’t solve.”

“It’s been empty for several years.” Jason apologizes for the dirt in the house.
“And we’re going to clean up the house with the rest of our lives. Out with the old, in with the new.”
“I’m looking forward to that.” Jason laughs and he turns to Chad. Char raises his hand and caresses Jason’s face.

“We’re going to do this, aren’t we? Together?” This time it seems like Chad is the one with doubts and Jason smiles in return. He leans over to kiss Chad.
“We will. And we’re going to start by claiming this mattress and this bedroom.”


“Kevin, Scotty, I have to leave.” Robert says and Kevin frowns.
“So soon?” He asks.
“I have a lead to the whereabouts of Jason. Apparently he bought a house in Italy…”
“Really?” Scotty suddenly seems tense.

“Robert,…” Kevin starts, regretting that he gave Robert a clue to begin with.
“Kevin, I heard you. I’ve heard every word you said. If I see for myself that Jason is happy, I will leave him be. I promise.”
“And I will help him stick to that promise.” Kevin looks at his sister Kitty.

“Ahm, yes.. well, Kitty has offered to come along…” Robert suddenly seems a little embarrassed and uncomfortable.
“Just helping a friend.” Kitty says calmly. Kevin hides his grin.

“Is that what they call it nowadays?” Kevin teases and he loves the blush that comes to Robert’s face and the wide grin on Kitty’s face. “I will trust you then, Kit.” Kevin says. “Go, as fast you can…” Scotty and Kevin say their goodbyes to Robert and Kitty, but once they’re gone, Scotty turns to Kevin.

“Do you think he will keep his promise?” Scotty worries.
“He’d better. The McCallisters may have a notorious reputation, but the only reason for that, is that the Walkers are smarter… Our families go back a long time. They know not to mess with us.”

Maybe it is because the words are spoken so calmly, and without acceptation of refusal, that they sound so threatening to Scotty.
“You will protect Jason, no matter what?” He asks.
“I will protect both Jason and Chad, no matter what.” Kevin corrects him.


The sun sets and the Italian sky turns beautifully red and orange. Jason and Chad enjoy the view from the terrace of their new home. They watch in silence, glass of wine casually in hand, the remains of their meals still on the table. They are both tired from clearing the truck from it's content, putting the few pieces of furniture they had bought in the house and giving everything it's proper place.

The bathroom is clean and the bed is waiting for them. They still have a lot of work downstairs and in the garden, but their combined effort had worked miracles on the first floor.
“I could get used to this.” Chad eventually says.

“Me too.” Jason smiles. His fingers thread with Chad’s and Chad places a kiss on his husband’s hand.
“Shall we go to bed early, Mr Finster, I’m kinda beat from all the hard work?” Chad asks.
“Sounds like the perfect idea. I’m exhausted as well.” Jason answers.


One look at the clock tells Kevin that it’s nearly 4 o’clock in the morning and Kevin has never been happier to finally take off his shoes.
“I’m beat.” He says rubbing his face. Scotty throws his clothes on the floor.
“If I have to smile at one more person, my face is going to crack.” Scotty sighs.

Kevin sits down on the bed.
“I’m hungry. I hardly had a bite to eat and way too much to drink. People kept introducing themselves and I felt like I would be impolite greeting them with my mouth stuffed with food, so I hardly had time to eat something.”

“I know. Everyone kept tugging at me as well….” Scotty sits down next to Kevin, feeling equally exhausted.
“This is supposed to be our wedding-night…” Kevin states listless. “but all I want to do is just get in bed, spoon up to you and sleep.”

Kevin and Scotty momentarily sit next to each other, neither of them moving.
“It hasn’t even sunk in yet that we’re actually, officially and really married.” Scotty points out. Kevin chuckles.
“Makes two of us.” He says.

“I actually like your idea. Spooning up. Sleep.” Scotty adds the last three words to explain what he’s referring to, as Kevin seems to already be asleep on his feet. “I have an idea… Why don’t we…?” He bends over to Kevin and whispers something in his ear.

Kevin's eyes widen and he wraps an arm around Scotty.
“Sounds like a perfect idea to me. Are you sure that it is what you want?” Kevin grins, looking suddenly less beat. Scotty nods.

Within a few seconds Scotty is under the blankets and soon enough Kevin follows him. As promised he spoons up to Scotty, kisses his shoulder with a tender kiss, before closing his eyes. A few seconds later both men are in a deep sleep, both of them with a smile on their face.




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