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Fanfic: Behind the mask 30/33

Behind the mask 30/33

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life






The rain pours down, but the Walkers are too excited with putting the last pieces of the preparations together for the upcoming wedding between Kevin and Scotty. They don’t care that the weather is bad. The forecast swears that it will be sunny and bright next Saturday, so they all hang on to that promise.

The butler enters and announces:
“Mr Robert McCallister.” He disappears again to let Robert in.
“Robert, it’s good to see you again.” William gets up to greet their guest. “How are you? It must have terrible!”

“Thank you, William.” Robert answers tiredly. He greets the others in the living room as well. Kitty, Justin, Kevin, Scotty and Nora. “It was terrible. Two weeks of interrogation by the police, being stuck in jail, haunted by the press and by my lawyers. …” He shakes his head. “I’m exhausted.”

“What exactly did happen that night? The news is so contradicting itself.” Nora asks.
“It started a long time ago. The McCallister-name was a name always associated with brutality and intimidation.” Robert starts to explain. “My father however wanted things to change. When he became head of the family, he tried to put some honor back into our name. And when he died, Jason and I tried to continue what dad had started…

We tried to be honest and fair and we thought we had been successful. One of the things that Jason had been proudest off was that swim-trophy. Someone else had been better, that person had had a nasty accident, but Jason had stepped up, worked hard and he had won the price…

Then he heard from Tommy, through Kevin, that it was all a lie. It hurt him so much. He no longer wanted to come home again…. He said that he and Chad would drop Jack and me off at the house and then he would just drive off with Chad. They’d buy whatever they needed on the way…. He was livid with the McCallisters in general. I was livid with Jack in particular.

By the way, thanks for coming to the police-station with Tommy, Kevin. At least now I know where the story came from. With Jack dead, Aaron finally dared to confirm that it had been Jack who had pushed him off the platform… The McCallisters will of course reimburse you, William.

All those years that you paid for him, thinking it was an accident on the Ojai-floor…” Robert sighs. William waves it away, but he’s glad that he knows what happened by now, it had always stung him that a child, who had just been doing some harmless temp work had been so badly injured at his place, but he knows it's not Robert's fault.

“So, what happened at the house?” Kevin wants to know.
“Oh, that. Ahm... I was furious. Jack and I argued and the fight became a physical one. He pushed me, I pushed him and he fell. When I realized that he was dead, I called the police…” Robert shrugs. “I’m sorry if I rush through this, I just… I’ve been over it so many times. I just … don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“And you shouldn’t have to.” Kitty answers sweetly as she hands him his drinks, which he accepts with a nod and a smile. She shyly smiles back at him.
“I’m sure it will be ruled as an accident. You might get a small sentence, but…” William softly says.

“I know, William, I don’t think that too many people are crying over the loss of Jack.” Somehow that makes Robert feel sad.
“No.” William has to admit.

“I’m just glad that the police left Jason and Chad alone, they only took their depositions, but Chad and Jason were far away when it happened… I’m just glad that they are safely in Wales.”

“They are?” Kevin asks. “Where in Wales are they? Perhaps Scotty and I can meet them, once we return there after our wedding.” Robert gives him a non-understanding look.
“They are your house.” Robert carefully answers.

Our house? No, they’re not.” Kevin shakes his head.
“Chad said that you gave them the key..” Robert looks from Kevin to Scotty, who seems equally surprised by Robert’s words.
“We didn’t.” Scotty is the one who talks now and Robert is confused.

“Then… Where are they?”
“I don’t know. We, that is Scotty and I, said our goodbyes to them in front of the house and then I went to tell you that they wanted to leave. And that if you and Jack wanted to join them, you should hurry up. That is the last time we’ve seen or heard from them.” Kevin recalls.

“Could Jason have had a key to the house… from way back then?” Scotty asks. Robert turns to Kevin, who shakes his head.
“No. He gave me back his key when we broke up….” Kevin answers immediately. “Besides, it would be no use, because Dryden changed the locks on the doors a few months after I moved there… Guess he didn’t want any unannounced guests showing up.”

Though Kevin shrugs it off with a smile the others can hear that it still bothers him. The mood turns very uneasy. If Jason and Chad are not at Kevin and Scotty’s house, where are they?
"You mean that Jason never went to see you in prison?" Kevin asks Robert. Robert shakes his head.

"No. But I could understand that. He would have been too exposed. And I did ask Chad to keep Jason away from London, believing that Jason would be better off in your house in Wales. They were never there at all?" Robert asks again. Kevin shakes his head.
"No. I'm sorry. Not that I know of and neither of them discussed it with Scotty or me. I'm certain of that."

A worried frown comes to Robert's handsome face. He had thought that Jason was safe, but now he has no idea where Jason is, what Chad is doing to him and if his own secret, that Jason was the one who killed Jack, is safe enough.


“Who on earth on the Asters?” Kevin asks later that night, trying to figure out from who he and Scotty have received cards with congratulations and acceptations to the wedding.
“Friends of your mother. She met them during a cruise four years ago.” Scotty answers immediately. “He’s nice. She is … horrible.”

“Isn’t that usually the case in a marriage?” Kevin jokes.
“Which one are we then in our marriage?” Scotty wants to know. Kevin grins.
“I want to be the ‘nice’ one. I’ve been a monster long enough.” Although he laughs, his fingers subconsciously slide over the scar that is closest to his ear.

Scotty sees it, slips off the bed and joins Kevin at his desk. He places a gentle kiss on Kevin’s ear and brushes away Kevin’s fingers.
“Why are you doing this? Let your mom take care of this…” He suggests, but Kevin shakes his head.

“No. We have over 200 guests on our wedding-day. I only know a handful of them, because they are my immediate family and people I know from 20 years ago. I feel like a stranger in my own family… Like, who are the Flynns? I know several of them, but which ones are these?”

“New board-members on Ojai.” Scotty answers after a look at the names.
“See, you know these things, I don’t.” Kevin seems upset.
“Baby, don’t do this. It’s going to be a busy day. They all know what happened to you. They will understand.”

“I don’t want them to feel sorry for me. I don’t want to spend my wedding-day feeling inadequate because I don’t know the names of the people who take the trouble to attend our wedding-day.” Kevin says. Scotty brushes Kevin’s hair back with his fingers and kisses Kevin full on the lips, silencing him, so he can say something in return.

“I don’t know everyone on the list either. They are associates of your dad, friends of your mother, people that are important to the lives of the Walkers and who live in their circles. I know some of them by name or sometimes by face, because Justin would occasionally drag me to one of your family’s parties. Let it go, sweetheart…”

“Are there any friends of yours amongst the guests?”
“My most important friend, Justin, is there. And that’s the only one I care about. In fact, to make my day perfect I only need four persons that day. You by my side, your dad and Justin as our witnesses and that man who will marry us. I don’t care about the rest.”

Kevin’s eyes fill with tears, because there’s so much love in Scotty’s words. So much more tenderness, that he ever believed he could find.
“I know you’re right…. Just one more?”

“The Finsters… They were honored by the invitation, but have to decline, because they have a honeymoon of their own. In Venice…?”
“Finster? Sorry, no…. Name rings a bell, but… I don’t know….” Scotty shakes his head and Kevin puts away the card.

“You’re right. Let’s go to bed.” Scotty helps him undress, a gesture much appreciated by Kevin, who rewards him with long deep kisses, that leaves both of them beg for more until, suddenly, Scotty pushes Kevin away, turns around, heads to the desk, where he searches through the cards until he finds what he’s looking for.

“I got it!” He says. Kevin gives him a disturbed look, not happy that their kissing got interrupted over an invitation. “The Finsters! J and C Finster. Jason and Chad!…. Barry was Chad’s stage-name. It was his mom’s last name. But Chad’s last name originally was Finster.”

That is a card from Jason and Chad?” Kevin asks.
“Chad always wanted to go to Venice… He dreamed about it, but never had the courage. Different language. Different food. Different people. He was a bit nervous about that.” Scotty remembers.

“Jason speaks fluent Italian…. He had an aunt who lived somewhere in Italy. She died when he was eleven.”
“You don’t think….?” Scotty’s eyes widen and Kevin reads the card again. Yes, it could be Jason’s handwriting…

“Oh, I think that Chad and Jason have successfully escaped from the McCallisters… For now anyway…” Kevin laughs. “Jason deserves that…. Looking back, I can see that Jack was always the evil lurking in the dark… There was always something sinister about the McCallisters, something I couldn’t put my finger on.

I mean, I liked Robert. He was a decent guy. I was in love with Jason, so Jason couldn’t do anything wrong. I was never scared for either of them. But … if you were in their house, you couldn’t escape the feeling that you were watched by 10 million eyes. I would feel like being hunted on all the time…

It was so weird. It was really suffocating to be there. I knew that if I would marry Jason, I didn’t want to live there. I wanted a place of my own. Far away from the McCallisters… Worst was that Jason wanted the same. He couldn’t get enough of my family, but he tried to break free from his own…” Kevin becomes quiet. His thoughts are someplace else.

“Well, seems like he finally got away… Should we tell Robert?” Scotty wonders. Kevin shakes his head.
“Not yet. Let them be happy for a while. If Jason is only half as happy with Chad, as I am with you, then he has already found more happiness than he's ever had before…”

“I think that Chad really likes Jason.” Scotty says.
“I think that they could even fall madly in love with each other, given a chance.” Kevin agrees. “Off course, they’d have to get over us first…” He sighs , then he grins… “And we’re pretty unforgettable.” He teases.

He wraps his arms around Scotty, who immediately responds to him, by picking up where he had left their kissing.
“You’re right.” Scotty tells Kevin between two kisses. “I want them to be in love though.… as much as I am in love with you.” Kevin gives him a loving smile and pulls him into another kiss.




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