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Fanfic: Behind the mask 29/?

Behind the mask 29/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




Jason enters the hall of the McCallister house. All the way home he had listened to Jack McCallister whining and crying over the marriage that would happen between Kevin and Scotty and how Jason had failed to gain Kevin back. He had been snubbing Chad because he hadn’t been able to keep that little piece of trash – he meant Scotty – to himself.

He had wondered out loud, what kind of losers Jason and Chad were. If Chad had done a better job at seducing Scotty, he wouldn’t have been a threat to Jason’s grip on Kevin. Robert had rolled his eyes in the dark, annoyed beyond belief. The wall of silence that had come from Jason had almost crushed all of them.

Chad had remained quiet. He had no longer listened to a word that Jack had said. He had been too worried about Jason. Neither of them had reason to not believe Kevin, or what he had told about what Tommy had witnessed. Jason had somehow not even been surprised by the story, as if he had quietly suspected that there had been something going on.

But now that they are in hallway of the McCallister house, Chad can see Jason’s face and Chad realizes that Jason is beyond being angry. Now that they are finally in the privacy of their own home, Chad fears the worst. Jason throws his coat on the stairs and walks straight up to the cabinet that has all the trophies that had been won by the McCallisters.

He yanks open the door, grabs the one he won for the school-swimming-contest, slams the door closed and smashes the trophy with considerable force through the glass of the cabinet. A rain of glass-splinters covers the hall, as Jason uses his swim-trophy to wipe the other trophies that he had earned right off their shelves.

Those that don’t fall get hammered on with the swim-trophy until they are dented, broken or bruised. All the rage that Jason feels is put into the carnage that he creates in in and around the cabinet. Chad is shocked by the brutality, but not half as much as Robert and Jack are.

“What the…?” Robert cannot even finish his question, because Jason turns to him, his face filled with hatred.
“Useless trash, that’s what it is. I didn’t earn it! I never did! It was stolen from others! Others who were entitled to earn them, but weren’t given the chance!”

“What are you talking about? You worked very hard to get that swim-trophy!” Robert reminds him and Jason nods in full agreement with his brothers’ words.

“Yes! I did! I worked my ass off to be better than the others. But there was one better than me. His name was Aaron! And no matter how hard I worked, Aaron was always better. I had more or less resigned to the fact that he would win, but I that I would be the closest second ever. A

nd then he had a terrible accident. Ended up in a wheel-chair and suddenly the fate of the school-swimming-team depended on me. I was upset about Aaron, but I worked harder than ever before. I wanted him to be proud of me. I wanted the school to be proud of me. I wanted everyone to be proud of me. … And I won! And I was the hero that year! It was one of my proudest moments ever! And now it turns out to be nothing but meaningless shit! Worthless! Useless!”

There is so much rage in Jason that Robert starts to share Chad’s concern.
“What are you talking about?” Robert says. “You earned it! You worked hard for it!”
“Yes I worked out, but I didn’t earn it. Jack put my competitor in a wheel-chair to make sure that I’d win!!”

“What?!” Robert’s jaw drops and he turns to Jack. He’s somehow not even surprised when it turns out that Jack won’t even bother to deny it.
“That’s right! It had to be done. No one puts the McCallisters to shame.” He says with a look of righteousness on his face.

“But that exactly what happened. Disgrace! Shame! I am ashamed of carrying the McCallister-name. I am ashamed of all the bullying that is done in our name…” Jason bites back.
“How can you say that?! You are a McCallister!” Jack yells.

“Who cares? That doesn’t mean you can get away with murder, or with putting someone in a wheel-chair because he’s better at something than you are.” Robert disagrees, completely in shock.
“I had to make sure that the family-name would be upheld.” Jack says again.

“By disgracing it? By putting shame on it?” Jason asks.
“Don’t be such spineless fruit.” Jack comments. “Stop acting like a girl who just broke her nail! You won that trophy. It doesn’t matter how...”
“The hell it matters!” Jason replies furiously.

“I agree with Jason!” Robert now says. “This is no longer a victory for us. My dad and I wanted this to stop. For years, our family was known for how it used intimidation and bullying to get what it wanted. My dad wanted us to be proud of our name again. He wanted honesty, fair play and no intimidation. And what do you do?”

“I’m making sure that the name of our family is still held in high regard!” Jack answers.
“Because you, a grown man, put a 13-year old kid in a wheel-chair? Wow! What a hero!” Jason replies sarcastically and Jack moves closer to Jason.
“If you don’t shut up, I’ll…”

Robert puts himself between Jack and Jason.
“You’ll do what? Touch one hair on Jason’s body and I’ll kill you, I swear.” Robert says. Jack snorts.
“You? You’re just as much a weakling as him and that tramp of his.” Jack points at Jason and Chad.

“Leave me out of this.” Chad calmly says.
“Or what?” Jack asks again, looking from Robert to Jason to Chad.
“You may regret it.” Chad answers. He so calm that Robert cannot help but be impressed. Jack’s laughter is an unpleasant one.

“So what are you going to do to stop me, you little weasel?” He pushes Chad backwards, but, contrary to what he expected, Chad doesn’t cower away, but actually holds his ground.
“I want you to get out of this house.” Chad suddenly says. “You don’t belong here.”

“What?” Jack’s mouth falls open, surprised that Chad would suddenly turn against him after all these months of quietly suffering the abuse directed at him. But Chad feels strengthened by the fact that Jason is on his side and also by the need to protect Jason after all that Kevin has told him.

“You are a threat to Jason. So, either you leave this house or Jason and I will.” Chad warns. Robert quickly looks at Jason and suddenly worries about losing his brother, because Jason doesn’t protest Chad’s ultimatum.
“Jason isn’t going anywhere.” Jack says and he moves towards Jason.

Chad places himself between Jason and Jack, but Jack pushes him aside. Just before he manages to grab hold of Jason, Robert moves again to come between Jack and Jason. But it’s too late. Scared as he is, Jason gives Jack a giant push backwards. Jack hadn’t counted on this. He loses his balance, falls backwards and hits his head on the corner of the trophy-cabinet.

There’s a nauseating cracking sound and Robert backs away. He watches Jack's body slowly slide to the floor, while Chad takes Jason in his arms to push him away from Jack. Slowly blood starts to form on the floor and Robert watches in horror.
“Oh, my God, is he…?” Jason doesn’t dare to finish his question, but Chad slowly lets go of him.

He walks towards Jack and feels for a pulse. Nothing. He looks up at Robert.
“Robert… Jack is dead. Jason killed him.” He says. Robert shakes his head, unable to understand what Chad just said.
“No… No, he didn’t kill him.” Robert stammers.

“I gave him the last push.” Jason reminds him terrified.
“You didn’t mean to…” Robert is clearly upset. Chad takes a deep breath.
“Of course not.” He says calmly. “But you and Jason can forget about politics, with this death hanging over your heads.”

Robert seems lost for a moment and Chad continues:
“You have to either call the police and try to get away with it, by telling the truth. Or ... you get rid of the body.” Robert looks at Jason, who’s pale and in shock.
“You have to get Jason out of here.” Robert tells Chad. The two men look at each other.

Chad hesitates for a second, but then nods.
“What are you going to do?”
“I don’t know. But you and Jason need to get out of here. Get back to the car. Book a hotel-room for yourself and Jason.

This never happened, you hear me? We left the party, you dropped Jack and me off here at the house and you left for the hotel. You never set foot in this house, you don’t know what happened here. You two just wanted the privacy of a night together outside this house…. Now go!” Robert orders.

Jason is too numb to disobey, and walks out the door, towards the car, but Chad stops at the door.
“You know, Robert, I don’t condone what Jack did, but I cannot condone you’re trying to sweep this under the rug either….”
“Just get Jason out of here.” Robert no longer orders but pleads.

“Fine… But you’ll owe me.”
“What? Even you should be able to understand that telling about this, will only implicate you in this crime as well.” Robert answers Chad’s challenge, but Chad merely smiles and crosses his arms in front of his chest. With a sweet, but vindictive smile he answers.

“Yes, but, as you McCallisters have constantly reminded me, I’m just a worthless little good-for-nothing actor. No one cares about me. You, on the other hand.…. are in deep shit. The McCallister name in the mud. It will wreck your relationship with the Walkers. It will ruin Jason’s career. You can’t afford to screw this up, Robert…”

“What do you want from me?” Robert asks. Chad thinks quickly and then answers.
“Kevin Walker has offered to let us stay in their house in Wales for a while. As a matter of fact, he gave Jason and me a key to the place, so that is where Jason and I will be going. No sleazy hotel for us. You will call off your watch-dogs and you will leave Jason and me alone.

I will take care of Jason, help him calm down. I will be there for him, but I don’t want you or any paparazzi anywhere near us. You deal with that body in any way you see fit. Jason and I didn’t see anything. We merelye dropped you two off here and went to Wales.”
“You got it.” Robert says between clenched teeth annoyed that Chad could put a knife to his throat. Chad grins, nods and leaves.



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