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welcome to my fantasies
"The Scapegoat" released earlier... 
22nd-Aug-2012 02:21 pm
actor matthew rhys
I love amazon.co.uk for making my already good day even better. Their email that the DVD will now be in my mailbox on 12/13 September made me do a little happy-dance (no, honestly, you do NOT want to see that!)

Happy nonetheless. Mhmmm, double Matthew.
22nd-Aug-2012 12:28 pm (UTC)
Looks fab, will definitely be watching.
23rd-Aug-2012 07:31 pm (UTC)
I honestly can't wait. :)
22nd-Aug-2012 12:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the information I might have to spend my limited amount of money buying this :)

Looks really good :)
23rd-Aug-2012 07:30 pm (UTC)
I definitely would! I'm SO curious about this movie. I can hardly wait to hold it in my greedy little hands. (well, greedy BIG hands)
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