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Fanfic: Behind the mask 26/?

Behind the mask 26/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




Scotty puts the cold water on the towel and uses it as a cold compress, hoping that it will prevent his eyes from becoming even more puffy. He hopes for a few minutes more of being alone, so he can pull himself together again, but it’s not given to him. With the compress hardly 2 seconds on his eyes, he hears footsteps outside the door.

The door opens and Kevin enters.
“Are you okay? Have you been crying?” He asks concerned.
“No. Not really. I just … got my hand caught in the door. It hurt, so I cried and I cursed a lot.” Scotty tries to down play his feelings.

“Oh. Nothing broken?”
“No…” Only my heart. “No, I’m fine.”
“Good. We need to talk…” Kevin starts and Scotty feels an incredible pain inside. Scotty nods, unable to say a word.

“Scotty…” Kevin start, but at that moment there’s a loud knock on the door and it immediately flies open. It’s Justin.
“First guests are coming. Dad needs you two downstairs...  immediately. And that’s an order.” Kevin turns to Scotty.

“We need to talk… As soon as possible.”
“After the party?” Scotty offers, a throat thick with held-back tears.
“After the party.” Kevin agrees and they both leave the room feeling like some crises was averted.


Scotty calmly enters the reception-room. His last check in the mirror has shown him that his eyes are no longer red and he feels more confident. Whatever will happen after tonight, this night he’ll be the perfect host, he will laugh and make jokes and no one will know that he’s dying inside. Least of all Kevin. Or Jason. Or the Walkers.

He knows a lot of people from previous dinners at the house, but he has to admit that Justin had always kept away from the McCallisters, because Justin felt, and still feels, that Jason betrayed his beloved brother. If Justin only knew…
“Scotty? How nice to meet you. I’m Robert McCallister.”

Scotty tries to be merely polite, but Robert is nice to look at, charming in his presence and very adequate in debate, so he’s hard to dislike. Kevin and Robert greet like old friends, there's even a hug. Jason is not far behind Robert and Scotty gets introduced to him as well. Scotty would love to hate Jason as well, but he can’t.

He sees a young man, torn up over something.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Jason says breathlessly and Scotty wonders if he notices a hint in his behavior. Jason doesn’t look at him, but past him, that’s for sure. “This is my husband, the well-known actor Chad Barry.”

“Nice to meet you.” Scotty manages to casually say, shaking Chad’s hand and acting like they never met before or hadn’t fucked each other all night in Scotty’s previous apartment. Without knowing it Scotty earns the respect of both Robert and Jason with his calm appearance.

Chad holds Scotty’s hand just a little longer than is required, before he lets him go.
“Likewise.” Chad nods friendly, then he turns around, reaches for the wine and turns his back to Scotty to focus on other guests. It’s a movement that makes Scotty raise an eyebrow and Jason shakes his head with a little embarrassment.

“My husband is such a social person, wants to talk to everybody.” Jason half-apologizes.
“I know… and he’s so good at talking…” Scotty replies in the most friendliest fashion, then as if absent-mindedly correcting himself, he continues: “I mean, I know people like him. Popular. Interesting…. Expensive…” He adds the last word quietly, but Jason heard him anyway.

Their eyes meet and Scotty wishes that he wouldn’t think that Jason is very attractive, but he does, and he can understand why Kevin is so attracted to him.
“Please, forgive me, I have to talk to other guests as well.” Scotty says with a polite nod and he quickly puts as much distance between himself and Jason as he can.

For a while Robert and William amuse themselves with watching a dance where Kevin, Scotty, Chad and Jason each try to move about the room without running into each other. Sometimes it’s even painfully funny, but both men wonder why Jason looks so tense and Kevin seems so distracted, while Chad is oozing way too much charm and Scotty is too calm.

Eventually it’s inevitable. Chad and Scotty meet, near the open doors that lead to the garden, as they are trying to get a breath of fresh air.
“I need to talk to you.” Chad quickly says. “Not here. Is there a place we can meet?”
“End of the hall. There’s a large library. Ten minutes.” Scotty replies as fast as he can.

Chad watches him walk away and he lets out a sigh of relief. Finally he will be able to hold Scotty in his arms again. He sees Scotty leave the reception-room. He keeps an eye on the clock, exchanges some nice words here and there, before slipping out of the room as well, so he can find this library that Scotty was talking about.

Finding it isn’t difficult. Scotty left the door open a bit, so Chad can see him. Chad enters the library and closes the door behind him.
“Scotty.” He’s clearly happy to see Scotty, something that Scotty appreciates more than maybe he should, considering their break-up.

Chad is still as handsome and as attractive as ever and Scotty has to admit that his heart is beating faster than he’d like and an old familiar feeling of excitement bubbles up in him again. Their relationship had always been secretive and it had always been a bit of a turn on for Scotty, this idea of getting caught at doing something you maybe shouldn’t do.

Chad bridges the gap between in two, three steps. He takes Scotty’s face between his hands and kisses Scotty without further delay. Scotty makes a surprised noise, first leaning in to the kiss, only to take a step backwards to break the kiss.
“I’m so glad that you're back to be with me.” Chad says, having noticed how Scotty responded to him.

“I am?” Scotty wonders, a bit surprised by Chad’s presumption.
“You’re here. You wanted this meeting….”
“You said you wanted to talk. So... Fine.... Talk....”
“I get it. You’re mad. I was terrible with you. And you didn’t deserve that.”

“No. I didn’t. If you wanted to break up with me to marry your cash-cow, you could have done it without trying to make me feel cheap. I wasn’t the one offering my ass to the highest bidder.” Scotty coldly points out. Chad winces.
“I know. I’m sorry. I just wanted you to be done with me and not look back…”

Scotty is tempted to sarcastically say ‘Well, you succeeded’, but he doesn’t say a word and the silence unnerves Chad.
“I know I was terrible, but I was really hurt too when I walked out. I was in love with you, but I believed that Jason would give what I needed… and that was stupid.

Because I quickly found out that it didn’t work. I couldn’t put you out of my mind. So, I went back to apologize and to beg you to take me back, but your landlady told me you were gone and she didn’t know where… I thought that it might be better this way and left it at that… But I’ve missed you so much.”

“Tell me honestly, Chad, do you know about my recent cash-flow boost?” Scotty asks. Chad hesitates, but then nods.
“Robert told me. He would love to see Jason and me split up.”
“He may get his wish.”

“What do you mean?” Chad asks.
“Jason arrived earlier than Robert and you.”
“I know he was here before I got here.” Chad has a suspicious look on his face.
“He and Kevin had time to talk apparently.”

“I don’t understand? You caught them arguing?” Chad sounds too hopeful to his own taste.
“No. Their lips were otherwise engaged.” Scotty replies cynically and he watches, with a bit satisfaction, how the news isn’t going down well with Chad.

“Kevin kissed Jason?” Chad eventually asks. Scotty carelessly shrugs.
“I don’t know who did what first. All I know is that they ended up kissing and that I got out of there, before either one would see me…. You seem upset? Which is kind of ironic, when you realize that you just had lips all over mine.”

“I just never thought that Jason…” Chad stops. “I knew he still had feelings for Kevin, but not that he would work so fast at getting Kevin back.”
“Pissed off that he you beat to the punch?” Scotty grins sarcastically. Chad looks at him. He can hardly recognize the man standing before him. Scotty had always been easy to charm, but now he seems to hold his ground and determined to not let Chad win him back.

“This must hurt you too. You were about to get married to Kevin, I hear?” Chad replies, glad to see that for a second he seems to have caught Scotty off guard.
“I think I can safely say the marriage is off.”

“So, then…” Chad approaches Scotty with a hopeful smile, but Scotty stops him.
“Not so fast. I may have lost Kevin to Jason, Jason hasn’t lost you to me. You didn’t want me to look back, so I won’t. That kiss we just had, made it clear to me, that the book on you and me is closed. I’m sorry, but we are completely through.” Scotty says.

He leaves the library, not daring to look back, afraid he might change his mind. It had taken all his strength to push Chad away after having just lost Kevin and now he feels completely empty. He rushes up the stairs to the bedroom, that he and Kevin share, but when he enters he knows his pain isn’t over yet.

Kevin sits on the bed. He seems startled when Scotty barges into the room, but Kevin quickly recovers. Scotty feels his stomach flutter with fear.
“Scotty, we need to talk. Seriously. We need to talk.” Kevin insists and Scotty knows everything is over.
“I agree…. Let’s get this over with.” Scotty replies defeated.




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