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Fanfic: Behind the mask 23/?

Behind the mask 23/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“So, how do you feel now?” Scotty asks. They are back in their bedroom, or rather Kevin’s old bedroom, and they are about ready to go to bed. Scotty is the first to be undressed and under the sheets, but Kevin still walks around, still filled with the excess energy of his confrontation with Tommy.

“I don’t know. Somehow unsatisfied, because, in a way, Tommy was right. One of the reasons that it all took so long, was because everyone enabled him to do it…. I know. I can’t hate or blame everyone in my family. Justin was just a kid, what could he do? Same goes for Kitty and maybe even Sarah. They were younger than me. They never knew better.

Perhaps it was also a case of having grown accustomed to my not being there. It’s like having a family-member who lives overseas. They’re there. You know it. You just don’t spend every waking minute worrying about them. But… With mom and dad…. It doesn’t feel the same.

I had been injured and they just blindly trusted a kid, a man younger than me, to look after me. Tommy was wrong, but he wasn’t the only one.”
“Do you plan to forgive Tommy?” Scotty wonders, considering Kevin’s anger of earlier this day.

“Not yet. I’m not ready for that. There’s still …” Kevin stops and tries to identify what he feels. “.. betrayal. It’s still there. That part still hurts.”
“I wish I could take away your pain.” Scotty replies sweetly. Kevin sits down on the bed and moves closer to Scotty.

“You can…” Kevin’s eyes beg for a kiss and Scotty reaches out to him. He pulls him closer and his lips caress Kevin’s. “See… feeling better already.” Kevin straddles Scotty’s legs and he wraps his arms around Scotty. Body to body they lose themselves in a warm and tender kiss, until Kevin has to let him go with a little moan.

“I want more, so much more.” He sighs and he pushes away the sheets that are between them. An amused smile comes to his face when he sees that Scotty is already naked under the sheets. “You had… plans… with that?” He points at Scotty’s erection and Scotty grins.

“Well, I felt you could need a little release, ...or a lot, ...after today’s tension. And if you hadn’t been in the mood, I would have … simply said it’s hot in here…”
“Oh, you are hot…” Kevin agrees… “And I have just what it takes to cool you down…” He pushes Scotty’s hand down to Kevin’s own erection….

They resume their kissing, stroking each other and playing with each other until they are both close to the edge, that's when Kevin breaks the kiss again.
“… Want you inside of me…” He mumbles and Scotty doesn’t have to be asked twice. He quickly pushes Kevin on his back and reaches over his head.

The preparation is sloppy, but Kevin is too aroused to let the discomfort of it bother him. He forgives Scotty as soon as Scotty whispers ‘sorry, but I want you so much’ in his ear. It’s the last coherent thing he says as he pushes deeper inside and he manages to make not only himself, but also Kevin come within a few thrusts.

Kevin curls up against Scotty. He’s too tired to talk, too drained to form opinions. He just wants to feel safe with Scotty. Scotty wraps an arm around him, whispers sweetly ‘I love you’ but Kevin is even too exhausted to answer to that. He only pouts his lips to a kiss, but then sleep takes over....




Tommy’s head rests on his hand, his elbow is on the bar. His drink is disgusting, but he can’t seem to quit drinking it. It numbs the misery he feels inside. He startles when he feels a hand on his shoulder and the feel of someone sitting down next to him.
“A bourbon for him and a beer for me.” Kevin places some money on the counter.

Tommy glares at his brother, wondering what the hell Kevin is doing here.
“Came to gloat? Wanted to give the knife in my back one more twist? If you’re looking for something to put in my wounds, the salt is over there.” Tommy says bitterly.
“Oh, stop being such a drama-queen.” Kevin looks at his brother using the mirror on the wall. "You reap what you sow."

“Why are you here?” Tommy asks.
“I honestly don’t know.” Kevin answers. “Justin said this was your favorite place to hang out. before you met Julia. I figured you might be here.”
“That doesn’t explain the why.” Tommy states more to-the-point than he thought possible.

“True. I’m clueless. Don’t know why I’m here. I still try to figure everything out. … “ Kevin pauses, but then speaks again. “I have a question.”
“Shoot. You deserve answers.” Tommy replies with a shrug.
“Would it have bothered you as much if I would have married a Wandell?”

Tommy stares at Kevin, as if the question seems rather random to him. He starts to giggle. Then, seeing Kevin isn’t amused, he tries to be more serious.
“I find the question strange. Wally was about as straight as they come. Scotty was a kid. I never saw Scotty as anything but a kid. Still do… So, your question is... weird?”

“Fair enough. Let me rephrase it. You don’t seem to care that I want to marry Scotty, but you seemed to have something against Jason… Why do you hate the McCallisters so much?”
“Never hated Jason. He may have been as spineless as a jelly-fish, but he was completely crazy for you…”

“But you compared his family to a ‘criminal organization’. You must have a reason for that.” Kevin seems confused and Tommy looks at him. He seems in deep thought and for a moment Kevin thinks that Tommy may be too far drunk to give a decent answer, but then Tommy picks up his glass and sits closer to Kevin.

A wave of alcohol washes over Kevin, and, by the smell of him, it would seem that Tommy didn’t have a shower in a few days either. Tommy closes his eyes, trying to reorganize his thoughts, before he makes his first attempt at saying something. He leans even closer to Kevin and in conspiratory tone he whispers.

“I saw him put a guy in a wheel-chair.”
“Who? Jason?”
“No. No. Jelly-fish, remember? Stay with me on this story…”
“You’re not making any sense.” Kevin points out.

“His uncle… Dzzzz Jack.”
“Jack McCallister? What do you mean?”
“What do you mean by ‘what do you mean’, what part of ‘I saw Jack McCallister put a guy in a wheel-chair’ don’t you understand? Jeez, you’re so slow sometimes.”

“Yes. The countless years that you drugged me up, don’t help.” Kevin immediately returns. “I mean. Who is the guy in the wheel-chair? Why did Jack do him? Why have you never said anything before? …. Are you making this up?”
“Nu-uh.” Tommy resolutely shakes his head.

He puts 2 fingers in the air.
“Truth, nothing but the truth, God and the rest of it.” Tommy swears not too eloquently. Kevin raises an eyebrow in question and Tommy feels he should give an explanation. “Do you remember Aaron…? He was on the same swim-team as Jason? And me...?

You had ‘feelings’, whatever that means, for him, when you were 14-15 years old? One of the first times you realized you were gay? He was Jason’s biggest competitor on the swim-team. He was just better and faster than Jason?”
“Yes. I remember him. Had a holiday-job at Ojai. Fell from the platform, one night.”

“No. He didn’t fall. Well, he did, but he had help to get all the way down….” Tommy starts to giggle and Kevin clears his throat to indicate that it’s not funny, considering the fact that Aaron ended up in a wheel-chair. Tommy tries to get a straight face again, fails and has another fit of giggles.

“Two coffee, please. Extra strong.” Kevin orders and he hears Tommy mumble something about him being a party-pooper. Kevin takes Tommy by the arm and drags him to the corner, where it's more quiet. It’s only after drinking his coffee, that Tommy can resume his story in a more serious way.

“I had a chore to finish. I shouldn’t have been in the warehouse, but you know how much I loved it to walk amongst those crates with food and vegetables and touch them and, you know, feel them… It makes them real and… Never mind. I shouldn't have been there, but I was, when I saw Jack walk up to Aaron…

He pushed Aaron towards the wall at first, saying that he wanted Aaron to drop out of the competition, so Jason would win. Aaron said no. Jack said that he’d better drop out ‘or else…’ I don’t think Aaron believed him. He laughed and said again that he would not do it.

Jack then started shoving him around and Aaron tried to defend himself. Jack gave him one last push and then Aaron fell backwards from the platform, hurting his back and spine.”
“Dad thought it was a work-related accident. He’s been paying forever for that kid. Why have you never said anything to anybody?”

Tommy laughs sarcastically at Kevin’s question and shakes his head in disbelief.
“Yes, sure. I would walk up to a police-officer and say ‘Hey, I’m Tommy, I’m fourteen years old and I just saw Jack McCallister put a kid in a wheel-chair. Yes, that Jack McCallister, the one who’s family owns half the town, including the chief of police and a few judges.’…?”

Kevin slowly takes a sip from his coffee while his mind works to process Tommy’s story.
“You do believe me, don’t you?” Tommy asks. Kevin nods.
“Yes. I do. Somehow... I can somehow imagine him doing such a thing. He didn’t mind controlling people or hurting them. “ Kevin has to admit.

“I was sure they’d bring nothing but problems to our family…” Tommy shrugs. “Not an excuse, just a statement.”
“I need to think about this…” Kevin says and he gets up from the table. Tommy looks up at him.

“Do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive me?” He asks. Suddenly, to Kevin, he’s the 14-year old kid again. His face softens.
“You’re my brother. I’m trying. I’ve already wasted too much time, to also waste energy on being angry. I don’t want to be angry or carry grudges. Just give me a little time.”

“I… I’m sorry for what I did to you. At the time, I knew it was wrong, but I managed to reason it away… somehow. You see, when you were no longer there, dad started to depend more on me. Made me feel special. Made me feel important. I wanted dad to notice me.

And just when I started to feel comfortable with being the new ‘first son’, Dryden came with the news that your face was healing… I panicked… I was wrong. I should have taken the chance to let you come back, but … I wasn’t ready to give up my new position in this family…

Then the years passed and … it became impossible to correct the mistake, without anyone finding out what we had done... I’ve been so stupid…”
“Yes. You were. There’s no way to make it any less stupid.”
“And now I’m the one who has lost everything. Guess it’s a good pay-back.”

Kevin looks at his brother. Partially he feels sorry for him, partially he wants to just tell him that he just got what he had coming to him.
“I make no promises, but I’ll talk to the others…” His promise is half-hearted.
“That would be nice.” Tommy says, but he has no faith in Kevin’s words.




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