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Fanfic: Behind the mask 21/?

Behind the mask 21/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“Robert, we need to talk.” Robert can’t help it that an annoyed sigh escapes him. “We need to talk about this situation with Jason and that …. Chad!” Jack McCallister, the uncle of Robert and Jason, nearly spits out Chad’s name.
“What ‘situation’ are you referring to, Uncle Jack?” Robert asks tiredly.

“This supposed marriage between them. It must end.” Jack demands and Robert stiffens. He hates it to be ordered around like this.
“I know Chad isn’t exactly ‘our kind’, but Jason has made his choice and…” He tries.
“Of course he’s not ‘our kind’. It’s about time that this entire charade ends.”

Robert turns to his uncle.
“Uncle Jack, whether we like it or not, Jason seems to be happy with Chad and I want my brother to be happy.”
“Why did you allow this loser to return to the stage anyway?” Jack ignores Robert's words.

“Because Jason asked me to.” Robert answers.
“We had everything well under our control. With Chad unable to play anywhere, he wouldn’t be able to bring shame on our family….”
“…. but it made Jason miserable.” Robert adds.

“Chad is trash and you know it.”
“I don’t know it, uncle Jack. For now, Chad plays by the rules. There are no scandals and he’s most attentive to Jason in public. No one can say a wrong word about him.”

It occurs to Robert that somehow it doesn’t even bother him that he ends up defending Chad. It’s something that should worry him. He had after all never liked Chad and now he’s here defending him. How weird is that?

“… And there’s something else. Since a few days, Chad and Jason meet up at the weirdest places. A bench in the park or on the quay-side and yet no paparazzi is there to find out what is going on between those two?”
“I’ve told them to ‘back off or else…’.” Robert confesses.

“Why would you do that?” Jack wants to know and Robert feels annoyed again.
“I want my brother to be left alone, every once in a while.”
“We have no idea what is going on between those two now.”
“Good. Leave them be. Just give them enough rope to hang themselves with.”

“What do you mean?” Jack asks arrogantly, making it easier for Robert to lie.
“Chad isn’t going to screw up with the family constantly breathing down his neck. No, the only way to lead them to a break up, is to give the Chad the freedom to think he’s off the hook.

Let him believe that he has escaped from the family’s constant scrutiny, let him be lulled into believing that he’s in a safe enough place to cheat on Jason without getting noticed and then… He will found out that he was never safe from us to begin with.” Robert calmly says and Jack laughs.

“So, you’re still not endorsing that marriage?”
“No, of course not.” Robert laughs, but when Jack walks away, satisfied with the answer, Robert’s smile vanishes and a frown comes to his face, as he’s caught between family loyalty and the love for his brother.

At some point, he’s going to have to chose a side, but he doesn’t know which one. Jason, for the first time in years, seems to be very happy, despite the fact that Chad would be about the worst match possible. And isn’t his brother’s happiness supposed to outweigh that of the other McCallisters?


“Are you sure, Kevin?” William asks.
“Yes, dad, I am. Tommy is coming home tomorrow, that will give me two days to find out what I need to know, and maybe get some more evidence, one way or the other. I think that by Saturday, I’ll be ready to meet more people. And a small party would be a nice gesture…"

“However, if I invite Robert McCallister, it’s most likely that Jason McCallister will show up too.”
“I’m aware of that.”
“And Chad, who…” William stops, wondering if Kevin knows about Chad and Scotty.

“… Is Scotty’s ex, I know.” Kevin nods. William frowns, getting an uneasy feeling.
“It might get awkward….”
“I understand that Chad and Jason are happily married. Scotty and I have seen the pictures in the magazines.”

“I’m sure that neither Jason nor Chad will begrudge us our own happiness…” Kevin replies coldly and William takes a step back.
“Well, if you’re sure… we’ll invite them.”


Robert puts down his phone and returns to the dining-room.
“Well, that was interesting.” He says, looking at Jason and Chad who are having dinner as well.
“What was?” Jason asks, knowing it is expected of him.

Chad doesn’t say anything. He’s used to it by now that everyone ignores him.
“That was William Walker… Kevin’s father.” He says and Jason looks up with cynicism on his face.
“I know who William Walker is.” He replies, wondering what is going on.

“He actually called about Kevin.” Robert now says and, for just a few seconds, Jason’s fork remains motionless, somewhere between Jason’s dish and his mouth, but then he finishes eating.
“What happened to him?” Jason tries to sound casual, though he’s terrified that he will hear that Kevin died somewhere in Wales, without Jason ever being able to fix anything.

“He’s back in London.” Robert doesn’t take his eyes off his brother, who starts to look a little sick. “He came back home to reunite with his family and to celebrate his impending wedding.”
“His what?” Jason looks stunned.

“He’s going to marry Scotty. Scotty Wandell.” Robert calmly says and with a clanking sound Chad’s fork falls on his dish, startling both Jason and Robert. Chad and Jason stare at each other, each trying to figure out what the other one is feeling. Robert notices the panic in both men and laughs inwardly.

If Jason is still in love with Kevin and Chad with Scotty, then a meeting with these four men will certainly be interesting and maybe solve his issues with choosing between being loyal to his brother and being loyal to his family. The McCallisters never had a problem with Kevin, whom they considered ‘one of us’.

If Jason and Kevin could rekindle their love, it would mean getting rid of Chad in a decent way. Chad and Scotty certainly wouldn’t mind finding comfort with each other and that would maybe bring them some happiness as well, as Chad seems to still have feelings for Scotty. Yes, this could be a solution to all his problems.


Kitty and Sarah both look as if stricken by lightning. Their joy over the return of their brother had changed into horror when they had found out about Tommy and Dryden’s actions against Kevin. Sarah shakes her head.
“I find it so hard to believe.”

“It’s all there… Even your mother agrees with how I read it all.” Tyler replies quietly.
“I know. It’s not your fault, Tyler.” Kitty replies. “It’s just…. All these lies…”
“Tommy is coming home and he should be here in about half an hour or so. I have gathered everyone here, so that everyone in the family would know what is going on.

Julia, I’m sorry that you have to find out about your husband’s actions like this, but we really want to spring this trap on Tommy.” William apologizes and Julia nods, an unhappy look on her face. Around her are Tyler, Sarah, Kitty and Nora, in the corner Justin and Scotty try to act like it doesn’t involve them.

“I… I have a hard time believing what I just heard.” Julia's voice trembles and Kevin feels sorry for her. She looks so small and vulnerable on that large couch.
“Julia, I’m sorry we had to meet like this and I want you to know, I have no bad feelings towards you, but … I have to fight this out with Tommy…”

“And we’re just here to prevent you two from killing each other?” Sarah wonders, Kevin shakes his head.
“I don’t think so… Contrary to popular believe in this family, I was never the violent person that Dryden and Tommy made me out to be…”

“Well, we’ll see those words be put to the test…. That’s Tommy’s car…” Kitty says. “He’s so going to regret being early.” Julia gives Kevin a terrified look and Kevin smiles.
“Don’t worry, Julia, I’m in control of myself. I won’t kill him. He’s already cost me twenty years of my life, I won’t let him rob me of the rest of my life, by ending up in prison over him.”




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