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Fanfic: Behind the mask 20/?

Behind the mask 20/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




William looks up from his news-paper when he becomes aware that a car is approaching the house. He looks out the window and he’s surprised to see that it’s Justin’s car.
“Nora! Justin’s back!” He yells out and within seconds he sees Nora come down the stairs.

“So soon? I hope that Kevin didn’t make too much trouble…” She worries. “I told him that Kevin might throw a fit, but he said he’d would deal with it, once it happened.” She follows William outside. It’s early in the afternoon and the sun shines brightly on the car, making it almost impossible to see how many people are inside.

However Nora is almost sure that she saw someone in the back as well, but she forgets it the moment Justin gets out and she sees his smiling face.
“Justin! Oh, my little boy. So glad you’re back. It’s so quiet without you.” She hugs him tightly.

“Thanks mom. And I’m still taller than you…” Justin laughs back. Tyler joins Justin and gets a sincere hug as well.
“It’s good to see you both again.” William laughs.
“We didn’t come alone…” Justin smiles and he opens the car door to let Scotty out.

“Scotty! Oh, my dear boy, it’s so good to see you!” Nora takes him into her arms, but the smile on William’s face disappears, when his immediate worry for Kevin’s welfare mixes with his wondering why Tyler opens the other car-door. Scotty turns around and Nora follows his look.

Her hands fall to her side. Bewildered she sees a man wearing a veil and though she knows who it is, she cannot see how it’s possible that he’s actually here, after all these years where he had not wanted to see them.
“Hi, mom.” Kevin’s voice is a bit rough.

He had not expected that he would be so moved to see his mother again.
“Kevin!” Nora sobs and she runs up to him, but she stops two steps away from him, suddenly scared that he might not want her to hug him, but he spreads his arms and she throws herself in his arms. She cries uncontrollably and Kevin’s eyes sting with tears as well.

“I’m sorry, mom. I’m so sorry. I love you.” He whispers in her ear, his words only succeed to make her cry even harder. “I’ve missed you.” He holds her so tightly that she fears that she may pass out from the lack of oxygen, but she cannot even think about asking him to let her go.

“Hey! Leave a bit for me?” William demands with a face filled with pain and laughter. “It’s good to see you again.”
“Dad…” Kevin’s arm now wraps around William’s waist and the two men share a heart-felt hug.

“Are you alright?... You should have told us you were coming.… Oh, my God, all these years…” William stammers, then suddenly getting a better grip on his emotions he continues: “We … We’ll have to get your room ready… You will stay here, right?” There’s so much fear of rejection in the faces of both Nora and William.

Kevin nearly chokes up under his own emotions, so he can only nod.
“And we have to get a guest-room ready for Scotty.” Nora says with a little voice, overwhelmed with happiness.
“Ahm, actually…” Scotty starts.

“You are staying?” William asks, surprised that Scotty would consider going someplace else. Scotty smiles and joins Kevin’s side.
“I don’t know how this works.” He looks at Kevin with a bit of mischief. “Do I have to ask your father for your hand in marriage or something?”

“Idiot!” Kevin laughs, glad that Scotty has managed to turn the atmosphere a little lighter. “I’m the one who proposed to you, remember?.”
“Wait! What?!? You two?!!” The smile on William’s face couldn’t get bigger or better if he had tried.

“Is that the reason why you came back home? You’re getting married? And to our Scotty? Oh, that’s great news!!!” And once again Nora starts to cry.
“Nora, calm down, you’ll upset Kevin.” Tyler teases and she wraps an arm around Nora.
“Yeah, mom, you’re going to scare him right back to Wales.” Justin jokes.

“Oh, we have so much to do.” Nora suddenly realizes. “I have to get the rooms ready. We need to throw a party to celebrate Kevin’s return and the fact that he’s getting married to Scotty. I have to call Sarah and Kitty …. Tommy is already due to fly back home from America. He should be here tomorrow…. And …”

“Mom!” Kevin raises his voice to get Nora away from her ‘to do’ list. “Please, one step at a time. It …. It took quite a lot to get me here… I want some time to adjust. Talk you. And to dad… Can the girls wait until tomorrow? … I’m starting to feel a little suffocated….” He flaps his hands helplessly.

“I’ve been without people around me for so long. Except for Dryden, I never saw anyone, until Scotty came into my life and … then Justin and Tyler… and now you and dad… I just want to take it slow…. It’s… kinda scary.” Nora frowns at Kevin’s words, but then immediately waves away any issues she might have.

“I’m sorry, you’re right of course. Whatever you want, baby. I’m just so happy that you’re home. I want to tell the whole world….”
“And you will, mom. I promise, you will be able to tell the whole world about it… Just give me a little time alone with you and dad first…” Kevin promises.

Tyler looks at Scotty and Justin and suggests:
“Why don’t Scotty, Justin and I help you unpack and perhaps William can take Kevin under his wings…? We don’t want Kevin to get too tired…” The fastness, with which Justin and Scotty agree, surprises William.

Behind Nora’s back he raises an eyebrow at Justin, who, with a shake of his head, signals his dad to get Kevin away from Nora.
“Good idea. How about we retreat to my study and we give you a little space to relax and… adjust to life back in London..?” He suggests and Kevin nods dumbly and follows his dad.


“This is just… I don’t what to say…” William says flabbergasted, after having heard Kevin’s story and having quickly read through the journal-entries that Tyler had put on her lap-top. “It’s just … unbelievable. I feel so stupid… So, it’s real? And you no longer need this veil?”

Kevin shakes his head and he carefully pulls away the veil, to show his face to his father. William winces, closes his eyes tightly, forces them to open again, but nothing has changed. Kevin is still there, same face he used to have, except from a few scars more, but those scars weren’t as bad as they used to be.

“How am I going to tell this to your mother?” William wonders, his hands are rubbing his face. “She’s going to be devastated. All those years. All the lies we believed… It’s going to kill her…” He whispers.
“I respect that fear, father, but I cannot and I will not hide myself again…”

“No. No, of course not,… I’m not asking you to… I just… What will I tell your mom?”
“How about the truth? And how about we’ll tell her together? You and me?” Kevin offers his father, understanding how hard it must be for his father to accept what he just found out and how difficult it will be to tell Nora.

“Dad, please, I’ve lived in a hell of disillusion, drugs and loneliness. My entire self-esteem shot to bits. I felt completely worthless. A monster.” Kevin’s eyes fill with tears. “And then I find out that I’m not. I get that this hard for you and a shock. It was a shock to me too.

But, I found happiness again, with Scotty. And I’m not going to let anyone stand between him and me. You cannot ask of me to look the other way, after what you just found out. Scotty deserves the best and I plan to give that to him. Whether you’re on my side or not.

I will no longer go into hiding. I can no long wear the veil and live a lie. Not for you. Not for mom. Not for anyone. … I can’t…. And I won’t.” William, having listened quietly to his son, gets up and walks to the door. He signals Kevin to put his veil back on.
“Nora! Nora, my love, would just come in here? … We need to talk.” Williams is dead-serious.


Again Kevin lowers his veil. His breath is a bit shaky and he fears the worst, because he can see that Nora is fighting him on this. She cannot and will not believe what she just heard from her husband and her son, but seeing Kevin’s face, makes it all unfortunately more believable to her.

“So, it’s true then?” She looks like she’s about to faint. William nods slowly.
“It is, mom. I’m sorry… I came back to get answers…. And I came back for you and dad. And …. I came back because I love Scotty and I want a future with him, but I won’t be able to have that, unless I understand my past…

I’m sorry, … I never meant to heart you… I love you, mom, and I know this has got to hurt so much….” Kevin trembles all over, worried that Nora won’t believe him, that she will disown him or something. Nora, who had stared at her hands for a few seconds, looks up him. Anger all over her face.

You are apologizing? For what? For being lied to? For being drugged? For being abandoned by us? No, Kevin Walker, you are just about the last person who should have to apologize for anything. But I do know who should… If all of this is true… And I don’t doubt that….

The only who should apologize is Tommy… That’s if I don’t kill him first…. He’s going to be so sorry that he didn’t stay safely in America…. I’m just going to…” Nora doesn’t get a chance to reveal her plans, because Kevin places a hand on her wrist.
“No, mom. you are not going to do anything… Not until I have my answers…” Kevin warns.




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