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Fanfic: Behind the mask 18/?

Behind the mask 18/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: NC-17
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




It’s far past midnight when Kevin finally returns to the bedroom. He’s tired, but still not so exhausted that he can sleep. When he opens the door, he’s somehow not even surprised to find Scotty there, reading a book instead of being in a deep sleep.
“I was worried about you.” Scotty shyly offers as some semi-apology.

A little smile comes to Kevin’s face.
“Oh, I love you so much. I’m so lucky to have you…” He sighs and, still fully dressed, he lies down beside Scotty to let his head rest in Scotty’s lap. Scotty gently caresses his hair and he plays with the little curls that have formed in Kevin’s hair, due to chilly night outside.

“I’m scared.” Kevin says and his voice is so quiet that Scotty almost doesn’t hear it.
“I know, but I’m sure that … whatever… those books will reveal, you will survive the news. You’re so strong. So resilient. I’m so proud of you and of everything you’ve accomplished so far.”

“What if my family just didn’t want me anymore..?”
“Then you’ll still have me. And Justin. And Tyler… And several people in the village are back on your side, now that the kids are allowed to play here again and they’ve heard through the gossip-channels how Dryden has treated you.”

“How did they find out about that anyway?”
“I may have dropped a hint… Or two. Plus, the doctor’s assistant was rather upset as well, what she had heard what had happened to you. And even if she didn’t mention names, it was pretty clear who she was talking about. It’s a village after all.”

“But you’ll stay with me? No matter what?” Kevin asks one more time.
“Yes.” Scotty answers sweetly. Kevin sits up and his lips caress Scotty’s.
“Always and ever?”
“Oh, yesss….” Scotty whispers pushing Kevin closer to him.

Undressing Kevin isn’t very hard, because Kevin helps him as much as he can, as long as he doesn’t have to break the kiss or be away from Scotty too long. Scotty’s hands slide possessively over Kevin’s naked shoulders.
“All mine.” He says softly and with a seductive smile, his hands rest in Kevin’s neck.

He teases Kevin by acting as if he wants to kiss him, but then he pulls away, enjoying the view of seeing Kevin’s lips part, leaning into a kiss he will not get. But Scotty can’t move back anymore. The head of the bed is right behind him and then it’s Kevin turns to grin and tease Scotty for a few seconds, before claiming his mouth fully.

Their kiss seems to last forever and Scotty slips further and further under Kevin, until he’s full on his back, with Kevin all over him. Out of breath he brakes the kiss.
“I love this.” His chest goes up and down and lust is clearly marked in his eyes. Kevin bites his lower lip and he nods that he loves it too.

“What do you want?” Scotty asks and they roll over so Kevin is now on his back, while Scotty’s lips explore his chest and Scotty’s fingers slide further even down. Kevin doesn’t answer, but guides Scotty’s head to follow his hands. Scotty smiles at the not-appreciated pauses that he creates, while Kevin’s desire only grows.

Kevin moans when Scotty’s mouth finally reaches his cock. Looking down, he sees a teasing look on Scotty’s face and he shakes his head. He’s not in the mood to play.
“Please….” It’s the only word he needs to say and Scotty forgets all about teasing Kevin or playing games with him.

His warm mouth makes Kevin shiver and all to soon he begs Scotty not to stop. Scotty has no intention to stop. Kevin moves against him, his hunger for satisfaction is growing and Scotty plans to give him all the space he needs. He can feel Kevin push his head away, signaling that he’s close to coming.

He watches how Kevin takes over and how his hand moves to take care of himself. Scotty is actually too fascinated to feel insulted. His own hand moves between his legs. He moves back up and Kevin turns to his side. Scotty brings his own hard arousal in contact with Kevin’s.

Kevin’s release comes suddenly and Scotty can feel the warm wetness against his thigh. It is all he needs to come as well . They stay on their sides, facing each other, each one waiting for the other to come back from cloud nine, so they spoon up and finally find the sleep they’ve been searching for.


The frown of concern on Tyler’s face gets deeper and deeper the more she reads. Occasionally she shakes her head and blinks a few times. It’s way past midnight and she’s tired, her eyes sting with the need to close and rest, but what she reads fascinates and repulses her at the same time.

There are a lot of unimportant entries, about girlfriends, a dog he used to own, a cat that had drowned in a pool nearby the cottage, but she’s not interested in those. He writes a lot about Kevin as well. What happened, how it happened, what had been discussed, the plans that got made.

Kevin’s partial recovery had been unexpected. It had created panic and that again had let to other actions. At first Dryden had been rather smug about his own smartness, but as a time had progressed he had began to actually feel guilty, wondering if what he was doing was right.

A part of him liked Kevin, felt responsible for him and his situation, while, at the same time, he hated Kevin too, because of everything that was going on…. It was a fascinating exploration of the human mind with all its good and bad sides. She types up another entry and blinks again. She needs to stop.

She knows that Kevin, Justin and Scotty want answers, as soon as possible, but she can’t keep her eyes open anymore. Over her shoulder she looks at the sleeping Justin and she smiles lovingly. She closes the book, switches off her laptop, undresses and curls up against her boyfriend, knowing she’ll have to let the rest of the story unfold itself tomorrow.




Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tyler, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - behind the mask

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