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welcome to my fantasies
Stuck in the middle ...  
7th-Aug-2012 04:24 pm
I'm stuck! In my story, that is. I know where I am. I know where I need to go, but ... where the hell is the bridge? I think someone blew up my bridge! Should I call the police? CIA? Scotland Yard... as the story takes place in England/Wales?

I'm going to put my head in the freezer, because I think I have a slight fever. I caught some bug or something, because my head is about to explode.

Not sure if I can post tonight, maybe I'll just write something else in the meantime, (some NC-17-ish thing, because K/S still have some catching up to do)

But the good news is that I may have a lot of time to write on Thursday and/or Friday and/or Saturday! I'm looking forward to that.

(My husband is thinking about taking our daughter and her best friend to 2 theme-parks, which are not my cup-of-tea, so he will go either Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday and spent the night away from home.... Fingers crossed!)
7th-Aug-2012 02:39 pm (UTC)
I'm sure Kevin and Scotty blew up your bridge because they want you to write this NC-17-ish thing! Come on! Let Kevin come back to the bed and have fun with Scotty! The poor Kevin has suffered twenty years without sex and Scotty is so young... he has to be satisfied very often!

Really looking forward to your two days with a lot of time to write! You know I'm adicted to this story :D
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