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Fanfic: Behind the mask 16/?

Behind the mask 16/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“Here it is.” Kevin says, when a little cottage, hidden amongst the green trees, suddenly appears.
“Wow! That’s well hidden.” Justin is clearly in awe, while Tyler looks at the lovely place with stars in her eyes. Oh, how she’d love to live here.

“To you the honor.” Scotty hands the key to Kevin. “After all, the place is yours.” Kevin winces for some reason, but eventually opens the door and enters the little house. The air inside is stale. The smell of a house empty for too long, with a dash of something wet that dried up on its own.

“Let’s opens some windows…” Tyler suggests. Scotty and Justin follow her suggestion, but Kevin stands undecidedly in the middle of the room and he looks around. There’s something in his attitude that alerts Scotty.
“Kev, love? Are you alright?”

Startled Kevin look at him.
“Yes. Yes. I am. I’m fine.” He stammers.
“Let’s have a look around.” And Justin immediately follows his own words, by opening drawers and cabinets.

Tyler searches through the papers on the desk and Scotty checks out the small kitchenette. Kevin stands lost in the middle of the room. He still sees no purpose in finding out why Dryden had lied to him all these years. With the others busily looking around, he climbs up the stairs to the first floor.

Only one of the two bedrooms has a bed and seems to have been lived in. The other room is empty and Kevin is struck by how serene the room looks. The sun shines in through the trees and in its beams Kevin can see the dust float through the air. Looking around it takes his breath away and he suddenly becomes that 16 year old boy again.

“Wow! I think I could really get used to living here.” Jason laughs and Kevin wishes Jason would live here too. It’s the first time in 4-5 years that he actually has the chance to meet Robert’s kid-brother again as their paths seemingly couldn’t cross while in school, but Kevin is impressed.

The shy bespectacled boy11 year old boy had changed into an athletically built young man with a lovely smile, a warm voice and a deep interest in everything around him and Kevin has to admit that he has fallen head over heels in love with him. It nearly drives him insane.

Kevin would love to kiss those beautiful lips, but the chance that this drop-dead gorgeous man would also be gay is astronomically low.
“It is a lovely cottage.” Kevin agrees softly.
“You are of course aware of why we’re here?” Jason suddenly asks.

Kevin gives him a dumbfounded look. He has no clue what Jason is talking about.
“Robert and William hope that you and I … will really like each other.” Jason says. “I mean, you’re gay, so am I. Just put the boys together and magic will happen?” There’s a bit of sarcasm in Jason’s voice and Kevin snaps out of his shock.

“Well, that be their plan, but…”
“You don’t think I’m attractive enough?” Jason smiles and Kevin, quick to answer as always, falls for the trap.
“I think you’re gorgeous.”

As soon as the words escape his mouth he realizes what he’s just said and a blush comes to his face. Jason laughs softly.
“For once, I have no objections to Robert’s choice of boyfriend for me.” Jason’s sweet confession goes straight to Kevin’s groin.

He’s torn between looking at Jason or turn away from him, but he eventually faces Jason. Their eyes meet. They both look away. A nervous little laughter comes from their lips. Their eyes meet again, and somehow they’ve both managed to get a step closer to each other.

Kevin’s lips part, most likely for some smart and smug remark that is meant to cover his shyness. At that moment, Jason bridges the gap between them. Their lips meet. It’s a hesitant kiss that asks for a second attempt. By their third kiss they’re getting the hang of it and the fourth kisses clinches the deal. They know they are simply meant to be together….

Kevin blinks against the sunlight that comes in. They thad thought they were meant to be together. An annoyed glance comes over his face. They had been so foolishly and romantically in love with each other. Forever love! Well, at least until the first hurdle. Kevin tries to shake the bitterness that comes over him.

His hands rest on the window sill. The view is still very pretty. Not that he had noticed it 22 years ago. Way back then, he had been more interested in getting his hands in Jason’s pants, which turned out not to be as hard as he had feared… And what he found there had been too hard to ignore. He closes his eyes and remembers.

He gets down on his knees and Jason looks down on him.
“Have you ever done this before?” Jason asks, his voice trembling with sexual arousal. Kevin wonders if he should be honest and admit that he hasn’t. Or perhaps he should boast that he has….

“Have you?” He asks instead. He sees the same doubt in Jason’s eyes. But then Jason wordlessly shakes his head.
“Me neither,… but I want to … do this… with you.”
“I want that too.” Jason sighs.

Kevin is inexperienced, but so is Jason. It’s the first time for both of them, but as clumsy as Kevin is, it is enough to make Jason every secret teenage fantasy come true and though he comes without giving Kevin a fair warning and Kevin almost gags from it,  in all it hadn’t been a bad experience and they had both enjoyed it….

He feels hands on his hips and startled he turns around.
“Sorry, if I spooked you. You were so lost in your thoughts… What were you thinking of?”
“Nothing important.” Kevin sighs. “Where are Justin and Tyler?”

“Downstairs. I said I’d help you up here.” Scotty turns away, but Kevin pulls him back.
“Scotty, will you please kiss me?” Kevin asks with a desperate need to feel Scotty’s lips on his own. Scotty smiles insecurely, feeling that Kevin acts weirdly, but he has no problem with kissing Kevin, so he leans in.

Scotty’s lips brush against Kevin’s and Kevin wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck. He can feel the tip of Scotty’s tongue against his lips and his lips part to let Scotty in. Scotty’s arms circle around Kevin’s waist and he pulls Kevin closer. The kiss is infinitely tender. Kevin loses himself if in the warm and wet caress of lips.

“Can’t we leave you alone for two minutes?” They suddenly hear Justin whine, but when the embarrassed Kevin turns around, he sees the smile on his brother’s face. “Tyler is still checking Dryden's desk. Thought I’d leant you guys a hand up here, but … you were occupied with something else.” Justin grins and Scotty lets go of Kevin now.

“Up here is the bedroom.” Kevin says, to have something to say.
“Did you guys plan on using it?” Justin raises an eyebrow and Scotty shivers.
“Eeeuw!” Kevin replies without thinking. “I’d rather use this empty floor.”
“I’ll settle for that.” Scotty grins and a blush appears on Kevin’s face.

“Should Tyler and I give you half an hour or can you keep a handle on your urges for a bit longer?” Justin teasingly asks Scotty. Scotty gives him a friendly punch, that gets returned by Justin and all too soon they’re mock-fighting each other. Kevin watches them in a detached way.

A part of his glad that Justin and Tyler are here, but he has no idea who they are really. To him it feels as if one moment Scotty and Justin were just five years old and suddenly they are not. He had gotten to know Scotty as a man, but without really connecting him to the 5-year old Scotty used to be. As if those two were different persons.

Justin and Scotty have a history. A history where Tyler had been added to somewhere along the years. But he feels disconnected from their pasts, their lives. Like a stranger, on the outside, not included. The impact of the realization takes his breath away and upsets him. The feeling of indifference that he had had before is gone.

It’s replaced by anger. Anger that 20 years of his life are gone, and that somehow no one had noticed it, no one had cared that he had been alone all this time… As if awakening for the first time all over again, he finds himself asking the questions he had ignored for so long, maybe because he had been afraid for the answers.

He wants to understand the reasons why. What had he done to deserve this treatment from Dryden? Why had everyone trusted him do blindly? Why had his parents or family never returned to see him? Why had he been forgotten all these years? ….

But he hadn't been forgotten.… Had he not heard from Justin how upset his parents had been and even Justin himself? The lost Christmasses and birthdays? The gradutations he missed? And how his family had wanted him to be there?

But then…? Why? Why? What had he missed? He doesn’t understand it. It suddenly no longer makes any sense to him anymore. He had ignored his feelings on purpose, believing it would make no difference, whether he would out the truth or not, but it does matter. 

He turns to Justin to confront him with the discrepancies between Justin’s stories and Kevin’s own perception of things and just as he plans to ask something there’s a voice coming from down-stairs.

“Hey, guys! I think I found something!” Tyler yells. Justin and Scotty stop goofing around and Kevin holds back his questions as they all quickly descend to the main floor, where Tyler triumphantly holds up a stack of notebooks. “I think these are diaries, but I’m not sure. Whoever wrote this, has been writing in some secret language.”

Kevin takes one of the booklets, and indeed, just the first sentence looks written by Dryden looks like a string of letters, where the letters u, w, l, t, n and m ruled supreme.
“We will never find out what he wrote.” Kevin says defeated.
“I work in a pharmacy. I always have to decipher the recipes, so don’t give up yet..” Tyler winks.


Tags: character - jason, character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tyler, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - behind the mask

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