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welcome to my fantasies
Luke Macfarlane to reprise ''Sam Bendix"  
4th-Aug-2012 08:55 pm
scotty funny
From September 24 to October 10 he'll be playing "Sam Bendix at the Bon Soir", which I would still LOVE to see, but won't be able to.

It's all cute and nice, all these theater-productions, but I'd rather see him frakking back on my tv (or rather my illegally downloaded video).

Sources: theatermania and lajollaplayhouse.org

Note to self: Need to make new LJ-icons for Luke Macfarlane and Dave Annable. We're past the Scotty/Justin stages.

OOOOOPS! Nearly forgot: my thanks to Lilypoppy. :)
4th-Aug-2012 07:06 pm (UTC)
Exactly my thought when i read it :( why not he doing some serious tv.. Looks like Sam Bendix is here to stay!
4th-Aug-2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
I would LOVE to hear Luke sing and do this show, but the problem is: I never will, which is something I hate, because I think Luke would very good.... Sigh.
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