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Fanfic: Behind the mask 15/?

Behind the mask 15/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: G
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“Did Dryden sleep in the room where we now sleep?” Tyler asks once everyone is back in the kitchen.
“No. He slept in a little cottage, not far away from here.” Kevin answers, surprised by the question.

“You mean to tell me that he didn’t even sleep here in the house? What if you would get sick? Or hurt? Or…?” Justin jumps up.
“Sit down, Justin. The first two years he slept here in the house, then he moved to the cottage to have some privacy.”
“With you drugged up, what was he afraid would happen?”

“I don’t know and I just didn’t care.” Kevin answers.
“What did you do with his belongings?” Tyler asks.
“Nothing. He was close with people from the village. I suppose… I don’t know.”

“Did you ever go to the cottage?” Scotty asks. “Since his death, I mean.”
“No, why would I?”
“Because he lived there? Because that’s where his things are? And perhaps an explanation for what had happened? And why?” Scotty sums up.

“But I didn’t know that he had lied to me. I had no reason to be in his house. When he died, I gave the spare-key to the minister of the church and I let him arrange everything regarding the funeral… I wasn’t even there for the funeral. I was still sleep-walking around.”

“Where are his belongings?” Tyler asks.
“I have no idea.” Kevin answers.
“Can we have a look at the cottage?” Justin wonders now that he’s getting curious.
“You’d have to get the key back. I’m not sure, I ever got it back.”

“I can call the church.” Scotty jumps up and rushes out the door.
“What’s everyone’s interest with Dryden’s belongings?” Kevin asks.
“It could hold a reason for all of this.” Justin explains, speaking as if he’s talking to a child.
“Does it matter? I’ve lost 20 years of my life… I don’t …”

“It matters to me. And I think it matters to Tyler and Scotty too. Kevin, you were robbed of 20 years of your life. I think you have the right to know why?”
“It won’t give me back the years I lost. And whatever reason there will be… It can never be a good one. What excuse could possibly make it better?”

“It’s not about finding an excuse, but about finding the reason.” Tyler says. “I agree, it won’t make things better, but to understand the reason, regardless of how bad it is, could help you deal with this.”
“I am dealing with it…” Kevin sighs, when Scotty enters the room again.

“He gave it back right after the funeral, and you were right, you were still sleepwalking around. But, thankfully, he saw you put it in the top drawer of your desk. He described it to me and here it is.” Scotty holds up the key. “He didn’t do anything in Dryden’s house, believing that we would take care of it. Which we didn’t, because we didn’t know about it.”

He gives Kevin a nasty look, but Kevin tell he’s not serious about it.
“Great. We have a key. Now what?” Kevin shrugs.
“We’re going to his place and maybe find some answers.” Justin explains. Tyler and Scotty seem ready to join him, but not Kevin.

“I don’t know.” He says reluctantly.
“Don’t you care?” Tyler asks. Kevin sighs.
“I think that finding out the reason will not help me. I can’t undo it. I can’t get back at him. He’s dead. And I don’t see myself digging him up to retroactively kick his ass.”

Tyler, Justin and Scotty seem to think over Kevin’s words for a few seconds.
“I get what you’re saying.” Justin eventually reacts. “You’re right. It cannot be undone. You’ve lost 20 years of your life and that’s a cold hard fact that nothing that we could possibly find out, will change.

But I still want to know. I need to understand. And I’m going to have a look at the house. If you wish to stay here, that’s your choice and I’ll respect it, but then please respect that I think differently about this and that I do need answers before I can put this to rest in my head.

This guy was a friend of the family, someone we trusted. You and dad have always treated him with respect before you had your accident. You just didn’t deserve to get treated like that. And even if you’re okay with it, I’m still pissed off and I want… revenge… somehow, someway. Or at least an explanation.”

It remains silent for a few seconds after Justin’s words, but Kevin can see that Tyler and Scotty agree with Justin, so he gets up from his chair.
“Alright, I’ll show where the cottage is.” He answers and he leads the others out of the kitchen.


“I suddenly get a part?” Chad asks.
“I’ve spoken to Robert and told him to stop making your life miserable.” Jason answers.
“Why?” Chad suddenly feels suspicious.

“Because I’m tired of your pissing contest with Robert.”
“Robert started it.” Chad pouts and Jason closes his eyes, feeling a headache coming up.
“Can’t you just be happy with the change and go on with your life and do … whatever you usually do?” Jason replies tiredly.

Chad can see that Jason isn’t feeling well and he feels a little sorry for Jason. He must be so used to be under Robert’s thumb and, quietly, Chad is impressed that Jason would have stood up for him.
“Thank you.” He says, sarcasm gone from his voice.

For a moment the silence between them is crushing and then Jason carefully starts to talk.
“Chad…? We have a little time to ourselves.. And I was wondering…” He swallows hard, not liking the fact that he has to ask for this. “Maybe we could…?” He quickly looks at the bed.

Chad feels a nod in his stomach. Is Jason seriously asking him to have sex with him?
“Now? It’s not even noon yet…”
“If you don’t want to…” Jason quickly seems to change his mind.
“I want to, but do you?” Chad asks in a very straightforward manner and Jason freezes.

“What makes you think I don’t?” It’s almost a squeak and Chad shakes his head.
“Jase… You haven’t touched me in weeks. And I have been unable to get a job for just as long. And suddenly I do get a job, with the McCallister blessing no less, and you want to have sex with me again? How stupid do you think I am?

Be honest, Jason. Why now? Is Robert having this place bugged? Is he finally giving you permission to have sex with me, because he needs to jerk off at the sight or sound of you and me doing it?”
“That’s gross! He’s my brother!” Jason protests.

“Well, do forgive me for not having a high respect for your family.” Chad rolls his eyes.
“Forget I asked.” Jason looks so defeated, that Chad feels sorry for him again. Jason turns away and heads for the bathroom, when he suddenly feels Chad grab him from behind and pull his closer to his body.

Jason can feel that Chad is hard and ready and he shivers under Chad’s caress. It doesn’t take much to turn Jason on and soon enough he’s pressing his ass to Chad’s swollen member. Chad’s hands push Jason’s pants down. Neither of them makes a sound. No words of love. No tender whispers. Only pure physical satisfaction.

Chad locks the bathroom door to create a sense of privacy that he cannot find anywhere in Robert’s house. He’s glad that he keeps the lube in the bathroom as well. He pushes Jason with his back against the door and he gets on his knees. Jason’s head hits the door when he feels Chad’s mouth on him and he moans.

Chad knows very well what he’s doing and quickly his fingers move inside Jason. The way Jason squirms tells Chad that he’s ready. They end up on the bathroom-floor, Chad holds up Jason’s legs and without much gentleness he pushes himself inside and he thrusts as deep as he can.

Jason is nearly in tears by how good it feels to have Chad take him like this. For a moment everything falls away. He gives himself to Chad without holding back and Chad takes all Jason has to give, wondering why Jason can’t be this sensual more often. It would certainly spice up their almost non-existent sex-life.

Chad suddenly comes and in trying to hold back his scream he leaves a bite-mark on Jason’s shoulder. The sudden sharp pain makes Jason go over the edge as well and quietly they lie in each other’s arms. There’s however no tenderness, no touches, no caresses, just their uneven breathing that slowly calms down.

Once the moment has passed, Chad gets up and takes his clothes from the floor. He dresses himself without a word. Jason, feeling rejected, sits up and reaches for his own clothes. Chad is dressed again and moves to the door, which he unlocks.

“I’m going to look for that acting-job.” He says, looking down on Jason, who’s still on the floor. “I don’t know what deal you made with your brother, but if it involves us having more sex, while I can still escape this prison through my job, I can live with it.” He says more sarcastically than he intended. 

At the door he hesitates. He would like to kiss Jason, but Jason has rejected him so often before and he feels too good to get burnt again. So, rather than kissing Jason, as he would like to, he turns around and leaves Jason alone. When Jason hears the door of the bedroom close as well, he finally manages to press his t-shirt to his mouth and silently cry out his pain.


Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, character - tyler, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - behind the mask

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