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Fanfic: Behind the mask 13/?

Behind the mask 13/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point. Like today!
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“So, what do you think?” Tyler asks. Justin is temporarily distracted because she lets her dress slip down and he loves to look at her curves, but then he snaps out it.
“About what?”
“Kevin. Scotty.”

“What about them?”
“They were acting… secretively?” She suggests. “Not like there was something wrong, but like they knew something we don’t.” Her bra drops down and Justin licks his lips, suddenly not too much in the mood to discuss his brother or Scotty.

She catches his looks, grins and puts on her nightgown, which earns her a dismayed look from Justin.
“Stay focused on the conversation.” She says with a laugh. “Kevin? Scotty?”
“Yeah, who cares?”

“Well, apparently you did, because you’re the one who wanted to come here and I agree that there’s something off.”
“Scotty will never keep a secret from me for long.” Justin replies with conviction. “He’s just a bad liar, especially when he has to lie to me. I can read him like a book.”


“It’s just… I’m such a bad liar, especially about lying to Justin. He can read me like a book.” Scotty sighs to Kevin. Kevin walks up to him and, standing behind Scotty, he lets his hands move from Scotty’s sides to his belly, where they entangle, while he lets his cheek rest against Scotty’s shoulder.

“We already told them we’re getting married… We’ll tell them more tomorrow. I’m happy to see him. And his fiancée is such a lovely and sweet girl. I didn’t want to spoil the good mood, that’s all. We’ve been going over several theories and the last thing I need is more people getting involved.

There are already so many questions screaming in my head. I no longer know where to start…. But what I do know, is what I want to do now. And that is go to bed, snuggle up to you and enjoy the fact that you have moved into my bedroom, from which I will never let you escape again…” Kevin kisses Scotty’s shoulder.

“Oooh, kinky. You’re going to chain me and submit me to your darkest desires…?”
“Welllllll, I was thinking about just sleeping, but I like your plan better, come to think of it.” Kevin laughs and he turns Scotty around so he can take his hand and lead him to their bed…


“Leaving? So late at night?” The voice is cold and harsh and Chad nearly has a heart-attack. He turns around with an annoyed look on his face.
“Robert.” He acknowledges.
“As I asked: Leaving? It’s nearly eleven at night.”

“I just need some fresh air.” Chad’s words are almost a growl.
“Does that fresh air come with a nice ass and big cock? Neither belonging to your husband, my brother Jason?” Chad rolls his eyes at Robert’s question. “I trust that if you cannot control your urge to fuck one your whores, at least you’ll be discrete about it?”

“Am I not always discrete?” Chad bites back and he slips out the door before Robert can react. He’s glad to get into is his car and he breathes out a heavy sigh. It’s not a lie that he needs fresh air. The McCallister home feels like a straightjacket to him and sometimes he feels like they’re trying to slowly smother him to death.

There’s almost no privacy to be had there. Robert watches him like a hawk, Jason’s uncle Jack is a nosy busy-body who enjoys having a good laugh over every faux pas Chad makes, which seems to make Chad even more nervous. Jason ignores him mostly, unless Chad’s needed to back Jason up on some campaign meeting.

Chad had tried repeatedly to get into several plays, just so he’d have something to do with all his spare time, until one of the producers had told him point blank, that the McCallisters had made it clear, that Chad couldn’t accept any plays any time soon. Chad lets his head rest on his steering wheel and he has to recognize that he has never felt this miserable before.

He lifts his head and drives off. Anywhere he can go. Not that it would be far. The McCallister grip is too tight and he feels that they have put their hooks in him, holding him down, pushing him back, humiliating him and generally treating him like a worthless human being.

He drives by a little Italian bistro and his heart breaks. It used to be Scotty’s favorite place. Private, quiet, good food, … there had been candlelight so they could look at each other… Chad had once laughed over Scotty’s romantic fantasies, now he’d pay a good price if only he could be gazing into Scotty’s eyes again….


“He’s gone.” Robert says, when he sees Jason come down the stairs.
“I know.” Jason shrugs.
“Leave it!” Jason barks quite unexpectedly at his brother. Robert frowns.

“I know it must be hard to realize that you’ve made a mistake in marrying Chad, but there’s no reason to take it out on me.” He points out sharply. It is usually enough to make Jason back off. Jason is not a fighter, but this time Jason turns to face his brother.
“Why don’t you simply leave Chad alone and call off the family-bullies?”

“What do you mean?”
“I’m not stupid, Robert. You made sure that Chad could no longer get a job at the theatre…”
“He’s needed by your side.”

“I’m not that desperate. And why do you have him followed with every step he takes?”
“If he screws up, I want to be able to take charge immediately and not be taken by surprise.”
“He won’t screw up.”

“One affair! That is all it takes. And the entire gossip-press will be all over this house like flies on rotting meat and you know it!” Robert points out.
“He’s not cheating on me.”
“Well, it might help if you made some effort of your own…” Robert says.

“Excuse me?” Jason’s jaw drops.
“I know that there’s almost no activity in the bedroom. And I may not like Chad much, but for someone like him, who had the sex-drive of a rabbit it must be getting harder and harder for to keep his dick in his pants.”

“How do you know that...?” Jason doesn’t finish his sentence. “Do you have our bedroom bugged or something?”
“I have my ways, you know that.”
“Well, tell your spies to get the fuck out of my bedroom!” Jason orders humiliated.

“Then you fix things with Chad! I don’t need a scandal that will drag the family-name through the mud. Keep Chad satisfied!” Robert returns.
“Then get him a job and leave him be!” Jason yells back. Robert’s eyes narrow, but he can see that Jason is, for once, not backing down.

“I’ll get him in a play… But I don’t want a scandal. No slip ups from either of you.”
“We know what’s at stake….” Jason answers coldly as he walks back to the stairs. “And one more thing…. I’m serious about getting out of my bedroom.”
“You got it…. But if either of you screws this up….”

The warning isn’t lost on Jason and he answers tiredly:
“I know. There will be hell to pay.” He climbs the stairs and Robert watches him enter his bedroom and he puts his drink on the table. He’s annoyed that somehow he’s not only losing his grip on Chad, but also on Jason.


Scotty’s finger traces Kevin’s spine and he watches how Kevin shivers under the sensual caress. He has to close his eyes, because he’s close to coming and seeing the sweat on Kevin’s back turns him on even more. At the same time he just likes to watch how Kevin reacts to his touches.

Kevin’s breathing is heavy and Scotty knows he won’t be able to hold on much longer. His hands take Kevin’s shoulder, gently pushing Kevin to press his back to Scotty’s chest.
“You want to come, don’t you?” Scotty whispers in his ear, gently biting the soft earlobe and Kevin can only moan.

“Well, then come for me, baby.” He lets go of Kevin’s body and Kevin is back on hands and knees. Scotty starts to thrust again, picking up where he had stopped to postpone the moment of ecstasy, but he’s no longer trying to control the situation. Their bodies become one, lips melting together, moans swallowed, hands touch as caresses cause shockwaves.

Kevin is the first to come, Scotty manages to hold on just a little longer, but then loses himself as well. They collapse on the bed, their bodies still entangled. They seem unable to really let go of each other.
“That was so good.” Kevin says softly, as his finger caresses Scotty’s lips.

Scotty kisses Kevin’s fingertips.
“I love this so much…. and I love you so much…” He sounds so satisfied that Kevin wouldn’t have been surprised if he actually purred like a cat.
“Good. Because there’s more where this came from….” Kevin replies.

He wraps an arm around Scotty, who switches off the nightlight next to their bed.
“You better get some sleep.” Kevin says softly, drawing patterns on Scotty’s chest. “I’ve thought it over and, tomorrow-morning, I will tell Justin and Tyler what we have found out about me.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” Scotty nods.
“Whatever happened wasn’t Justin’s fault, that’s for sure, and perhaps I should have some faith in my family again.”
“I couldn’t agree more…. Can we get some sleep now?” Scotty asks and he silences Kevin with a kiss.


Tags: character - chad, character - jason, character - justin, character - kitty, character - robert, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - behind the mask

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