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Fanfic: Behind the mask 12/?

Behind the mask 12/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point. Like today!
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life

The story so far: When Scotty loses his boyfriend, his father, his financial security and his future plans in the space of a few days, William Walker asks him for his help. Scotty goes to Wales, to look after Kevin, who got disfigured 20 years ago after an accident. Scotty hears awful stories about Kevin, but discovers quickly that Kevin is not at all the monster everyone says he is. Soon enough Scotty loses his heart to Kevin and vice versa. When Scotty finally sees Kevin's face (which he kept hidden behind a veil), he finds out that Kevin is damaged, but not so much as everyone believed and there's no real reason for Kevin to hide anymore. Kevin proposes to Scotty. Scotty accepts...




"What are you doing?" Tyler asks. Justin stops packing.
"I don't know. Going to Wales, I guess." He answers.
"Why? Is something wrong with Scotty?" She asks.
"Not that I know of, but..." Justin hesitates.

"But what?"
"I don't know. He started talking about being in love with Kevin and all, but seriously? Falling in love with a man who's 13 years older than him? Disfigured? A recluse? Why? I know he was hurt about Chad and all, but...” He shrugs before he continues:

“... Is pretending to be in love with my brother really making him feel better? I can't imagine. And it's certainly not good for Kevin, that is for sure."
"But what if he really is in love with him?" Tyler wants to know. Justin turns to her with disbelief on his face, but he doesn't answer right away. Then he shrugs once more.

"I don't know. It is possible. Maybe that is why I want to see him. Talk to him."
"Why don't I go with you?" She suggests.
"I don't know if it would be safe. I don't know in how far Kevin is still aggressive and such. According to Scotty, he's a sweetheart."

"And it 's impossible that Scotty could be right?"
"No... No, of course not. Not impossible. It's just improbable that he's right."
"Just as it is improbable that he's in love with Kevin?" She teases and Justin gives her a crooked smile

"Would you really like to come with me?" He asks instead.
"Of course I would. Give me a bit of time to pack."
"You have 1 hour. Then I'll pick you up with my car."
"I'll be ready. I'm not one of those women who needs 10 million suitcases."

"I'll believe you when it happens..." Justin teases. She gives him a lovely smile, kisses him quickly and runs out the door. He laughs too, only to continue packing, a worried frown on his face, now that he's alone again and he can be worried about Scotty all by himself.


Scotty feels so comfortable in Kevin's arms. It's the third time this day that they somehow ended up making love with each other and this time Scotty is tired and satisfied and he has no desire to get up again and do something. He just wants to lie here, curled up in Kevin's arms, and be happy.

"Any further questions?" Kevin asks, as it was Scotty's 'interrogation' of earlier this evening that had led to this state of satisfaction. They had both tried to understand how no one had known that the deeps scars on Kevin's face had been slowly fading. Why had everyone simply accepted Dryden's word for it?

Scotty had come up with theory after theory and he had asked a million and one questions, until Kevin had silenced him with a kiss that had resulted in them somehow ending up in bed, with Kevin deep inside Scotty and Scotty no longer being able to have any coherent thought or theory whatsoever.

"I wouldn't dare." Scotty smiles, letting his fingers slide along one of the scars on Kevin's face. "I think however that I should point out that you should stay out of the sun."

"From monster to vampire in less than 24 hours?" Kevin jokes.
"No seriously. I think that a lot of these scars will become visible once you get more suntanned."
"It's possible. But I'm not going to worry about that now."

Kevin's turns over a bit to be able to kiss Scotty once again and Scotty quickly wraps his arms around Kevin to reply with passion. He's about to throw Kevin over and straddle him, when he raises his head.
"Is that a car I hear?" he asks.

"Impossible." Kevin answers. "No one has access to this place. You'd need a key to get through the gate, remember?" But then he hears the same sound as Scotty did before. "You're right. It's a car."
"It's Justin's!" Scotty says. "I recognize that engine anywhere.

He rolls off Kevin and rushes to the window.
"It is! It is Justin's! He's here! .... With Tyler!" He quickly puts on his t-shirt and the rest of his clothes, much to Kevin's regret, before running out the room. Kevin's follow his example, but in a much calmer way.

As a final touch, he puts his veil back in place. So far, only Scotty knows what is going on and the many questions left on Scotty and his own mind are a sign that neither of them understands what is going on. At this point, Kevin doesn't know anymore who he can trust aside from Scotty.

Scotty runs out the door.
"Justin!" He literally jumps in Justin's arms, glad to see one of the other most important persons in his life. "Tyler, you came as well. I'm so glad to see you both. I have so much to tell you. But first, come in and have something to eat and to drink. You look tired.”

Justin smiles, reaches out to Tyler to take her hand and together they follow Scotty inside the house and towards the kitchen.
“Kev! Come on!” Scotty yells up the stairs when they pass it and Justin stops and lets go of Tyler’s hand, when he first sees two legs, then an torso, followed by the rest of Kevin's body concealed by his veil.

It’s as if he has stopped breathing. He hasn’t seen his brother since the night of the accident and feelings of fear, excitement and curiosity overwhelm him.
“Hello, Justin.” That familiar voice, makes Justin dare to let go of his breath.

Scotty can immediately hear, by the slight tremble in Kevin’s voice, that Kevin is equally thrown by seeing his baby-brother. He takes Tyler’s hand and pushes her back a bit, but Justin and Kevin are too focused on each other to notice them anyway.
“Kev…” Justin doesn’t get further then a whisper. “I wasn’t allowed to see you after the accident… They thought seeing you would give me nightmares….”

It’s almost an apology, even though that decision would not have been something Justin had control over.
“It’s alright..” Kevin replies, descending the last few steps.

The last time he had seen Justin, he had been a child, now he’s taller than Kevin. Kevin can see Justin’s eyes fill with tears.
“I missed you… so much…” Justin whispers and suddenly Kevin can see the 5-year old back in the face of the young man standing before him.

“Come here…” Kevin spreads his arms and Justin literally throws himself into his brother’s arms and he lets Kevin comfort him. Scotty can feel a lump in his throat. This is what he remembers from years ago. Kevin, who had always been the first person Justin would run to, in good or bad times.

“I don’t know about you, but… I think we could use something warm to drink and something delicious to eat?” Kevin says and he turns to Scotty, only to now see Tyler as well.
“H… Hi.. I’m Tyler…” She says, a little scared. Kevin can see her fear.

“Hi. It’s nice to meet you… You must have heard quite some horror-stories about me.” Kevin replies, some sadness in his voice. “I’m not as bad as they make me out to be…. You’re Justin’s girl-friend, right?” She nods speechlessly. “Scotty didn’t do you justice. He said you were pretty, but that’s an understatement.”

The compliment comes with an ease that Justin remembers from Kevin. Always the charming gentleman. Tyler blushes and Kevin smiles behind his veil. Scotty shakes his head and laughs.
“Let’s go. We could use a little food after this emotional meeting.”

He sees how Kevin places a hand on Justin’s back to guide him to the kitchen. He notices how easily Justin becomes the kid-brother to Kevin once more. Justin just slips back into his old role and Scotty smiles. He manages to quickly fall behind and catch Kevin’s arm, before entering the kitchen.

“Why the veil?” He whispers.
“I don’t know. Just felt more comfortable.”
“Don’t you trust Justin?” Scotty wants to know.
“Justin was just a kid and he had no control over what was happening…”

Scotty watches how Kevin shakes his head, dismissing the idea that Justin had anything to do with the fact that no one had known that Kevin’s face wasn’t as bad as everyone had thought.
“I just don’t want Justin telling anyone just yet.”

“But what we will tell him the truth?” Scotty hates lying to Justin.
“I need to think about that… Ahmm,… give me some time to decide?” Kevin asks softly. Scotty nods and then enters the kitchen where Justin and Tyler stand a bit lost.

“Sit down. I’ll make us something to eat and to drink.” Scotty promises. Justin looks around and he feels confused. He doesn’t know what he had expected, but this is not it. Scotty beams happiness from every pore on his body, Kevin is so much nicer than he expected, the house is so much brighter than he envisioned it and Tyler seems to be impressed rather than frightened about being with Kevin.

“I wish you would have told me… I could have arranged for one of the guest-rooms to be ready.” Scotty suddenly thinks of it.
“It’s not a problem. You put your things in my room and Justin and Tyler can sleep in yours… Ahm, you guys aren’t sleeping apart or something like that, are you?” Kevin asks.

Tyler laughs out loud and shakes her head.
“We don’t want to inconvenience you. We can also take a hotel-room….?” Justin offers.
“Don’t be silly. Kevin is after all my fiancé, about time I moved into his room.” Scotty waves Justin’s objections away, while dropping the bomb-shell news on Justin and Tyler.

“Cute. They yell simultaneously already.” Kevin jokes.
“When? How? Why? Oh God!” Justin jumps up and congratulates Scotty enthusiastically.
“So, you don’t mind that I will be your brother-in-law?” Scotty asks shyly.

“No. No, never… Oh, I don’t believe it… Wait until I tell dad…. He doesn’t know yet, does he? Can I tell him? And mom! Mom will go crazy and…”
“Stop!” Kevin says with so much authority that everyone is immediately quiet. “I’m sorry. I appreciate that you’re happy with it. But… Let’s take this slowly…”

Scotty feels Kevin look at him.
“Yes, that would be a good idea…” Scotty agrees. “There are some things… we haven’t told anyone about yet… And … Slow is the way to go…” Justin and Tyler look at each other, suddenly curious about what is going on between Kevin and Scotty…


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