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welcome to my fantasies
Rant: In my WTF news... 
27th-Jul-2012 08:37 pm
scotty hug
A reboot of "Blake's 7"?! Have the Americans lost it? I mean, seriously, can't they come up with some... say... ORIGINAL!!!!... instead of ruining my childhood memories?

Paul Darrow and Michael Keating as Avon and Vila were just delicious to watch and, oh, my God Servalan! ... the Americans can only screw up her character. I've met Jacqueline Pearce in 1999 at a convention and she was so amazingly kind and funny and tongue-in-cheek and just a delight to watch in a Q&A panel. I can only hope this plan fails .... miserably!

I seriously don't understand the constant need to destroy, wreck, ruin 're-boot' shows that were fun to watch (even when incredibly campy) and turn them into something terrible, god-awful, boring, no fun to watch 're-booted'...

Edited: For some reason LJ won't let me add the source, but it was on deadline.com
27th-Jul-2012 07:06 pm (UTC)
Please i can go on with the Endless Trashy tv coming our way this year, Thank god for with Mad Men and The Big Bang. I don't mind Smash and Dexter! Everything else is just MEH!
27th-Jul-2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
The only NEW show I remotely care for would be '666 Park Avenue' with Dave Annable. I hope 'the Americans' makes it, but other than that... Nothing.
27th-Jul-2012 08:03 pm (UTC)
It's because they have no ideas of their own - it's a reboot era that we are in at the moment.

New superman and spiderman movies this year. There is talk about doing Independence Day 2 - not sure what could happen there - a bigger ship comes for revenge.

I'm normally willing to give most shows a watch - I can normally tell during the pilot episode whether I'll enjoy it; they spend most of there money on that episode anyway. I did like the remake of BSG - what I normally don't like is English series rebooted for American; the ONLY exception I can think of is QAF. Can't wait to see how they destroy/change Sherlock Holmes this fall.
27th-Jul-2012 10:21 pm (UTC)
I think I would have liked the new BSG if they hadn't called it BSG and hadn't used the same names. The new BSG was different enough to be it's own show and didn't need to use the old BSG to be a good show. I perhaps would have loved it had been called Battleship "Anything else but Galactica/Pegasus", but now that it was BSG, I compared it too much with the old one (which I loved, adored and worshipped) and felt too disconnected from it. It annoyed me that they had changed characters, background, enemies, outcome. It was NOT BSG anymore and I fear I'll feel the same about Blake's 7.

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