marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Rant: In my WTF news...

A reboot of "Blake's 7"?! Have the Americans lost it? I mean, seriously, can't they come up with some... say... ORIGINAL!!!!... instead of ruining my childhood memories?

Paul Darrow and Michael Keating as Avon and Vila were just delicious to watch and, oh, my God Servalan! ... the Americans can only screw up her character. I've met Jacqueline Pearce in 1999 at a convention and she was so amazingly kind and funny and tongue-in-cheek and just a delight to watch in a Q&A panel. I can only hope this plan fails .... miserably!

I seriously don't understand the constant need to destroy, wreck, ruin 're-boot' shows that were fun to watch (even when incredibly campy) and turn them into something terrible, god-awful, boring, no fun to watch 're-booted'...

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