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39 steps - step 20 - 1.20 Bad news

The 39 steps
August 20, 2008
It’s 39 days to go until the start of season 3 in America.
There are 39 episodes for season 1 and 2. (Not taking the unaired episode in account or the original pilot, as not everybody can see those)
I started to watch the episodes again. One episode a day.
And then I got the plan to write a small scene for every episode. (Never more than 1 page long)

1.20 Bad news

By Marea67
About: Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Kevin has a lot to think about.


Kevin poured another glass of wine. He just checked on Paige and Cooper, sound asleep in their little beds. And he smiles thinking of his conversation with Paige this evening. Why is he not yet married? Good question. His excuse had been a poor one. He wanted nothing more then be in a relationship. To come home to someone was a wonderful feeling, but also to be in love and to be loved in return, to have someone to talk to a night or snuggle up to in bed…

He sighed as he reviewed his ‘successes’ of the last few years. Hank? Happiness for a while but, terrible choice in the end, he didn’t want to talk about it. Scotty? That still hurt, for he had really, really…. been interested in Scotty. He still missed Scotty a lot. Their time together had been a rollercoaster-ride, but in a good sense. Scotty had been fun, but he could also be very serious, free-spirited, intelligent and at the same time very disciplined and old-fashioned….

He closed his eyes and took a large gulp of wine, pretending the tears in his eyes came from the sour taste of the wine and not from missing Scotty.
And then there was Chad. Strangely, the immediate pain had disappeared quickly. There was something liberating about not having to keep up with Chad’s in-and-out of the closet life. He missed Chad most of all in bed, where he had met Chad the most. But because he had been hardly outside his house with Chad, there was less pain to deal with.

Playing with his glass he also evaluated his conversation with Justin. He strongly doubted that Joe would have kissed Rebecca, the way Rebecca implied. He had seen the look in Joe’s eyes, when Sarah agreed to the weekend off. He loved her so much. And Kevin strongly hoped that whatever issues Joe and Sarah had, they would make it. They just HAD to. For Paige and Cooper, but also for Kevin. Kevin had always looked at Sarah’s and Joe’s marriage as a good example of a good marriage, more than that of his own parents.

And he had his doubts about Rebecca too. Something, probably the lawyer in him, kept nagging he should get a DNA-done. But Nora, Tommy, Justin, Sarah, even Kitty had felt this to be ridiculous. The secret had been too well kept for so long by Holly. She had even reason not to want the Walkers to find out the truth. It was therefore unlikely that she was lying. Kevin could understand their view, but still not fully subscribe it.

He also seriously hoped that Justin would stay out of Sarah’s marriage, he had begged Justin to keep quiet about what he knew. The secret would remain safe and Sarah would never get hurt. They agreed that would be the best for Paige and Cooper.
He rubbed his eyes. He was tired. He had better get some sleep, tomorrow-morning he would have to be up early and be ‘funny uncle Kevin’ again.
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