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Fanfic: Behind the mask 09/?

Behind the mask 09/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point. Like today!
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




Scotty comes out of the water of the pond and shakes as much water as he can from his long arms.
“That’s better.” Scotty says, wrapping a large towel around his waist.
“Does cool off a bit, doesn’t it?” Kevin asks.

“Who knew a heatwave could be so hot?” Scotty reacts, making Kevin laugh softly. “You know, living in this house is like living in a time-capsule. While outside those gates life moves on at light-speed, inside the gates, live moves in all tranquility and peace. I’m still trying to find out what happened to June and July, considering that it’s already August.”

Kevin laughs again.
“It’s good to hear you laugh. No pain?” Scotty asks.
“No. Nothing at all.”
“Completely off all medication for three days now. You’re amazing.” Scotty sighs.

Scotty has helped Kevin through the last stages of the detox.
“I’m fine. I’m actually so excited to be completely clean now. No more tranquillizers, painkillers, sleeping-pills or other chemicals… I feel terrific and I’m more alive than I have been in 20 years.”

Scotty smiles happily. He cannot remember even having felt more comfortable and complete. He loves the house, and the tower-room in particular. He enjoys Kevin’s company and he loves spending time studying. He reads everything he can find in Kevin’s library about herbs, food, fruit and vegetables. He makes notes and Kevin is his elected victim for trying out a lot of new recipes.

Not that Kevin minds. Now that he manages to stay awake most of the day and actually be very active during the hours that he’s awake, his hunger has grown, together with his waistline. Kevin has gone from reluctantly trying to help Scotty here and there, until he was too exhausted, to effectively helping Scotty with the house-cleaning and the garden.

Scotty has grown used to speaking to a faceless person. If at first it was sometimes hard to read Kevin’s emotions, because he couldn’t see facial expressions, he has had to learn to read Kevin’s non-verbal communication as much his verbal communication. And the more he learns about Kevin, the more interesting he becomes.

Their closeness is a constant joy for Scotty. He’s glad that Kevin never mentions their night together in bed again, because he’s still embarrassed by the fact that he had so easily given in to his sexual needs and also by the fact that it must have been painful for Kevin to have brought a satisfaction to Scotty, that he was unable to have for himself.

However, at the same time, it makes Scotty appreciate Kevin even more, because it once again, shows what a caring person Kevin actually is. And Scotty returns the kindness by giving even more care than he had before. So he smiles when he looks at Kevin. He knows that Kevin watches how Scotty dries off his body and he doesn't mind being looked at.

“Kevin, have you ever considered going back to a hospital to have your face examined? There are so many new treatments nowadays… If only you could get rid of some of your scars… Wouldn’t that already be a giant step in the right direction? You could be in society again.”

“I’ve thought about it…. Your laptop has given me access to the outside world. A world that I so long didn’t even want to belong to anymore. And I’ve looked at my possibilities. At this moment, I think I’m not ready to come out of my cocoon just yet… I’ve been stuck in it for so long… ”

“I get that. No pressure. Not from me anyway.” Scotty smiles. “The only thing I want to pressure you in to is getting out of your clothes and into that water.”
“You may feel completely comfortable swimming around naked, but I’m slightly more reserved.”

“Nonsense. Come on. There’s no fun in swimming all alone all the time.” Scotty pouts.
“It does look tempting… I haven’t been in the water for so many years….Maybe I can’t even swim anymore….”
“I’ll save you from drowning.” Scotty promises.

“If I go into the water… no stupid things? Like pushing me down under water or things like that? Just let me adjust?”
“I promise.”
“Stay with me?”

“My clothes are going to get wet…”
“Take them off… There’s no one here to see you. All you need is your veil.”
“You’re here.” Kevin points out and Scotty laughs gently.

“You don’t have to be shy around me. It’s not like you have something I don’t have.” Scotty cannot help but tease. He spreads the towel on the floor so it can dry and he grabs Kevin’s hand to guide him to the water. Scotty has made a little stair-like construction, so that entering the water can easily be done.

The water is cold, but Kevin likes it. It makes him tingle all over. Scotty lets himself slip deeper under water so he can swim alongside Kevin, while Kevin adjusts to the coolness. Kevin gently lets his fingers go through the water.
“Come on, Kev, you can do this. Justin said that you used to be a good swimmer.”

Used to be, yes…” Still feeling a bit strange Kevin attempts a bit of breaststroke, when he doesn’t half-drown, he moves on. Scotty is right beside him, urging him to keep going. His body remembers what to do. The strokes become more confident and suddenly Scotty hears Kevin’s laughter…

“I’m swimming!”
“Yes, you are…” Scotty smiles brightly and he keeps circling around Kevin and together they play a bit. Scotty has to be careful not to frighten Kevin, who’s still not used to swimming and perhaps not strong enough to keep it up for long.

Indeed, after about twenty minutes, Kevin says softly:
“I’m tired… I just want to get out of the water and rest a bit.”
“I’m coming with you, I could use some warming up as well...” Scotty replies and he helps Kevin out of the water.

Though Kevin wraps a towel around him and sits on another warm dry towel, he’s still shivering a few minutes later and Scotty sits down next to him.
“Still so cold?”
“Yes…” Kevin replies with chattering teeth. “I guess, I just not well enough yet…”

“It’s okay. Come on, take away that wet towel and I’ll put a dry one around you… I’ve brought plenty of towels. Nothing to worry about.” Scotty wonders if perhaps Kevin is still so cold, because his body hasn’t adjusted completely to a life without pills. Signs of withdrawal?

“Come here, I’ll keep you warm. Or would you rather go back inside?”
“No. I like to be outside. I’ve been stuck in that house for too long…” Kevin replies tiredly and Scotty takes Kevin in his arms, so Kevin can rest against Scotty, and Scotty gently rubs Kevin’s back.

“Feeling a bit better?” Scotty asks as Kevin becomes more quiet and doesn’t shiver as much as before.
“A bit.” Kevin replies.
“Want to sleep?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to change position. I like being in your arms.” Kevin hums against Scotty’s chest. Scotty places a gentle kiss on Kevin’s head.
“Why don’t you lie down and I will lie beside you?”

Kevin lies down and Scotty pulls another dry towel over him to keep him warm. It’s almost two in the afternoon and the warmth is oppressive to a point that the air seems to shimmer. The birds have stopped singing and the silence is only is hardly disturbed. Yet, Scotty worries that it maybe still too chilly for Kevin.

Scotty caresses Kevin’s back softly and Kevin makes a content little noise.  Kevin keeps his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of Scotty’s hands gently caressing him.
“This feels so good.” He whispers. Scotty smiles.
“Here, lie on your back. I’ll put some sun-cream on you to protect you from getting burned.”

He laughs when Kevin makes a shocked little noise when the cold cream comes in touch with his hot skin. Scotty’s hand easily spread out the protection over Kevin’s shoulders, his arms, only to slide over Kevin’s chest… Scotty can’t help it, there something so sensual in what he does and he loves to touch Kevin’s body. He can feel his body respond. Slightly embarrassed that he gets all hard over nothing at all, he shoves a towel over his legs to hide it.

He can hear Kevin chuckle.
“Saw that.”
“I’m sorry… It must be the heat… It will go away.”
“You don’t have to hide it from me.”

“I know… It’s just… Knowing about your condition… I feel weird.”
“Like you’re 'flaunting' it?” Kevin’s voice sounds almost teasing.
“Are you laughing at me?” Scotty starts to feel slightly insecure over his own reaction to Kevin’s presence.

He doesn’t mind to be naked, especially since there’s no one here but Kevin and him, and he knows that Kevin isn’t interested in him. Not like that.
“No… It’s just … Your have nothing to be embarrassed about, I already had a good look and I’m in awe…” Kevin answers, amused to see Scotty’s face turn beet-red.

Kevin cannot help but laugh.
“I’m sorry, that was not fair. But you’re beautiful. Don’t hide it. Not from me. Please. I like to look at you.” Kevin playfully pulls the towel away, exposing Scotty’s naked arousal again.

His fingertips caress Scotty’s belly gently and Scotty gets even harder. Almost shocked by his own audacity, Kevin pull back his hand.
“Scotty,…” Behind his veil Kevin bites his lower lip. Oh, how he wishes…. But then he swallows hard, knowing he cannot ask anything from Scotty, considering that he has nothing to offer in return.

“Will you please do my back as well?” He asks instead.
“Oh. Yes. Of course.” Scotty feels slightly disappointed somehow, but when he gets closer to Kevin, he can hear a change in Kevin’s breathing, almost like a sad moan.

Scotty closes his eyes tightly for a second, then decides to take a chance. The only thing that can happen is rejection. He takes Kevin by his wrist and lets Kevin’s hand touch him again. He guides Kevin’s hand down from his chest over his belly further down. Kevin makes no attempt to take his hand away.

“Scotty…” He moans softly. Scotty comes closer to him and wraps an arm around him.
“I don’t mind if you touch me… That’s what you want, right?” Scotty hopes he’s not making an incredible fool of himself.
“Oh, God, yes.” Kevin whispers. “But…”

“Shhh, no ‘but…’, just do it.” Scotty encourages. This time neither of them is drunk and it happens in broad daylight. This time Kevin can see every little facial expression on Scotty’s handsome face. His offer is sincere, because he longs for this too, and Kevin strokes the hard cock, first hesitantly, but then more firmly and soon enough Scotty moves to meet Kevin’s touch.

Scotty lies down and wants to take Kevin with him, but Kevin suddenly stops.
“Scotty, do you trust me?” Kevin asks.
“Yes.” Scotty answers immediately. Kevin reaches out to his bag and takes out the other veil he brought with him, in case of an emergency.

He rolls it up into long black blindfold and holds it up.
“I would feel more comfortable if I could take off my veil, but I don’t want you to see my face. Would you mind if I use this to cover your eyes?” Scotty shakes his head, unable to give a voice to his answer.

Kevin ties the knot behind Scotty's head and Scotty’s world becomes dark. He can feel the soft fabric of Kevin’s veil slide over his skin and then a mouth covers his. Scotty moans and wraps his arms hungrily around Kevin’s neck, but Kevin softly pushes them away. Scotty tilts his head backwards, allowing Kevin’s lips to kiss his throat.

Kevin is incredibly tender with him and Scotty gets harder then he has ever been before in his life. Not even with Chad had he ever felt this degree of desire.
“Please, Kevin, …” He begs, gently pushing Kevin’s head further down, but Kevin does it on his own terms and speed.

He plays easily with Scotty’s erection. With his veil gone and Scotty unable to see him, Kevin feels a freedom that he hasn’t felt in a long time. Above all, he enjoys watching Scotty squirm underneath him. Just to know that he’s the one who can make Scotty beg for a touch or a kiss, makes him feel so important….

“Kevin….” Scotty begs, pushing his body up towards Kevin’s lips. Kevin has stopped at Scotty’s bellybutton and it drives Scotty insane that he won’t go any lower. Kevin grins and something inside him shifts. This is not a chore, this is just so much fun to do. The tip of his tongue flicks over the tip of Scotty’s cock and Scotty feels as if he’s going completely insane with the need for satisfaction.

Kevin is fascinated by how easily Scotty gives him so much. Scotty surrenders completely to Kevin’s mouth. It is so overwhelming to Kevin that his own feelings go in all directions as well. Scotty let’s his hand rest in Kevin’s hair, suddenly reminded of the fact that Kevin has curly hair.

He tries to encourage Kevin to go on. Though he wants to come, he also love the delicious torture of being kept just on that edge between almost coming and just not being allowed to. He closes his eyes tightly behind the blindfold, so ready to let go if Kevin wants this.

Suddenly he hears a strange sound. Something between a moan and a sob.
“Kevin?” he asks. “Kev, are you alright?” His hands search around again to find Kevin, but now they touch nothing. Kevin’s mouth is no longer on him either. “Kev? Talk to me… Kev, I’m going to take off this blindfold if you don’t respond….”

“I’m fine.” Kevin whispers. “I’m fine… I really am.”
“I… I somehow don’t believe you…” Scotty hears himself say. Kevin laughs.
“I’m okay…. Do you trust me?” To Scotty it's a strange question considering that he’s lying here, naked, on his back and with a blindfold on, but he nods anyway.

He feels Kevin’s hand in his neck, gently forcing him to sit up. Scotty allows himself to be guided. Kevin seems to straddle Scotty’s lap. The kiss that follows is heartbreakingly intimate and Scotty trembles with anticipation. He has no idea what is going on, but he can feel that something has changed.

“Kev?” He asks with insecurity in his voice.
“Shhhh.” Kevin shushes him. He takes Scotty’s hand and this time it’s Kevin who guides Scotty’s hand over his body. Scotty gasps when he understands where Kevin is guiding him to.

“Shhh, don’t chase it away.” Kevin begs softly, but with a grin on his face that unfortunately Scotty cannot see. Scotty’s eyes fill with tears as his hand slide carefully over Kevin’s penis. It responds to Scotty’s hesitant touch.

“Don’t stop.” Kevin begs. Scotty shakes his head, terrified that one word will break whatever spell they’re under. “Please, don’t stop. Don’t stop touching me…” Scotty can feel something wet against his cheek and he understands that Kevin is crying too. Scotty’s lips search Kevin’s.

Kevin lies down, takes Scotty on top of him and Scotty doesn’t stop moving his hand.
“I’m scared..” Kevin whispers in Scotty’s ear. “So scared….”
“’s Alright… just give in… Surrender.” Scotty replies. He can feel Kevin shake underneath him. “Easy, baby, easy. Don’t force. Let it come… Let it c…”

Kevin gasps, calls out Scotty’s name in a tortured cry and the next second Scotty can feel warm liquid spill all over his fingers. It’s not much, but it’s Kevin’s first release in a long time and at this point Scotty can no longer care about much either. He hardly needs to touch himself or he comes as well.


Kevin takes down the blindfold from Scotty’s eyes.
“You did it. You actually did it!” Scotty laughs and cries. He can see that Kevin nods, still unable to say something. “Do you even know how amazing you are?! No wonder I love you so much…” The words escape Scotty's lips, before he realizes what it was exactly that he had said.

“What?” Kevin asks astounded.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, but it’s the truth…. I’m in love with you.” Scotty seems surprised by his own words.
“I think… I may actually feel the same… I just… I didn’t think… I never assumed…”

Kevin stammers so sweetly that Scotty can only take his hand and press a kiss on it.
“I know how I feel and... if you feel the same… that would be … awesome!” Scotty’s vocabulary seems to have run out of better words and they both start to laugh.
“I like ‘awesome’.” Kevin laughs.


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