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Fanfic: Behind the mask 06/?

Behind the mask 06/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point.
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




“Any news from Wales?” Robert asks William. They are sitting together in William’s library, where Robert enjoys the silence. He likes to escape to the house of the Walkers and enjoy the company of William, who used to be a good friend of his father. He watches as William shakes his head.

“You’ve been quiet about how you’ve solved the problem with Dryden. Or is Tommy in charge of things, as usual?” Robert asks.
“No. Justin had a friend who… ah… needed to get away from London for a while.” William replies, not wishing to actually discuss Scotty, but feeling he should.

“Anything I can help you with? You know I care about your family. If one of Justin’s friend needs any help, just ask…”
“I don’t think so. It would be… inappropriate and awkward.” William drops a hint.
“Inappropriate? Why?” Robert asks.

William pours some more scotch in his glass before answering.
“The kid is the son of Wally Wandell.”
“A friend of yours, right? Died a few weeks ago?”

“I’ve only met Wally once or twice, didn’t even know he had a kid.”
“He did. Scotty… Scotty Wandell.” William watches carefully for any wince from Robert. It takes a few seconds, but then Robert’s eyes widen.
“As in the kid Chad was secretly dating and who he broke up with?”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know the kid was a friend of Justin’s… I didn’t have him checked out, only Chad, who’s after all dating my brother. I certainly never meant for Wally’s son to get hurt.

I just suggested to Jason that he’d give Chad an ultimatum. It was nothing personal against Scotty. I have no issues whatsoever with Justin’s friend. Not that it would have a made a difference if I had connected ‘Justin’s fake twin’ to the Scotty whom Chad was sleeping with. ” Robert states.

“We know it’s nothing against Scotty. You don’t even know the boy.”
“I know you care for him. I should have known… The name should have rung a bell.”
“You were perhaps too focused on dealing with Chad?” William offers.

“I never wanted Justin to get hurt. Especially knowing how he feels about the McCallisters.”
“He still blames Jason for what happened, that’s true. He still feels that Jason abandoned his beloved brother Kevin…”
“We don’t know exactly what happened. Everything is pure speculation. Jason never told anyone anything. Not even to me.”

“Kevin never confided in me either. And if Tommy knows, he has kept it a secret.”
“Our friendship goes back a long time, William. After the trouble we had with Kevin and Jason and their breakup, I don’t want another issue between us….” Robert is so seriously concerned that William smiles.

“Don’t worry. There will be no issues between you and me. We’re just glad that Chad is gone from Scotty’s life...”
“I wish I could say the same about Jason’s life.” Robert sighs and William nods.
“I get that. I never liked him much either.”

“You know Chad Barry?”
“Yeah… Remember that fight that Jason and Kevin had…?”
“Which one? They had several.” Robert points out.

“When Jason caught Kevin kissing that other guy and believed Kevin was cheating on him, but in reality the other guy was just completely drunk, kissing Kevin against his will?”
“Oh, that one. Took us weeks to get Kevin to talk to Jason again. Boy, was he furious!”

“Yes… He was so mad that he had an affair with someone else. Chad Barry.” Williams says dryly and Robert sits up straight.
“What?! Kevin had something with Chad? Oh, God! If Jason ever finds out…”
“That’s just the thing… Jason already knows.”

“What? How do you know that?”
“When Kevin and Jason got back together and after Kevin had dumped Chad, I heard them planning to go to a movie. Jason veto-ed a movie with Chad Barry and joked that Kevin had seen already more than enough of Chad…

I sort of assumed from those words that he knew about Chad, because Kevin told him about the affair.” William replies. Robert shakes his head and rubs his face.
“Then, why on Earth does Jason insist on marrying Chad? … Is it some way to still be with Kevin?”

“Robert! Seriously! Don’t blame this on Kevin. Do you really believe that Jason is still thinking about Kevin? It’s been 20 years!”
“Jason is still in love with Kevin.” Robert answers and a sign of disbelief comes to William’s face. He cannot believe it.

“That seems so unlikely…” William’s voice is filled with doubt. Robert laughs sarcastically. “
Because it’s so much more likely that Kevin is being taken care of by Scotty, who’s the ex of Chad who’s engaged to Jason who used to be engaged to Kevin and who knows that his current fiancé has a fling with his ex-fiancé?

Why keep things simple if you don’t have to?... This is a mess. Especially if you consider that Jason still has feelings for Kevin and I suspect that Chad isn’t over Scotty.”
“I think we need another drink.” William offers.
“Pour me a double one.” Robert hands over his glass.


“You’re not cheating, are you?” Scotty asks.
“No. I swear. I’m keeping my eyes closed.” Kevin laughs.
“…’Cause I can’t tell, with that veil in front of your face.”
“I know. And I’m not cheating.”

It’s good to hear more life in Kevin’s voice and Scotty hopes he will like the surprise that he had cooked up for Kevin.
“Now, you can open your eyes.” He says. It remains quiet for a few seconds.
“Oh, Scotty, this is gorgeous.” Kevin says astounded.

With so much free time on his hands Scotty had taken it upon himself to turn the little tower-room into a pretty and comfortable room. Freshly painted in cheerful yellow and white, with two lovely large black chairs and a convenient table, the place has been turned into a little palace.

“I thought it might make a welcome change from sleeping in your bedroom all the time.”
“I don’t know what to say.” Kevin is speechless.
“I had to make the choices, but if there’s anything you don’t like… I can change it.”
“No, this is even prettier than I dreamed it would be…” Kevin replies.

“Here, sit down. Try these chairs.” Scotty suggests and Kevin sits down.
“I can still see the outside.” He says surprised.
“I’ve raised the floor quite a bit. The room is so high, I could easily do it. And like this you can look out the windows even when you’re sitting in your chair….”

“It’s lovely. And the views….”
“I know, spring is really showing off her lovely colors, isn’t she?”
“She is. I could just sit here and …” Kevin is unable to finish his sentence. He looks around at the panoramic view and he cannot remember the last time anyone had done something this beautiful for him.

“Oh, and I have had a telephone installed here as well, so that we don’t have to run all over the house whenever it rings.”
“That’s a good idea.” Kevin sounds as if he’s indeed very satisfied with Scotty’s work and Scotty smiles happily.

“Here, now rest a bit and enjoy the view.” Scotty suggests. He puts a thin blanket over Kevin’s legs and waist, pours him some tea and gives him his book. “Just read a bit and relax….”
“What will you do?”

“Put some clean sheets on your bed, get some fresh air in your room and clean up a bit.”
“You don’t have to…” Kevin starts.
“Yes, I do. It’s my job. And your job is to become stronger every day and I think you’re amazing for how well you’re trying to live with less and less pills.”

“I don’t have a choice. You’re so bossy.”
“And you love it.” Scotty smiles. “Be good.”
“What’s my reward if I am?”
“Don’t be such baby.” Scotty laughs.

“Then stop treating me like one.” Scotty can hear the laughter in Kevin’s voice.
“Call me if you need me.” Scotty reminds Kevin of the walkie-talkies he had bought. Quite effective little things that help Scotty to stay in touch with Kevin and still be free to be anywhere in the house of immediate grounds whenever he wants to be.

Scotty places a little kiss on the top of Kevin’s head and leaves the room. Kevin straightens the thin blanket and picks up his book, but he cannot concentrate on reading. For one, the weather outside is great and the views are too magnificent to be reading a book.

He carefully lifts his veil, but the sunlight is immediately too harsh for him and his eyes tear up. He carefully lowers the veil again and puts it back in place. He feels so grateful to have Scotty near. He’s such a breath of fresh air, so alive, so cheerful, that it’s hard to remain sad around him.

He doesn’t treat Kevin like some freak, but he treats him like an equal. Sometimes teasing him, sometimes scolding him, sometimes playful, sometimes very serious, but always with respect and care and after all those years of almost total silence it’s such a relief. If anyone would be able to see Kevin’s face, they’d see a tender loving smile on it.

Kevin places the book on the table and wraps his arms around his knees. Not that anyone will ever see his face again. Not ever again. He never again does he want to see… Kevin doesn’t finish his thoughts.

Instead he shakes his head to drive the negative thoughts away. Scotty’s optimism is rubbing off and even Kevin is trying to be more positive. He tries to listen to Scotty as much as he can. Take it easy. One lesser pill a time. Walk, don’t run. Take it step by step. Oh, he has noticed the difference since Scotty took over the house and the kitchen.

He’s less sleepy, his mind has started to clear up and his thoughts have become more coherent. He’s slowly becoming more active. Where a walk down the stairs would have exhausted him a few weeks ago, he can now walk around freely inside the house, without dizzy spells or being unable to breath.

He has gained weight thanks Scotty delicious cooking and Kevin is more than grateful for the fact, that he will never ever have to eat that awful stuff, that Dryden would make for him. In all, Scotty has been a blessing to have around, but at the same time Kevin feels guilty.

Scotty is so young and Kevin feels like he should have more freedom to have a life. He shouldn’t be looking after Kevin, but have fun… He looks at the phone and wonders… Should he…? He's not used anymore to making decisions of his own, but this time he does. He picks up the phone and dials the number he knows so well.

“Walker-residence. Justin Walker speaking.” He hears.
“Justin?... Hi… It’s Kevin…” Kevin is shocked to hear the voice of his youngest brother and he notices that his voice doesn’t sound as confident as he’d like it to be.

“Is something wrong with Scotty?” Justin immediately asks and the fear in his voice is unmistakable. “If you’ve hurt him….”
“Scotty is fine. Why would I hurt him?”
“Then why are you calling?”

“Cause I want to talk to dad.” Kevin answers.
“Why? You never did before. Why isn’t Scotty calling?”
“Because Scotty is taking care of my room and I want to talk to dad. About Scotty.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Everything. Can I just talk to dad?”
“Dad’s not here. He has a meeting…. What have you done with Scotty?”

“I killed him, chopped him up in bits and I’m having him for dinner… What the hell do you think?” Kevin answers with a sudden anger that Justin is so mistrusting of him. He hears a deep sigh on the other side of the line.
“Idiot.” Justin says softly, but Kevin heard him anyway.

“Stop asking stupid questions then.” Kevin retaliates. Justin frowns at his phone. Twenty years he hadn’t spoken to his brother and this was not how he had expected their first conversation to be. He doesn’t know if he’s angry or sad by this. He swallows away his worry and anger. If there would have been a problem, Scotty would have let him know.

“Can I take a message? Is there anything in particular you wish to discuss with dad?” Justin sounds less in the mood to fight and Kevin calms down as well.
“I’ve been thinking that it might be better if Scotty wouldn’t stay here. He’s too young to be locked up in this house…” Kevin says.

“You can’t send him back here.” Justin replies shocked. “It’s too soon.”
“The wedding hasn’t happened yet.”

“What wedding?”
“The one between Jason McCallister and Chad Barry.” Justin answers. Kevin nearly drops his phone.
Jason is getting married?!”

My Jason McCallister?” Even to Kevin it sounds weird to call Jason his own when they broke up so many years ago, but there’s no other way to describe it.

“Yes. That one.” Justin answers sharply. “They get married this weekend.” Justin’s words hit Kevin like a ton of brick. Kevin forgets instantly that he wanted to talk to his dad.
“I… I have to hang up.” He says.

“I’m fine. I… I just… I’m sorry.” Kevin stammers and he hangs up.


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