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Fanfic: Behind the mask 05/?

Behind the mask 05/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point.
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life




In the days that follow Scotty’s time gets filled with all kinds of chores. Kevin had given him free reign over the house and William had given him carte blanche where it concerned taking care of Kevin and the house and Scotty is caught between feeling worried and feeling excited by this much responsibility.

“Well, it is scary.” Justin admits and Scotty appreciates the fact that he sounds so close on the phone.
“It is all so contradictory. I cannot help but wonder how Dryden has been taking care of Kevin all those years. I mean, there’s hardly nothing in the cupboards. The refrigerator is mostly stuffed with dirt and hasn’t seen a cleaning towel in months, if not years. T

he freezer is almost empty with the exception of about 40 bags of that stuff that looks like vomit and tastes like it. I’ve thrown it in the garbage-can, because I can’t make any decent use of it.”

Justin cannot imagine there being any food that Scotty couldn’t turn into a good dish. Cooking is Scotty hobby, escape-pod, general comforting blanket and… his life. So, whatever Dryden had made for Kevin had to have been pretty bad. “I cannot imagine that anyone can make something this revolting and call it food.” Scotty almost sounds as if he’s taking it as a personal insult and Justin grins.

“I’m sure you’ll teach Kevin how to eat real food again.”
“He looks like he could use some….”
“So, are you having much problems with Kevin?”

“None. Kevin is the easiest problem to solve. He sleeps 16 hours a day and he rests a lot on top of that. Justin, is it normal for someone his age to be so tired and exhausted all the time?”
“Don’t know his medical case. Have you spoken to his doctor yet?”

“I’ll get dad to give you free access to any medical need Kevin might have.”
“I’m not a doctor.”

“But you can speak for Kevin, if Kevin doesn’t want to speak to the doctor. Dryden would do the same.”
“Isn’t that wrong? I mean, shouldn’t the doctor look at Kevin personally?” Scotty wonders and if Justin pauses a bit too long before he answers, it’s because he actually agrees with Scotty’s words.

“Kevin threw a such a fit. Didn’t want anyone to see him. Though there were no indications that he should have some physical problems, apparently the emotional problems created all sorts of false physical ails and pains.” Justin remembers.
“But he wasn’t in any actual pain?” Scotty asks.

“I don’t know, I wasn’t there, didn’t see him. But from what I’ve been told, I cannot see how he could be in pain, but it might also be possible that, in his mind, the pain was real.”
“I definitely want to speak to the doctor, that’s for sure. I have some questions about all those pills. I want to make sure that I give him the right ones at the right time.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Justin promises. “I’m so glad to hear your voice. I miss you, you know?”
“You’re such a girl sometimes. Are you sure you’re not gay too?” Scotty teases, quietly enjoying the fact that Justin misses him.

“Yes, I am.” Justin laughs. “After all, I once kissed a guy just to make sure if I was or wasn’t gay, remember?” Even now, eleven years later, the memory of their awkward kiss, still puts a grin on Scotty’s face.
“Maybe he was just a bad kisser.” Scotty replies, while he leans back with a smile on his face and he plays with the chord of the phone, twirling it around his fingers.

“No. He was actually not half bad… It just didn’t do anything to me…”
“Besides, it would have only complicated matters…” Scotty points out.

“I don’t think that mom and dad would have mind to have you as their son-in-law.”
“No, I don’t think so either…” There’s a bit of regret in Scotty’s voice, because he wouldn’t have mind to have William and Nora as his parents-in-law. “I sometimes wonder if they ever thought about the possibility?”

“Considering how close we are to each other? And knowing how certain people thought of us and how we raised quite some eyebrows…? Yes, I think they discussed it.” And Justin adds with a laugh. “…At length!” Scotty laughs as well.
“So, how’s Tyler? Have you asked her yet?” Scotty wants to know.

“No. I know. I know. I’m a coward. She’s an amazing woman…”
“She is.” Scotty acknowledges with warmth, because he loves Tyler too. In a strictly platonic way, naturally. She’s the only woman who had never felt threatened by his presence and who had easily accepted the closeness between Justin and Scotty.

“I should allow her to make an honest man out of me, I suppose.”
“Don’t expect the impossible, that puts an awful lot of pressure on your marriage.” Scotty teases.
“I know.” Justin quips. “But if anyone can make me an honest man, she can.”

“You have my blessing! Marry her! I’ve been telling you that for months now. Marry her! Before she finds out the truth about you and runs off screaming. ” Scotty encourages.
“Oh, thanks! You really know how to make me feel so much better about myself.”

“It’s a gift.” Scotty laughs. “Oh, I have to go and wake Kevin… It was good talking to you, but…”
“Scotts?” The sudden use of the nickname, makes Scotty listen up. “I… I should tell you something… I’m not sure I did the right thing… But…”

“What’s wrong?” Scotty asks.
“There was a party at the Mellin house and the McCallisters were invited too and I ran into Chad… Or rather, he came up to me and … started talking to me... about you…”
“How was he?”

“I think he wanted to talk to you…. Maybe try and get you back under his spell… I don’t know… I don’t like him…”
“What did you do? What did you say?”
“The truth at first. That your father had died and that you were safe….”

“At first…?”
“… Then I told that you were with someone, kinda, sorta implying that there was more going on between you and that someone else, I didn’t mention Kevin though. It shocked and surprised him to discover that you would have someone else, I think.”

“I’d be shocked about myself too.” Scotty nods.
“I just wanted to protect you. I didn’t want him to go after you.”
“Thanks, love, he won’t. I’m not worth it, in his eyes. Jason is all that matters to him now… So, don’t worry. You did the right thing.”

“Really? You really don’t want to rekindle your relationship with him?”
“I don’t know… I’d like to say ‘no’, but I don’t know what I’d do, if he’d suddenly showed up in front me and pretended that he wanted me back.” Scotty answers honestly. “I believe that you made the right decision in keeping him away from me.”


“My name is Scotty Wandell. I wanted to make an appointment with the doctor?” The doctor’s assistant merely smiles.
“He can see you right away, if you wish.” She replies.
“That would be great.” Scotty answers.

“Just a minute….” After a quick knock on a door, she enters and he can hear her voice, but he cannot understand what she says. She steps out of the room again. “He’s ready to talk to you.”
“Thank you.” Scotty nods and enters. A young man stands up from behind his desk.

“Mr Wandell…”
“Oh, please, just Scotty. Mr Wandell was my dad.”
“Then call me John.” John laughs. “How can I help you? I have to admit I had to have Mr Walker’s file retrieved from the archives, considering how old it is.”

“You seem a little young to have been taking care do Kevin, ahm Mr Walker, from the beginning?”
“He used to be my father’s patient. I took over the practice a few years ago, when my father died and this village suddenly no longer had a doctor.”

“I see.”
“Which is why I wonder how I can be of any help to you. The last time my father saw Mr Walker was 18 years ago. And I haven’t met him at all.”
“Forgive me, I don’t want to be rude or question either you or your father…”

John nods that he understands that Scotty isn’t here to cause trouble.
“This is all the medication Kevin gets…” Scotty places a small bag on the table and John takes out several bottles. “He has take some in the morning, some in the afternoon, some with supper and some just before he goes to bed…”

John reads the labels and frowns. He opens Kevin’s file and reads the documents once more. He shakes his head and politely asks:
“Would you please wait in the waiting room? I have a few phone-calls to make.” Confused, Scotty gets up and leaves the doctor’s office. About 10 minutes later, John asks him to come back in.

“I’m sorry. I know that you’re Mr Walker’s official care-taker, but I still get to chose what I can share with you under the doctor-client confidentiality. There seems to be a huge mix up.”
“About what?” Scotty asks.

“All this.” John waves at the pills before him. “I’ve come up with the right schedule on when what pills should have been taken, but there a lot of them that he no longer needs. This one for instance, …” He holds up a bottle of greenish pills. “He should have stopped taking these fifteen years ago…”

“But then how can he continue to take them?”
“Because Dryden never cancelled them, as he should have... And there’s something else…”

“What?” Scotty dreads the answer.
“Dryden also went to see other doctors. He had himself registered under the name Kevin Walker and complained about problems with sleeping and all sorts of imaginary pains.He was given pills to take… He did that with two different doctors in two different places…This means that Mr Walker is getting pain-killers from three different places to be given at different times…”

“Well that explains why he sleeps so much.” Scotty answers dryly.
“It’s worse than that, Scotty. Mr Walker’s body must by now be addicted to all the pills. Taking away the pills, at this point, could even kill him.”

“Am I supposed to let him go on like this? He’s slowly dying!”
“To be honest… If I’m right with my calculations, he should have been dead already. Which goes to prove that Mr Walker is one heck of a fighter. What we need to do is put him through a slow detox-process.”

Scotty takes a deep breath, panic sets in. John raises his hands and smiles.
“I can help you with that, if Mr Walker will let me examine him.”
“He will.” Scotty replies. John shakes his head.
“I’m not so sure. So far he has systematically refused to see me.”

“I won’t take no for an answer.” Scotty says stubbornly. “When?”
“How about right away? The sooner he loses this poison, the better.”
“Agreed.” Scotty replies and he jumps up. He’s glad that he finally has something to do.


“Why?” Kevin asks.
“Because he’s the doctor.” Scotty answers patiently. “And he needs to examine you.”
“Why the sudden concern? Is someone in my family suing him?” Kevin asks.
“No, but apparently you’ve been getting way too many pills and he needs to talk to you.”

“I don’t want people seeing my face.” Kevin sounds grumpy and Scotty gets up, towering a mile high over Kevin.
“Don’t be so vain. He’s not here to see your face, just the rest of you.” Scotty answers with a frown. “Don’t whine, just let him.”

“But, Scotty…”
“No!... John! He’s ready to see you.”
“Scotty!” It’s almost an hiss coming from Kevin.
“Be civil!” Scotty hisses back.

“Hello, Mr Walker. I’m John. I’ve taken over the practice from my dad.”
“I see. It’s nice to meet you.” They shake hands and there’s a little smirk on Scotty’s face. Nora raised her boys well and Scotty had already suspected that no amount of drugs could erase that.

“I’ll leave you two alone. And, Kevin? … If you behave, you get a few of my delicious chocolate-chip cookies later on.”
“I’m not a baby.” Kevin answers.
“Then stop acting like one.” Scotty immediately says and he quickly closes the door.


Scotty looks up, when John enters the kitchen again.
“Taken blood samples, examined him, for as far as he’d let me… He didn’t want me to see his face. He was adamant about that. But I have a general idea about how his physical condition is.

Unless the blood tests come back with a seriously different result, I will make a list for you, slowly diminishing the pill-intake. You will have to stick to it rigorously. It will take time though.” John warns.
“I have all the time in the world.” Scotty answers.


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