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Fanfic: Behind the mask 03/?

Behind the mask 03/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point.
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life.




Scotty hadn’t really thought of how his arrival would be like. He had known that he wouldn’t be picked up at the train-station, but that a taxi would get him from the station to the house. What he hadn’t counted on was the wall of rain that had accompanied him for the last two hours.

He hasn’t seen anything of a landscape. He has no real idea where he is or where he’s going. And, on top of this anxiety, the taxi stops in front of a gate.
“This is the place…” The driver says and Scotty tries to see how far the walk is, but he cannot even see a house.

“Is it a long walk?”
“Don’t know, sir, no one I know has been there in years. But I guess that, if you follow this road, the house will show up. You just can’t see it from here. It’s well-hidden. Mr Quasimodo doesn’t like visitors.”

“Mr Quasimodo?” Scotty repeats.
“That’s how we call him in the village. He used to be well-loved, but then, after the accident, he became rude and he no longer allowed people to use the land, not even for walks or children’s games.

If it was just the visitors, like nosy tourists, I’d understand, but we have celebrated so many children’s parties here in the woods. For as long as we can remember we were allowed to use the forest to search for strawberries and wild raspberries, with which the women of our town would bake pies and sell at the festivals.

Eastern was always fun with the kids searching for Easter eggs and in the summer the kids could swim in the pond, but all of that’s over. From one day to the next. Everything cancelled. And we’re grownups, we understand, but it’s those kids. That he would hurt the children made a lot of people very mad.”

Scotty shivers and not just from the gust of wind that just blew a new load of water against his window. Kevin used to love kids.He cannot imagine that the Kevin he knew would do such a thing.
“I cannot take you any further than this. We have no permission to enter the gates.” The driver apologizes.
“It’s alright. It’s not your fault.”

“Do you have the key?”
“I do.” Scotty pulls a large key from his jacket-pocket. He hadn’t counted on this bad weather. “Here I go. Thanks for your help. How much do I owe you?”

“No worries. I have to bill it to William Walker. Now there’s a gentleman. True to his word, … just like his son used to be.” The man finishes bitterly with an angry glare at the closed gates. Scotty thanks the man again and carefully steps out of the car and he prays that he won’t turn out too soaking wet.

He only has an overnight-bag with him, the rest of his belongings will be sent after him and this means that he doesn’t have too many dry clothes with him. The lock on the door opens easily and it’s not difficult to lock it after himself. The rain continues to pour down and he can hardly see a meter away.

The ground feels solid however and he hopes he’s on the right path still. The wind howls through the trees and the branches shake dangerously low over his head. Scotty isn’t easily frightened, but he feels completely out of his league on this dark path. He carefully walks on.

Lightning illuminates the sky and suddenly Scotty sees the contours of a house appear before him. It is so sudden that Scotty takes a step back, feeling as if the house suddenly appeared before him from out of nowhere. The wind now seems to come from all directions as the house transforms the path of the wind.

It takes Scotty’s breath away, but he manages to fight his way to the front-door, where he rings the bell. When he cannot hear the sound of the bell, he knocks loudly on he door, before learning against the door. He's tiredly and soaking wet. The door slowly opens and Scotty steps away from the door. All that Scotty can see is darkness. A dark hole that he’s supposed to step into.

The thunder cracks once more, making Scotty jump and then the lightening decides to show him more. In the doorway Scotty can now see a dark mass, like some evil entity from a horror-movie. With a shocked cry Scotty steps backwards, his foot catches behind something and with a scream Scotty falls backwards on the cold and wet ground.


“You wanted to see me?” Chad asks.
“Yes, sit down.” Robert orders and Chad is tempted to disobey him, but then decides that he might be better off listening to Robert. Seducing Jason had been rather easy, but his family seems to be a bigger obstacle. Especially Robert McCallister made no secret no his dislike for the well-known actor.

“I have here a contract. I want you to sign it.”
“Some pre-nup? Jason didn’t want…”
“I don’t give a shit what Jason wants within his marriage to you. I suggested a pre-nup, he refused. It’s his problem and his responsibility once your marriage breaks up.”

“Such confidence!” Chad replies sarcastically.
“It’s only logical. Jason is a sincere man who believes that what he does is right. You, on the other hand, are a good for nothing bastard who’ll whore himself out to anyone with money and status.

You think that you hit the jackpot by letting yourself get screwed by Jason, but you’ll get tired of him soon enough. He’s too honest, too boring, too reliable. You'll need more, get sloppy, get caught, create a fuss, get divorced, get your share of the money and return to the theater to find someone to pay your bills.

Screw-ups like you are 13 a dozen, I can spot them from a mile away and I’m rarely wrong. And, trust me, I’ll be right about you too.” Robert shrugs. Chad feels sick. He had really believed that it would be possible to somehow earn his place is this family, be popular and welcome. Now, he sees it’s just not possible.

He also knows that he has a problem now, because Robert is Jason’s only immediate family and Jason worships the ground Robert walks on. Robert is huge opponent in Chad’s fight to get what he wants.
“So, what is this document about?”

“It’s a confidentiality agreement. It will forbid you to discuss our family and vice versa. We will not be allowed to discuss you.” When he sees that Chad doesn’t understand, Robert sighs, rolls his eyes and manages to give Chad the feeling that he’s a total idiot, before he explains it.

“It is simple. You’re an actor. We are in politics. The press will try to squeeze information out of you regarding our points of view. You will not share these with the press. Any dirty laundry within our family gets washed by ourselves and NOT hung out to dry in front of the press.

Vice versa, if you come out with one of your god-awful movies, we will abstain from giving our opinion to the press. We will not endorse you either. You do your thing, we do ours… And in the event of a divorce, you will not be able to earn money with tell-all interviews or books.

Both you and Jason will remain quiet on the reason for the divorce and cite ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the reason. No one needs to know that you were screwing around with someone else.” Chad opens his mouth to protest, but Robert flings the contract on the desk.

“Take it with you, if you prefer to have it proof-read by your lawyer, but if that guy is worth the money you pay him, he’ll tell you to sign it!”
“And if I don’t? Don’t think you can frighten me with your empty threads. I’m not afraid of you.” Chad tries to stand up to Robert.

An amused smile curls around Robert’s lips and he looks Chad up and down.
“You’re not seriously considering going up against us McCallisters, are you? One wrong word about Jason in the press and I’ll ruin your reputation, your career, your health and your life.

By the time I’ll be done with you, the only place where you’ll still be able to get work will be in sleazy porn-movies, which I understand, you’d be pretty good in.” The disgust is so clearly on Robert’s face that Chad's resolve to stand up to him shrivels up. He takes the contract and leaves without a word, slamming the door behind him. Robert only smiles. Drama-queen!


“I hope this will make you feel better.” The voice is soft, but unmistakably Kevin’s, as Scotty remembers it to be. “I’m so sorry that I startled you like that.” This must be Kevin’s tenth or eleventh apology. Scotty gratefully accepts the cup of boiling hot tea that Kevin offers him.

“I’m still alive.” Scotty says with a faint smile. The hot tea burns his throat, but it feels too good to get warm and dry again.
“It’s the worst storm in years. The electricity is out, which is why there was no light anywhere.” Kevin explains and Scotty finally takes his time to look at Kevin.

Not that there’s much to see. All he sees is thin, almost bony figure. A shadow of the person Scotty remembers him to be. Not as tall at all, but Scotty can see how a part of this is just perspective. After all, the last time he had seen Kevin, he had only been 5 years old, but he has to recognize that it’s more than perspective.

It’s the man’s entire attitude. Like he’s no longer alive. Kevin used to be such an energetic man. The man he sees now, does everything very slowly, with hands that are unsteady, as if he’s 83 years old instead of 38. And of course there’s the veil he’s wearing to hide the damage done to the once handsome face.

It is thick and black and Scotty can’t even see any lines of where the face is supposed to be. ‘A black mass’ is the best way to describe Kevin. All he sees of Kevin are the wrinkled hands. The hands of an old man. Scotty wonders if he should be disappointed or something, but all he feels is a rising concern.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to sleep in this room tonight. The rest of the house will be cold as ice with the heating gone. It will not be comfortable on those chairs, but at least we’ll be warm and dry.” Kevin says. Scotty clears his throat.
“Thank you. For everything. The hot tea and all.”

“You’re welcome. I’m sorry it couldn’t be a more pleasant reception. This place is usually not so bad… It’s just… With the weather and all.” Kevin sinks down on one of the chairs. “I’m sorry, I must have… I’m tired… I need to get some rest.” His breathing is heavy and for a moment Scotty panics, hoping that Kevin won’t really need medical help.

“I need my pills.” Kevin waves at the table and Scotty jumps up to go get them. By the faint light of the oil-lamp that he takes with him, he sees an entire battery of pills spread out all over the table.
“Which one? One of each?”

“You hardly know me and you’re already trying to kill me?” Kevin tries to laugh, but he only ends up coughing instead. “The pinkish ones…” He says. Scotty wonders if it’s possible to tell the pinkish ones from the off-whitish ones by this light that is yellowish.

“They will do.” Kevin answers and Scotty wonders if he got the right pills or if Kevin is just taking one, regardless which one. “There are some blankets to cover yourself with, over there on the sofa. If you wish to freshen up, there’s a small bath-room on the other side of the hall… I’m sorry, that I can’t show you. I’m just … so tired…”

Scotty watches the angle of the head shift and he realizes that Kevin is asleep. He bites his lip, not knowing what to do next. Torn between going to sleep right away and freshen up first, he decides to check the bathroom out.

It's a decision he regrets from the moment he opens the door to the hall. It is cold there and a chill runs down Scotty’s spine. He closes the door of the room to keep the warmth inside. There are three doors on the other side and by luck, the first opens to a small bathroom.

By luck, because Scotty does fear for some reason that opening one of the doors might lead to bodies falling about of the closet… The lightning lights up the bathroom and Scotty wouldn’t at all have been surprised if there had been a man with a bloody ax there and maybe even he’s more unsettled to see, that there isn’t one.

Shivering from either cold or feeling uncomfortable or both, Scotty splashes some cold water on his face. There’s no warm water, so a quick shower is out of the question, but Scotty feels too tired for that anyway. It’s all suddenly a bit too much for him and sitting on the edge of the small bath he suddenly feels so completely alone. He rubs his face, trying not to cry. He’s a man now and not some little kid, but the tears come anyway.

The sudden cry makes him even more exhausted and he returns to the warm room, where sleep starts to fall on him like a warm blanket. He tries to get comfortable in one of the chairs and he closes his eyes. He’s sorry to disappoint William, but his decision is made. He won’t stay here, but return to London as fast possible.


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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…

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  • Matthew Rhys 2003

    I'm still not sure about the blond hair. :D

  • just a thought...

    My dear Luke, you can call it 'leg-day' all you like, but in all honesty, it wasn't your legs that got my attention.

  • Luke is really busy!

    Hallmark continues to ramp up its holiday movie lineup. Roswell, New Mexico star Heather Hemmens and Hallmark regular Luke Macfarlane will…