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Fanfic: Behind the mask 02/?

Behind the mask 02/?

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and others.
Rate: It will have NC-17 at some point.
Summary: When Scotty has to deal with too many disasters at once, William offers him a solution that will change his life.




“Oh, man, when your life sucks, it sucks!” Justin shakes his head after hearing about Scotty’s break up with Chad. “What a dog. I know that you don’t want to hear this, but you’re better off without him.”
“I guess.” Scotty shrugs. “I just wish… There’s so much on my mind, Justin.”

“If you need help… I’m right here.”
“I know. I just don’t know where to start.”
“With some sleep.” Justin suggests.
“I’m too awake. I’ll never sleep.”

“At least, lie down on the bed and rest.” Justin suggests. “Come on. I’ll help you… I’m after all a paramedic… so, I’m allowed to do this…” He pushes Scotty towards the bed, but a few steps away from the bed, Scotty stops.
“The bed... The sheets… It has Chad’s after-shave…” Again his eyes fill with tears.

Justin sighs, walks over to the cupboard and takes a clean set of sheets. His experience at helping at the hospital is showing by the quick way he can make up the bed and throwing the used sheets in the was-bin, only to turn around to Scotty and go:
“Ta-da! Ready for sleep!” He announces. Scotty manages to put a faint smile on his face.

“I don’t think I could sleep…” He protests softly.
“Of course not!” Justin agrees. “But you could lie down, close your eyes and rest a bit. It’s been a terrible night. Just rest. I’ll stay with you.” He promises and, in order to persuade Scotty, he pushes Scotty gently towards to the bed.

Reluctantly Scotty lies down.
“I won’t be able to sleep.” He says again, turning to his side.
“I know.” Justin smiles, lying down next Scotty and then spoons up to him. He wraps his arms around Scotty in a warm grip. “You don’t have to sleep. But you are exhausted. So, why don't you just close your eyes and try not to think…”

“I don’t know what to do.” Scotty sighs.
“Tomorrow will bring all the answers, mom always says.” Justin soothes and he caresses Scotty’s hair with a gentle stroke.

He can feel Scotty relax and quickly after that, Scotty’s body becomes all heavy on Justin's arm. Without waking up Scotty, he carefully takes his arm from underneath his best friend’s body. He quickly goes to the next room to make a phone-call. It is a such a  comforting feeling to Justin to hear his dad’s voice.

“I knew you’d still be awake.” He says.
“Well, of course.” William answers. “Wally’s household is a mess. I have no idea what to do.”
“Dad? Scotty is in a bad place and I was wondering… Would it be alright if he came and stay with us for a few days?”

“Well, of course! I was thinking about asking Nora, whether or not I should ask you to bring Scotty.”
“She didn’t already tell you? Wow! I’m one step ahead on mom for a change.” Justin jokes. He hears his father laugh too.
“I’ll have room ready for Scotty when he comes here tomorrow.” William promises.

“Thanks, dad.”
“No, worries. Just trying to deal with one problem at a time.”
“Are there more troubles?” Justin asks.

“Yes. I’ve just been informed that Mr Dryden, the man who’s looking after your brother Kevin, has just been found. Fell of his horse, broke his neck, dead as dead can be.”
“Oh, no. Trouble never comes alone, does it?”

“No. I don’t know yet, what to do about this.”
“You’re going to have to look for someone else to look after Kevin.”

“I know. It’s just…. Dryden has been looking after Kevin for 20 years. He knew Kevin through and through… He’ll be hard to replace…. And Kevin is such a difficult patient… Where could I possibly find someone with enough patience? I wish that Tommy was here in stead of in America. He would go over there and fix things, but...  he isn't here.”

“Tomorrow will bring all the answers.” Justin says again.
“Now you sound just like your mother.” William smiles. “But I think you’re right. Nothing I can do now… except get some sleep. Goodnight.”
“Night, dad.” Justin hangs up and lies down next to Scotty again.




Scotty rushes up the stairs with Justin two steps behind him.
“Scotty! Scotty, wait!” Justin calls out and William turns around in the hall-way to look at his wife Nora.
“It’s unacceptable! Unacceptable, I say!” William says, his face all red with anger.

“William, I know it was bad…” Nora starts. With one move of William’s hand he makes her stop.
“No, Nora. Unacceptable! I know that Wally had his faults. I know he had made mistakes, but I refuse forever and all eternity to believe that he would have left Scotty like this….”

“We can help Scotty.” Nora says.
“Of course we will. Scotty is like a son to me and I can easily help Scotty, but that’s not the point. The notary was wrong when he told us that there’s nothing left of Wally’s money. It is impossible.”

“Bad investments…” Nora reminds him.
“No. Not Wally. Not with money that would go to Scotty. He told me he had set up a trust-fund with the money that Bertha had left him upon her death. That money can’t be gone!”

“He made bad business-decisions, owed people money… He could have taken Scotty’s money, believing that he could repair the damage. Wally was only 45 years old when he died, which is way too young to die. He must have believed that he still had time…” Nora’s voice is soft and caring. William relaxes a bit.

“I know. Still…. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that he would have left Scotty penniless and in debt on top of that… He loved Scotty. Scotty was his everything. He worked his entire life to provide Scotty with everything the boy could possibly need. No. This is wrong… So wrong. And I’m going to get to the bottom of this.”


Scotty turns on the small tv in his room, not in the mood to talk to Justin.
“Scotty, we need to talk about this.” Justin however calmly says. “You’re like a volcano ready to blow. Just let it out. Just vent your frustrations. You know that you’re going to end up hyperventilating if you don’t.”

“Shut up, Justin, just shut up!” Scotty’s eyes are filling with tears, but Justin won’t be silenced.
“I’m not going to shut up and you know it.” He crosses his arms in front of his chest, a sign that he isn’t going anywhere. “Tell me what is going on in your head right now.”

“You want to know? You really want to know? I don’t know, Justin! I just lost my dad, my financial security, my parental house, my apartment, … my fucking future! All my dreams! Gone! I’m broke! Nothing left! How the hell do you think I feel!” He yells at Justin.

As if to make matters worse, the news just switches to then next news-item:
“The recently engaged couple has made their wedding-dates known… Jason McCallister and Chad Barry have settled for a date in June, but refused to give us the exact date. All guesses are on. The McCallisters have all rallied around Jason McCallister in order to congratulate….”

Justin switches the tv to ‘mute’, but it’s too late.
“.. Oh, yeah, and on top of everything else… the man I’m in love with and dreamed about sharing my life with, saw me as nothing else than a good ass to fuck and prefers to get married to a guy he doesn’t love, but who has cash….

Can my life just get any worse…? I wish I could just get out of here. To the middle of nowhere… and just … kill myself.” Scotty clenches his fist in powerless anger. Just at that moment William enters, Scotty having missed his knock on the door. He hears Scotty’s last words.

“William.” Scotty acknowledges.
“Sorry, I did knock…. Scotty, I disagree with a lot that I’ve heard today… I want to have your permission to go the bottom of this. I refuse to believe that Wally was this stupid.”
“I don’t see what good it will do, but you have my permission.” Scotty answers.

“What are you going to do in the meantime?”
“Join the navy?” Scotty mockingly suggests. “Anything, if I can just get out of here…” He shoots the tv a nasty look when he sees the images of the happily smiling Jason and Chad. William sighs. And there was that of course. Chad.

“Justin, will you leave Scotty and me alone for a few minutes?” William asks.
“Yes, of course.” Justin answers, after a quick look at Scotty. “Be nice to him.” He warns his dad. William nods.

Once Justin is out of the room, William sits down on the bed, the only available place to sit and signals Scotty to come sit beside him.
“Scotty, did you mean it? When you said you wanted to get away from everything and everybody?”

“Yes.” Scotty sighs. “Right now, I just want to crawl under a stone and lick my wounds and pretend that I’m not there… I know it sounds stupid…”

“No. You’ve had few bad emotional blows to the head these last few days…” William recognizes. “You’ve lost so much in such a short time, it’s only normal that you need some time to heal, time to recuperate… It’s just… I was wondering …” William hesitates.
“Yes? “

“I don’t mean to take advantage of your pain and your loss. And I want you to know that we will completely support you, even if you turn down my suggestion…. You’re like a son to me. You’re almost Justin’s twin-brother, that is how close you grew up together…” William is genuine in his kindness and Scotty’s eyes fill with tears.

“I know. And I’m grateful, but…” He shakes his head. “… I don’t wish to take advantage of my relationship with Justin either..”
“I can respect that. So,… maybe you can see this as a mutual way to help each other?”

“Do you remember Kevin, Justin’s oldest brother?” William asks. A memory of a tall handsome man with beautiful blue eyes and a warm smile comes back to Scotty instantly.
“Yes. Justin still talks about him sometimes. I remember him vaguely…”

“Just a quick recap then. Kevin was severely injured during an explosion at Ojai Foods and it nearly killed him. He was lucky enough that he wore a lot of clothes due to the extreme cold that night. With fewer layers of clothes the injuries would have been far worse. The only part of his body he couldn’t protect was his face…

There was so much glass flying around, it cut his face to pieces. The doctors told us that he would be permanently disfigured…. When we were finally allowed to see him, his… His face was like a jig-saw puzzle, all cut up. Kevin was such a well-loved person and he couldn’t deal with the sudden change.

He lost the man he loved, he lost the future he dreamed of. He lost his will to live. We sent him to our house in Wales to find himself again, but he only became a bigger recluse… Then, one day, he refused to see us again. The only one still occasionally welcome there is Tommy… Kevin didn’t want to speak to anyone else… Not ever…

Even I hadn’t heard the sound of his voice in 20 years, until a few days ago, when he could no longer postpone the inevitable ,due to Dryden's death.”
“I’m sorry…” Scotty says, remembering how happy and proud William and Nora had been with Kevin once. He can imagine that it’s hard for them that Kevin no longer wants them around.

“We’ve grown used to it.” William says, but his casual words don’t fool Scotty and he doesn’t argue with William about it. “The point is, Kevin used to have someone who would take care of him. That was the before-mentioned Mr Dryden. Unfortunately Dryden had a deadly accident a few days ago and now Kevin is in that house all alone.

What we’re looking for is someone who’ll keep an eye on him, until we can find someone suitable… The house is in the middle of nowhere and solitude will be your closest friend. To my knowledge, there’s no radio or television, because Kevin doesn’t want them in his house. All he does is read his books and he’s got plenty of those… He has completely left this world and he lives in a little bubble of his own.”

“I see.” Scotty nods hesitantly.
“I was wondering if you’d be interested in going there for a while. Away from everything and everybody…? It will be lonely, but it will give you time to heal. It’s very pretty. Kevin has a horse. I know you ride.

There’s a pond on our property and a large chunk of a forest as well. It’s very peaceful and quiet. But … I don’t know if it will really enchant you?...”
“I… I don’t know.” Scotty says softly.
“Well, think it over.” William smiles, not wishing to push Scotty.


“You can’t do it.” Justin immediately says, when he hears about his father’s proposition.
“Why not?” Scotty asks.
“Did he not tell you? One of the reasons why it was so hard to find someone to look after Kevin is not because the place is so desolate, but because …

Everything that happened to him, made Kevin a very violent person. He even put Dryden in the hospital once, but… Dryden and he worked it out and Dryden got well paid for looking after Kevin. But… Kevin is a monster. An ogre. I know we have good memories of him, but Kevin has turned into a very short-tempered person…”

Scotty’s shoulders sink. For some reason the idea had excited him, but now he’s not so sure anymore.
“I see.” He sighs. “Too bad.. I was really… I don’t know… I thought it might have been a good idea.” Justin suddenly feels bad too, because Scotty looks so defeated, when he had only seemed so alive a few minutes ago.

“Hey. I didn’t mean to make you sad. I haven’t heard anything new about recent attacks by Kevin, so… maybe he has calmed down…” He tries to soften his words. “I don’t know. Dad hasn’t talked about Kevin in a long time… Maybe you should ask dad.” Justin suggests.

“Yeah, maybe.” Scotty bites the inside of his mouth, caught in so many emotions ranging from sadness over his father’s death, to frustrations over Chad, to loyalty for the Walkers and the hope of a quick solution to his need to get his life organized again. “I’ll talk to your dad in the morning… For now, I just want to try and get some sleep.”


“I remember that, but it was a long time ago and I can imagine that it put some weird ideas in Justin’s head. After all, Justin was only 5-6 years old at the time. And even we were shocked by Kevin’s violence…” Nora says to Scotty and Justin. “But, there have been no further incidents over these last few years. Not since they changed his medication.”

“What do you think? Should I take a chance?” Scotty asks Justin. Justin shrugs, not sure what to answer or what advice to give.
“Well, honey, you could give it a try.” Nora suggests. “If it feels bad, you’ll be back here in no time. It’s not some penal colony where you’ll be forced to stay after we've put a ball and chain on your ankle.”

Both Justin and Scotty start to laugh.
“You’re right, Nora. Thanks for putting it in perspective like that.” Scotty nods. She offers him her brightest smile.
“Glad I could help.”


“What do you mean ‘he’s gone’?” Chad asks. Scotty’s former landlady looks over her glass of hot tea and grins.
“Exactly as I said. The kid no longer lives here.”
“Why not? Where is he?”

“He left with his young friend and two days later an older man came by, paid the remaining rent, cancelled the lease and then a group of guys came to pick up all of the kid’s furniture. Disappeared into a van marked “Ojai Food”.” She says, enjoying to see the upset and frustration on Chad’s face. Just what he deserves.

She’s not stupid. She knows who he is and she has a very good idea why he would come so often to Scotty’s apartment, in the middle of the night, sneaking in like a rat in a kitchen. And after connecting the dots with the announcement of the pending marriage between Jason and Chad, she can guess why Scotty left with Justin, in tears.

She had really liked Scotty. Sweet, helpful, mostly quiet. Good cook. And she doesn’t like the way that Chad ‘chased him away’.
“Do you have a forwarding address?”
“Sure. He’s with the Walkers.” She answers and she gets up to get the address.

“William Walker?”
“The kid’s name is Justin.”
“Shit. That’s William’s youngest son.” Chad says to no one in particular.
“You can try and talk to Scotty there.”

Chad takes the address from the woman’s hand, but he already knows that he doesn’t have a chance to get close to Scotty now. Not with William and Justin standing guard. He will have to find another way to get in touch with Scotty and try to fix the break up. And he needs to do it fast, because he has found out that he misses Scotty like crazy.


“You have everything you need?” Justin asks.
“If I forgot something I’ll ask you for it.” Scotty replies. “The driver is here. He’ll take me to the train-station.”
“You’ll be at Kevin’s place tonight.” Justin says. “Worried?”

“I’m going to miss you.”
“It’s only for a few weeks… We’ve survived without each other for longer than that.” Scotty reminds Justin.

“True.” Justin nods. “You have to go.”
“I know.” Scotty’s voice trembles. In the privacy of Justin’s room they can be more intimate than in the rest of the house and Justin cups Scotty’s face in his hands and looks Scotty straight in the eyes.

“If you need anything…” He reminds Scotty. “If Kevin only raises one finger towards you… Anything… Anything… for which you need my help, call me and I’ll be there. Alright? Got that?” Scotty nods with tears in his eyes. Justin’s lips brush against Scotty’s, it's a tenderness between him and Scotty that they rarely show to anyone.

Scotty knows that it’s about their profound friendship and not about lust or desire, so he smiles, grabs Justin wrists, places a kiss on the inside of each of them and assures Justin:
“I’ll be fine. I won’t take any chances and if Kevin creates but one problem, I’ll be back here in no time… Now, let’s go. I have to be at the train-station in time.”


“Will you please, please, reconsider?” Robert McCallister asks, but Jason shakes his head. “If you're worried about public opinion… I’m sure we can spin this any way you want…”
“I’m not worried about public opinion.” Jason says tiredly.
“He doesn’t love you.”

“I know. He’s in love with Scotty, but .. Scotty can’t give him what Chad really wants. Money. Status. Good reputation. An easy life.”
“If you know all that… Then why? Why?” Jason watches Robert’s growing frustrations with a sense of satisfaction.

He knows his family is against his marriage with Chad, but he needs to do this. So far, he hasn’t had the desire to defend his choices, but Robert has been hounding him for so long that Jason is ready to give up the fight. With a sigh, he sits up straight and he faces Robert to finally explain things and hope that this will be the end of all discussions.

“Because I need a popular husband for my political career.”
“Politics is important to all of us, Jason, but not at the expense of your own personal happiness. Regardless of my political opinion, I loved Courtney, God rest her soul. If you don’t have love as the foundation…”

“I had love. And I lost it.” Jason remplies grimly
“Right. I will never love Chad the way that I loved Kevin, but Chad doesn’t care. He will never love me as he loves Scotty. I don’t care.”

“A marriage of convenience.” Robert concludes.
“No need for disappointments. We know exactly where we stand. Sometimes, just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s possible…. I can’t get who I want… Neither can Chad… But, at least we’ll both get who we need.


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